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Will he Pandemic Lead to Martial Law

Will he Pandemic Lead to Martial Law

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Published by samdlb29
Survive Martial Law: http://tinyurl.com/89rl4of

Survive Martial Law: http://tinyurl.com/89rl4of

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Published by: samdlb29 on Feb 08, 2012
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==== ==== Are you prepared for martial law? http://tinyurl.

com/89rl4of ==== ====

I feel that it is ultimately feasible that a declared pandemic here in America would result in not only the introduction of martial law but also of enforced vaccinations. That's right, we could easily lose our cherished constitutional rights under such conditions and considering the socialist currently in office at this time that inspiration tends to scare me. It has already been expressed that if we experience the pandemic then we will lose some of our fundamental rights such as going to the theater or any other public get together. Here we have another very scary state of affairs. Public assembly will be banned. Without this very basic right many of the powers to be may feel that we are unable to fight back and secure our constitutional rights. For a moment consider just how a pandemic could effect your particular lifestyle as you know it today. Can you visual public quarantines being implemented and the results of this action by those people that may be trying to escape or perhaps the consequences that may lie ahead for those who refuse the mandatory federal mandated vaccinations? I personally view death lending its ugly head around every corner. There is no doubt in my mind that many Americans will eagerly impart their rights to ensure their safety as was done during the days following the 911 incidents. Unfortunately, people don't actually comprehend how many basic rights we lost as a result of Bushes war on terrorism. It happened then and it certainly can happen now. A few of the basic rights that I can see vaporizing into thin air are the public schools as they begin to close down, blocking private border travel to other countries, forced quarantine of our people and the elimination of public assembly. No longer will you visit your friends at the local mall or attend the church of your choice. As predicted many years ago big brother has descended upon us at last. Don't place too much trust in congress saving your hide either as we will no longer have a congress or any sort of legislative assembly once martial law has been declared. The moment that happens, congress will politely be told to go home and take an extended vacation as our commander and chief becomes the sole law of the land. Court of laws will no longer be convened and there will not be any jury decisions handed down during those end times. Our fate will rest only with the man in the white house. Our homeland security department has addressed these issues at length and specific implementations have been previously made in the event of a determined quarantine as well as the necessary measure that will be taken to enforcement the law. The Surgeon General has been designated to have the necessary authority to issue such quarantines orders as he or she may

see fit. Once again for some of our woos we can thank Mr. George Bush. He has previously issued a presidential executive order that pertains to "novel" forms of the influenza which creates the potential for pandemics. This Executive Order is number 13375. It also states that anyone who would violate such an order would be fined $250,000 dollars and the person would receive a jail sentence of one year in prison. Granted these orders were voided when Obama took the office of president however, I fear that he will not pass up the opportunity to renew and sign the orders for another four years. The enforcement agencies that will be used are immense. You will have the customs agents, Coast Guard Officers, U.S. Marshals, the ATF personnel and the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the bare minimum. It certainly doesn't leave us much room to move around does it? I think we should be very afraid! Copyright @ 2009 Joseph Parish http://www.survival-training.info

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==== ==== Are you prepared for martial law? http://tinyurl.com/89rl4of ==== ====

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