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DIF No. 417 eR24% 20 8B WE: fe a” ort of Radioactivity Measurement Ri BEA eB BEIT FD TOP Fukushima Technology Cente HONREDIECRSBRI, FROeSOCT. Centre Director ‘The radioactivity measurements are as follows Be - Commodity FAVA wT SERA (&L< ei Oy hae) m2 4 2A58 Date of Manufacture or Lot No. We wR att eae) ae Results of Measurement plies i fit_Unit: Bg/kg LBL eT 5.8 eo BULET (<5. 5) Results C8134 RULES (<5. 3) Cs-137 UET (6. wee ‘Measurement Instruments FY NF RTI E 9 LRH A ERE A (GC3020) i ee SER 14 FF 35 JA 3h PHS I De) BE AP Rc BLE aR TERRI ‘Measurement Method BPO BN HEMEY 2 7 IY) CML CRE ETT ee BHR: 1128 Me e 184 Measurement Condition | 4+ U8 4H i ainstensnm = 2000 & new cf ae eee 7 ‘Test Losation ENV FD TIT SMR fe We a ‘Mensurcment Dats R24 2078 fit COMMIS BENE RMICHT SERTT. Remarks WE MRO (C _) (Cacia U7 Rel FEAT D4F No. 3 88 WR24%2H18 aes BEIRUT F2 7I ITN Fukushima Technology Centr HOHEMEIC RON FROEBD CS, Contre Dirt ‘The radioactivity measurements ae as follows Be ri panes Te L Aut SHEA (bU< Bit ay bibs) me 4115 A Date of Manufacture or Lot No. We we igh Pou Results, of Measurement — Me A Unit: Bk 1-131 H Pa wMHET GD Results Cs-134 BRET" (<6. 6) Cs-137 UES (6. 0) peli Fe VAIN LEER ERLAL (603020) “Measurement Instruments ae = me i i | Sem 14 ae 9 PHIM opie ER RR NAO Gm NLS Measurement Method | SAMO RAED? =a. FIV] (EMH L CHM EFF > ROEHL - 97. 68 Moe mt : Measurement Condition s 3 U8 88 EPH : 2000 ae OK 7 eae ai RIO 1 77 7PM 9 — Mo Measurement Date F246 131A a % TOMEMET EARN ERIN T SERCH, Remarks WEMRO (>) cieML ARKIN ERT. BSTC HROMRIT, FROLBOCT. Centre Director AA FY BIN. 3.24 wR24F LHL 8H f Radioactivi Result RMT TI 7ST AB EE Fukushima Technology Centra/\ 47-2 7" ‘The radioactivity measurements are as follows: ah % uae ALT EME ek MOP (US EGE ay bas) i241 GA Date of Manufacture or Lot No. Hoe wR BH % ee Results of Measurement Nuclide M {i Unit: Balkg Remarks ws 1131 BLUES (<6, 4) Results Cs-134 BULET (<5. 7) 8.137 BUT (6. ee FDA BUAU IY LHR ERR RTHERU EEE (6C'3020) Measurement Instruments pater EEE Moe ik SEW 1A AE 3 J I Oh A A RO OR IKE RIE ORAM BT Measurement Method | SPM OWN HIME — 2 7 I) (CAML CHE ETT OTe BUA TILAR + 93. 58 ae ‘Measurement Condition ab US RR BOGE NSE] : 2000 a 7 fea ve Te HEI FO TOF SNH ee wo@ H ; Measurement Date W241 A178 i % OWE MILES AED BRIGHT BIRTH. Remarks WME RRD (C_) ICaRR L AMM Pa