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! , 2012 May 1 When: :30 8:30 -3 on, KS DACK tchins : ESS t h Hu Where 500 East 11 1 ! Let’s Get This Meal 00; 3-5 $4 s of ) Team to the Table! s $85; terials ivi dual de lunch/ma In d Yo u get what PBL is inclu an d yo u buy in to th (both its: .5 e basics of integrated e Cre d Colleg real life learni

For more information, contact Pam pamm@essdack.org 620-663-9566

ng that lo oks an d feels like a traditional classroo m ! In this advanced sess ion, yo u’ll experience the prep, the launch , an d the work from a learner’s po int of view . We’ll focus on tim e management, gro upin g, fostering in depen dent/respon sible learners, as wel l as creating co m munit y buy-in.

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