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Part 1 Sample Essays Arranged by Topic Topic 1 Why go to university? (3) Topic 2 Are parents best teachers? (3) Topic 3 Has the ease of cooking improved life? (3) Topic 4 Books and experience (4) Topic 5 A factory in your community (2) Topic 6 Change about my hometown Topic 7 How do movies or TV affect people? (4) Topic 8 Has TV destroyed communication? (4) Topic 9 A small town vs. a big city (4) Topic 9 Country and City Topic 10 Luck and hard work Topic 11 Sports or library? Topic 12 Why people go to museums? Topic 13 Eat out or eat at home? Topic 14 Should students be required to attend classes? (2) Topic 15 Qualities of a good neighbor (4) Topic 16 A new restaurant in your neighborhood Topic 17 Learn by yourself or with a teacher? Topic 18 Qualities of a good supervisor Topic 19 Highways or public transportation? Topic 20 Countryside or city? Topic 21 Why are people living longer? Topic 22 Important qualities of a co-worker Topic 23 Should teenagers work? Topic 24 The advantages about living in my city Topic 25 A new shopping center Topic 26 A new movie theater Topic 27 Should people do things that they do not like? Topic 28 Media paid too much attention to celebrities? (2) Topic 29 Has human harmed the Earth? (3) Topic 30 A high school in the community Topic 31 Stay at one place or move around? (2) Topic 32 Spend money or save them? Topic 33 Jewelry or concert? Topic 34 Should business never fire people? (2) Topic 35 Live vs.0 Installer Next Generation TOEFL Essay Book: Cover-art & Preview 9. This is a self-running CD under Microsoft Windows XP operating system. you can download all the files from our website. Contents of the Book The Book contains 320 TOEFL sample essays with score of 6. Official TOEFL Writing Topics (PDF) Additional 900 sample TOEFL essays Next Generation TOEFL Essay Course (eBook) Free Admission Essay Samples (eBook) Essay Writing Practice Software (SWF) Admission Essay by Example (Preview) Adobe Acrobat Reader 7. 4. 8. You can also manually locate the file on the CD and open it with Internet Explorer browser. http://www.toeflessays. 3. 7. arranged by topic. More TOEFL preparation materials and software How to use this CD If the CD is missing from your study kit package or is not working with your CD-Rom drive. travel alone Topic 45 Getting up early vs. You can find a detailed list of topics in the CD. 2.0. television broadcast Topic 36 A transportation vehicle Topic 37 Is progress always good? Topic 38 Is learning about the past useful? (2) Topic 39 Can new technologies help students? Topic 40 Never. A file named "readme.Contents of the CD The CD contains a full TOEFL essay course. Cover-art of this book 10. 1. a small company (2) Topic 48 Why people work? (2) Topic 49 Face-to-face communication . 6. never give up (2) Topic 41 Should we save land for animals? Topic 42 An important skill (3) Topic 43 Why are people attracted to a dangerous sport? Topic 44 Travel with a companion vs. staying up late (2) Topic 46 Qualities of a good son or daughter (3) Topic 47 A large company vs. all official TOEFL writing topics and practice software for TOEFL.html" will be opened in your browser.

working independently Topic 79 Who would you choose to build a statue for? Topic 80 Describe a custom from your country Topic 81 Has technology made the world a better place? (4) Topic 82 Can advertising tell about a country? Topic 83 Single world culture Topic 84 The Internet Topic 85 A one-day-visit to your country Topic 86 A time and a place in the past (4) Topic 87 An important discovery in the last 100 years Topic 88 Has telephone made communication less personal? Topic 89 What person you would like to meet? (2) Topic 90 What famous athlete you would like to meet? Topic 91 What question you will ask a famous person? Topic 92 Dynamic weather (2) Topic 93 Important qualities of a good roommate Topic 94 Does dancing play an important role? (2) Topic 95 Should government explore outer space? Topic 96 The best way of reducing stress Topic 97 Teachers' pay Topic 98 What would you choose to represent your country? Topic 99 Would you rather choose your own roommate? Topic 100 Computer technology or basic needs? Topic 101 Doing work by hand vs. quality spare time Topic 72 Does grades encourage students to learn? (2) Topic 73 Has computer made life easier? Topic 74 Is it better to travel with a tour guide? (4) Topic 75 Multiple subjects vs. apartment (2) Topic 106 Means of transportation Topic 107 Should higher education be available to all? Topic 108 The best way of learning Topic 109 Follow the customs of the new country Topic 110 Being alone vs. usual habits Topic 119 Do clothes make a man? Topic 120 Are quick decisions always wrong? Topic 121 Are first impressions trustworthy? Topic 122 Should people satisfy with what they have? (2) Topic 123 Non-fictions vs. fictions Topic 124 Social science vs. one subject Topic 76 Should children learning a foreign language early? Topic 77 Should boys and girls go to separate schools? Topic 78 Teamwork vs. with friends (2) Topic 111 One or two friends. trying new things (2) Topic 51 Taking risks vs. planning (3) Topic 52 What change would make to your hometown? (2) Topic 53 Is money the most important aspect of a job? Topic 54 Judge a person by external appearances (2) Topic 55 Make decision alone Topic 56 Arts or environment? (2) Topic 57 Serious movies vs. or many friends? Topic 112 How should children spend their time? Topic 113 A new university in the community Topic 114 Who influence more. by machine Topic 102 Should students evaluate their teachers? Topic 103 What characteristic makes people successful? Topic 104 Contributions of artists vs. entertaining movies (2) Topic 58 Can business do anything to make a profit? Topic 59 Get things done Topic 60 Are games important to adults? Topic 61 Should parents decide for teenagers? Topic 62 What do you want most in a friend? (3) Topic 63 Are difficult experiences valuable lessons? (2) Topic 64 Self-employed vs. natural science Topic 125 Should art and music be compulsory subjects? (2) Topic 126 Can young people teach older people? (3) . scientists Topic 105 University housing vs. employed (2) Topic 65 Should a city preserve its historic buildings? (2) Topic 66 Are classmates a more important influence? (2) Topic 67 Inexperienced or experienced workers? (2) Topic 68 Is daily homework necessary? (2) Topic 69 What subject will you study? (2) Topic 70 Have automobiles improved modern life? (3) Topic 71 A high-paying job vs.Topic 50 Doing same things vs. family or friends? Topic 115 Making plans for free time (2) Topic 116 Methods of learning Topic 117 Different friends or similar friends? Topic 118 New experiences vs.

Topic 127 Reading fiction vs. in person Topic 161 Why people remember their gifts? Topic 162 Do starts deserve high salary? Topic 163 The importance of reading and writing Topic 164 What do you do for good health? Topic 165 What is one thing to improve your community? Topic 166 What events make a person an adult? (2) Topic 167 Should the school purchase computers or books? Topic 168 Why study abroad? Topic 169 Why is music important to many people? (3) Topic 170 Why are groups or organizations important? Topic 171 What thing would you take for a trip? (3) Topic 172 How can schools help new students? Topic 173 Borrowing money from friends (2) Topic 174 Generation Topic 175 Should students do some of the talking on classes? Topic 176 What holiday would you create? Topic 177 A vacation or a car? (2) Topic 178 Changes in the 21st century (3) Topic 179 What are qualities of a good parent? Topic 180 Why movies are so popular? Topic 181 Should lands be developed? Topic 182 Is human relationship with pets useful? (4) Topic 183 A country from its movies (4) Topic 184 Self-study vs. group study (3) Topic 185 A house or a business? (3) Part 2 Additional Sample Essays Topic 23 Work and study Topic 24 Moving to my hometown Topic 41 Save the environment Topic 55 Decisions should not be made Topic 84 The Internet Topic 90 Favorite Star Topic 158 Opinions Topic 159 Changes of 20th Century Topic 160 In writing or in person? Topic 164 For a good health (2) Topic 179 Good parents (2) Topic 180 Why movies are popular Topic 181 Natural lands Topic 703 A good teacher or good parents Topic 704 Telling truth (3) Topic 705 Cooperate or compete? (4) Topic 709 Government should not pay artists Topic 715 Investment in developing country Find additional essays and updates at ToeflEssays. traditional schools Topic 158 Are celebrities opinions right? Topic 159 What change should be remembered? Topic 160 Complain in writing vs. academic study Topic 129 Business vs. agricultural research (2) Topic 130 Children and sports Topic 131 Money and success Topic 132 What new product would you develop? (2) Topic 133 Are childhood years most important in one's life? Topic 134 Should children be required with household tasks? Topic 135 Should students wear uniforms? (3) Topic 136 Is winning important in playing a game? (2) Topic 137 Should high students choose subjects? Topic 138 Member vs. an apartment Topic 145 The role of advertisements Topic 146 Outdoors vs. watching movies Topic 128 Physical exercise . indoors Topic 147 How should your school spend a gift of money? Topic 148 Does playing games teach us about life? Topic 149 How would you use a free gift of land? (2) Topic 150 Is watching TV bad for children? Topic 150 Is watching TV bad for children? (2) Topic 151 The most important animal Topic 152 Why should forest be saved? (2) Topic 153 Is a zoo useful? Topic 154 Is it right to ban smoking? Topic 155 What plant is important in your country? Topic 156 Which country would you like to visit? Topic 157 Computers vs. machine (4) Topic 141 What do you want to change about your school? Topic 142 What gift would you give to help a child? (2) Topic 143 A long vacation vs. leader (2) Topic 139 The most important room in a house Topic 140 Hand vs. short vacations Topic 144 A house vs.

All these illustrations point out that although fast foods and preserved foods are unavoidable in today's busy world. Thus from their experiences we can correct ourselves and thus save valuable time and resources. Though the preparation of food becoming easier is considered a great blessing for humankind. We have lost the fun of cooking because of these fast foods. We must sometimes take time with our families to prepare a delicious meal and enjoy it together with the ones we love the most.e. to provide nutritional value. The knowledge learned through books alone cannot upon artificial flavorings to make a fish taste like a fish. Sometimes we find that the real environment is quite different from the one perceived by us through Recent technological advancements have changed the way people live radically. all theoretical classes are followed by pracpare . The situations faced by a driver could be totally different from what he had Topic 3 Has the ease of cooking improved life? learnt from a book. This is the very reason why. but all this knowledge is useful only when you are actually driving the car on the roads. Nowadays it's only a matter of Learning through experience can also be more effective than minutes to cook food. but all that one learns through a book is only of theoretical nature in the form of ideas and foods and preserved foods are everywhere. colors and preservatives that are not always very help. People who are so busy that they are not able to spend time to prepare their food. days when cooking of food was a major errand of the day have long become the past. The books are their experiences. It could even be termed as a retrograde step in human culture. However with less time devoted to cooking. Books. They have also made food easier to pre. ful to our health. How. Thus if food was easier to prepare it will take away from the mind of the humankind a great burden. The art of driving can be enjoyed only when we are beThe most important loss we suffer due to these fast foods is hind the wheels and not when reading it in books. So the nothe satisfactions they got by cooking a tasty meal. a person who wants to learn driving can go through various manuals and guides that teach people how to drive. they have added new idea. the nutritional value of the food is not so good. Moreover. Further. These fast foods are lower in nutritional value and any book is actually an account of past experiences. it is contain less minerals and vitamins. Moreover since people do not take time to prepare food. but is given a chance to experience the recome without a price. Thus this junk food has denied the human kind of one of humankind's oldest arts. Learning through experience is always a lot different from learning through books. Topic 4 Books and experience Books are considered to be the source of all knowledge. telling us what flavors. Books are like a guiding light in one's pursuit for knowledge. The sudden rise in processed and canned food and all the junk food that one gets over the counter is not totally a boon. Though it might be thought of as a great way to save time. Further they have high based on the experiences of people who tried to develop a calories that result in weight gain.e. and that in turn leads to heart diseases and other problems. It is essential to utilize them in a real environment and experience the knowledge that is learned from books. The tical sessions. The knowledge gained through books alone cannot help anyone. Therefore I believe though the processed food has made the preparation of food much easier. 3 ToeflEssays. In reality the preservatives used in these foods are often found to be toxic in nature. the chances for such meals are now rare. Cooking can easily provide relief from all the tensions that prevail in our life. because what one learns through the books should be put in to use to harvest the benefits. For instance. But it is left to everyone of us to experience it first hand and Cooking used to be an art and people enjoyed cooking and learn new things for the betterment of their lives. This is because of the fact that books about driving can only teach people traffic rules and provide solutions on how to handle certain situations. Actually cooking is a good way of releasing pressure that builds up from our professional commitments. we must not totally neglect the advantages of fresh foods. no doubt are a great source of knowledge as it gives us an idea about a particular subject in detail. or how a certain concept works.. tion "experience is the best teacher" is perfectly true. Hence it defeats the purpose it is supposed to serve i. We now depend know. It would be an utter waste of time if one just reads the books and does not use them for practical purpose. even in educational institutions. it is not a good step for mankind. However this improvement does not learning through books because one does not envision everything on his own. i. But all that one could learn from it is limited to the level of knowing how a certain phenomenon occurs. ality. still it cannot qualify him as an expert driver.and torturous life. Because one must understand that even though junk food saves us a lot of time. Learning is nothing but understanding the world around us.they already have tried. develop a liking for these ready-to-eat junk food. but they alone cannot teach us everything we need to and benefits of fresh foods from our . this is a shortsighted idea that could actually lead to a world of harm. we have to practice on our own. cooking is the time when family members gathered and enjoyed their time us to face all the exigencies that we would face in real ever we cannot get the natural taste of fresh foods from prelife situations. served foods.reading books. Further. Nutritious food is very essential for life. food has been the cause of many a battle. Let us consider the same example of a person wanting to learn to drive: even if he goes through every book that is available on driving. the art of cooking is slowly vanishing. It helps us to concentrate on their failures and to correct These preserved food have also taken away the natural taste them. They used to exchange recipes and it was a way of rewinding after the hard weeklong labor. quality. In the past family weekend get together was considered to be a good time to know each other and they used to spend time cooking food for the entire family.

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