Lewis & Clark Exploration Project

NAME: ___________________________ LOCATION: _______________________ DATES: ___________________________ STEP ONE: GATHER INFORMATION (A) Animals/Plants- 1what animals/plants are found in the area, 2what could be helpful for them to use/eat, 3what hazards should they be aware of, 4 what new specimens/species could they have brought back to President Jefferson ? (B) Weather- 1what is the average temperature, 2what is the wind, and precipitation like in the area usually, 3what conditions were they experiencing while in the area, 4what hazardous weather should they be aware of for that area? (C) Geography- Important physical features (1water features and 2land features), 3chart the progression to each area on your map and 4describe the terrain and settlements found there. (D) People (Explorers/Settlers)- what is the status of the members of the Corps of Discovery (1physically, 2mentally, etc.), 3what natives are present in the location, 4what other people do they encounter in that region. Animals/Plants Question 1 Weather Geography People

Question 2


Question 4

X_______________________________________ SIGNED: Meriwether Lewis OR William Clark .Lewis & Clark Exploration Project STEP TWO: WRITE A JOURNAL ENTRY FROM EITHER LEWIS OR CLARK S POINT OF VIEW.

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