This project consists of analysis of a 3 storey building subjected to a lateral load and a dead load and live load using SAP 2000. As the dimensions of the building are given ,so pre defined structural models cannot be used .Hence after opening the new file we can open 3d frames and do the necessary modifications to obtain the required model. After obtaining the structure ,next step is to assign restraints and later material properties of the structural elements. Then slab load which is considered as live load of 2kn/m2 is assigned using poly area and then applying gravity load in negative y direction Along with dead load and live load it is suggested to take lateral load .Hence a lateral load in the form of wind load is taken to act on one face of the building on the top storey of the building.Its value is taken as 5 kn/m2. Now after assigning all loads next criteria is to obtain combination of loads . The different combinations of load are obtained from IS 1893:2002 and clause The different combinations are : 1) 2) 3) 4) 1.5(DL+IL) 1.2(DL+IL+WL) 1.5(DL+WL) 0.9DL+1.5EL.

With these combinations analysis is performed and following obtain 1)shear force 2)Bending moments 3)stress contours

Shear,bending and stress contours for load combintion1:1.5(DL+LL):-





Combo3 shear .

Combo3 bending .

Combo3 contour stress .

Combo4 shear .


Combo4 stress .

Combo5shear .

Combo5bending .

Combo5stress .

Combo6shear .

Comb06bending .

Combo6stress .

Combo7shear .

Combo7bending .

Combo7stress .

Combo8shear .

Combo8bending .

Combo8stress .

Combo9shear .

Comb9bending .

Comb9stress .

Comb10shear .

Combo10stress .

Combo11shear .

Combo11bending .

Comb11stress .

Combo12shear .

Combo12bending .

Combo12stress .

Combo13shear .

Combo13bending .

Combo13stress .

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