Group Members

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‡ Culture Of Runway ‡ Personality traits & Motivation Theories 
   Miranda Priestly Andrea Sachs Emily Charlton Nigel

‡ Everything revolves around Miranda ‡ Chairman of company is a short man with huge ego ‡ Back end politics POWER CULTURE ‡ Workplace Mobbing

Level of Runway s Culture

Espoused Values

Basic Underlying Assumptions

‡ Books in shelves ‡ Slender girls in high heels ‡ Well dressed men ‡ Crystal clear tables ‡ Taunting style of management ‡ A big room for editor in chief ‡ Dragon Lady

Espoused Values:
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Miranda is everything Never ask question Always answer phone Miranda never repeats Unpredictable

Basic underlying assumptions: ‡ Miranda s opinion ‡ Runway is like a holy book ‡ Assistant = Care taker

Miranda Priestly:
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Power distant Risk taking Affective commitment Caring mother Unpredictable Uncertainty avoidance Possessive High mach

McClelland s Theory of Need:

N power


N Affiliation

N Achievement

N Power:
‡Lead as power obsessed ‡No one can object her decision ‡Queen of Runway

N Achievement:
‡Want all credit ‡Ready to sacrifice friendships ‡Back end manipulation

N Affiliation:
‡Can do anything for daughters ‡Cried on her divorce

I Rule There for I am

Reinforcement Theory of Motivation:
‡ Attach conditioning for required behaviors ‡ Eyed judgingly on not wearing heels ‡ Designer bags, shoes as gift ‡ She does not call Andy by her name ‡ Want the unpublished book

Andrea Sachs:
‡ Intelligent ‡ Highly Flexible ‡ Positive core self evaluation ‡ Continuous commitment ‡ loving and extrovert ‡ Self Monitor ‡ Beauty & Brain

Maslow s Modern Theory of Need:
Trancedence Self actualization Asthetic Congnitive Esteem Belonginess
Safety Basic

‡ Need a job that pays the rent

‡ Secure the job for at least 1 year ‡ Socialize ‡ Wants to prove that she is not a loser

‡Adopt Runways culture and turns into a fashionable girl

‡ Get the Ability job fit

‡ Turns into the best assistant

‡Hurt her friends as she achieved more and more on job ‡More job involvement ‡Likes appreciation

I Love Therefore I Am
Realize she is turning into Miranda

Leave Runway to find HERSELF

Chase her Dream again

Leave Prada

Found Love

Emily Charlton:
‡ Active and efficient ‡ Self importance ‡ Arrogant ‡ Affective Commitment

Equity theory:
I/O Andy

I/O Emily

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Good natured Affective commitment Reliable Helping loyal Agreeableness

Theory X & Theory Y



Our Perception:
‡ People come and go but organization remains there ‡ Survival of the fittest ‡ Be yourself

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