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PermanentTeeth (1)

PermanentTeeth (1)

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Published by Bobby Tan

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Published by: Bobby Tan on Feb 08, 2012
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tv, A, B, BROWN



(a) PermanentMaxillary Right Canine L 1. . 3.


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O.MOW H}.5.~ ~ -"rivht fi rst Ilu<:ti1I Fig.S.mliNTIFlCATlON OF HUMAN 'TEETH :L lingaalT()(){ iJftd one fb\ Pcr-nla]1en. . J S " Llistai 7. HLW Hi. RL US. 11.0.

) mot 5. L Rectangular one dista.. 2.0. (t» en 7. BLII' re.. Square.$. A.. It BROWN (a) Permanent Maxillary Right Second Molar 1. Distal buccal cusp shortest }.w 11.{).o.0. . I9 Lingual Maxillary dirnel1<i'}1l$ (mm): 1'h\\ permanenr ur. BuccaJ .'[\\'0 buccal and one lingual root IItlftnal largest 4.RL 11. mesic Buccal (b) Permanent Mandibular Right Second Molar 2. Foul' equ ttl 4. MOW 10. ttL dimensions 1.•.• ". One Mesia] and .5.. . Four ("liSPS.W.

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