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Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses

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Published by: Leonidas on Feb 09, 2012
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Hydrogen Peroxide Uses - Home

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Is Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy The Answer To Your Illness ?
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What are hydrogen peroxide uses?

Why is there so much controversy?

Busting The Myths About Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy!

Dr Rowan Supports Oxygen Therapy Like H202

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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - Hydrogen Peroxide Uses In Nature.

I live near Manchester UK where the dreaded Christie cancer hospital is located. But something amazing is taking place at Christie's, they are using Manuka honey in their cancer therapy! Manuka honey is renowned for its wound healing properties and is often used in hospitals in its sterilized form on bandages. The fact it kills the hospital bug, MRSS, is also a major plus. After the employment of radiotherapy which is used at Christie's, I would imagine Manuka honey would be very healing under those circumstances.
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Hydrogen Peroxide Uses - Home

Manuka honey, like all honeys contain by nature hydrogen peroxide or h202 and thus can be classed as a form of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - though many unwittingly do not realize this fact! Many consider Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy the greatest miracle cure known to man and yet there exists a very strong opposing camp which views ingestion of hydrogen peroxide as being very foolish and some what dangerous. Some medical professionals agree it is safe to use intravaneously but are not too sure about oral use due to conflicting data. .

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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - Rain Water
For many years there have been deep concerns over the Ozone layer which protects earths inhabitants from the affects of harmful radiations, just about everybody has heard of the famous Ozone hole! But what exactly is Ozone? It is simply our normal Oxygen O2 with an extra oxygen atom, hence O3. When it rains, Ozone gives up this extra atom and combines with rain water to form Hydrogen Peroxide! Now then is it a

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Hydrogen Peroxide Uses - Home

coincidence that rain water is the best for your garden and plants?

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - Body Produced
One of the beauties of Manuka honey is the fact that its natural properties of hydrogen peroxide are very stable. Hydrogen peroxide when stored properly will slowly breakdown at an approximate rate of 10% per year. Keeping it away from light and in a fridge can help to preserve its powers. Its important to keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide is a free radical, but this is the real kicker, it is a free radical created by your bodies white blood cells to knock out infections, fungus and bacteria!

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - The Vitamin C Connection
As mentioned else where on this website, it is an established fact that the body uses Vitamin C to produce hydrogen peroxide and this in turn activates the production of prostaglandin's, which are essential for health. Even Lactobacillus, found in the colon, and one of the most popular health supplements known to the general public, actually produces hydrogen peroxide, thus preventing all sorts of colon disease. I know Saure Kraut, is rich in vitamin c and does prove beneficial for producing good flora, and disinfecting the colon!! Did you know that one pint of food grade hydrogen peroxide, the only recommended type for oral use at a 3% solution, contains almost 74 litres of oxygen! Cancer cannot exist in an oxygen rich environment and oxygen knocks out bacteria cold! Before forming any conclusions regarding the oral or intravaneously use of hydrogen peroxide, please read the H202 Articles in the left column which contains up to date cutting edge research on hydrogen peroxide therapy and hydrogen peroxide uses.

Robert Pasquill

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Hydrogen Peroxide Uses - Home

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