December 14, 2011

Classical Monologues 1.) ³The White Devil´ 1612 (John Webster)- dramatic a. Act 4, Scene 2. Rome. The House of Convertities b. Vittoria Corombona (20) has been denounced as an adulteress and a murderess and been confined in a house of convertities (reformed prostitutes). In league with her lover the Duke of Brachiano, she willingly assented to the death of her husband Camillo. She is visited here by Brachiano and her brother, Flamiano. Vittoria and Brachiano are in a heated argument. He has accused her of receiving love letters. c. VITTORIA. What have I gain'd by thee, but infamy? Thou hast stain'd the spotless honour of my house, And frighted thence noble society: Like those, which sick o' th' palsy, and retain Ill-scenting foxes 'bout them, are still shunn'd By those of choicer nostrils. What do you call this house? Is this your palace? did not the judge style it A house of penitent whores? who sent me to it? To this incontinent college? is 't not you? Is 't not your high preferment? go, go, brag How many ladies you have undone, like me. Fare you well, sir; let me hear no more of you! I had a limb corrupted to an ulcer, But I have cut it off; and now I 'll go Weeping to heaven on crutches. For your gifts, I will return them all, and I do wish That I could make you full executor To all my sins. O that I could toss myself Into a grave as quickly! for all thou art worth I 'll not shed one tear more--I 'll burst first. [She throws herself upon a bed.]

December 14. I see thou art a wickedness Wherein the pregnant enemy does much. not we. 2011 2. Viola realizes that Olivia is in love with her. Act 2. the cunning of her passion Invites me in this churlish messenger. The Streets of Illyria. Scene 2. so much That. Poor lady. VIOLA.comedic a. I am the man. How easy is it for the proper false In women's waxen hearts to set their forms! Alas. For she did speak in starts distractedly. It is too hard a knot for me t' untie. she were better love a dream. not I. Disguise. For such as we are made of. None of my lord's ring? Why. How will this fadge? My master loves her dearly. he sent her none. such we be. As I am woman (now alas the day!).) ³Two Gentlemen of Verona´ 1592 (William Shakespeare). What thriftless sighs shall poor Olivia breathe? O Time. And she (mistaken) seems to dote on me. My state is desperate for my master's love. . thou must untangle this. c. If it be so. Act 1. I left no ring with her. as 'tis. She loves me sure. What means this lady? Fortune forbid my outside have not charmed her. 3. What will become of this? As I am man. our frailty is the cause. as methought.) ³Twelfth Night´ 1601 (William Shakespeare).comedic a. Scene 2. her eyes had lost her tongue. She made good view of me. indeed. b. And I (poor monster) fond as much on him.

contend. embrace. Imogen arrives in Milford-Haven expecting to finally see her husband Posthumus again. I throw thy name against the bruising stones. here in one line is his name twice writ. passionate Proteus. After tearing up a love letter from Proteus in front of her waitingwoman. sith so prettily He couples it to his complaining names.) ³Cymbeline´ (William Shakespeare). Except mine own name: that some whirlwind bear Unto a ragged fearful-hanging rock And throw it thence into the raging sea! Lo. seeing no sign of him. c. And thus I search it with a sovereign kiss. 2011 b. do what you will. good wind. becomes . here is writ 'kind Julia. blow not a word away Till I have found each letter in the letter.dramatic a.' Poor wounded name! my bosom as a bed Shall lodge thee till thy wound be thoroughly heal'd. to feed on such sweet honey And kill the bees that yield it with your stings! I'll kiss each several paper for amends. Be calm. JULIA Nay. To the sweet Julia:' that I'll tear away. Country near Milford-Haven b. but the Princess. Trampling contemptuously on thy disdain.December 14. would I were so anger'd with the same! O hateful hands.' Unkind Julia! As in revenge of thy ingratitude. But twice or thrice was 'Proteus' written down. Look. to tear such loving words! Injurious wasps. 'Poor forlorn Proteus. 4. Scene 4. the quick-tempered Julia gathers the scraps of paper and revels in Proteus' words. Act 3. Thus will I fold them one on another: Now kiss. And yet I will not. And here is writ 'love-wounded Proteus.

Something's afore 't. Prithee. When I desire it too. . and she then begs Pisanio to follow his master's orders and kill her. thou that didst set up My disobedience 'gainst the king my father. Obedient as the scabbard. What is here? The scriptures of the loyal Leonatus All turn'd to heresy! Away. Posthumus. when thou shalt be disedg'd by her That now thou tir'st on. away! Corrupters of my faith. And thou. Thus may poor fools Believe false teachers. Come. how thy memory Will then be pang'd by me.December 14. I must die. thou art No servant of thy master's. cursing her husband's lack of trust in her. soft. 2011 perturbed. And make me put into contempt the suits Of princely fellows. since her life is no longer worth living. though those that are betray'd Do feel the treason sharply. but A strain of rareness. Imogen falls to weeping. dispatch. And if I do not by thy hand. Against self-slaughter There is a prohibition so divine That cravens my weak hand. Cymbeline¶s servant reveals to her Posthumus's letter accusing her of infidelity and his order to kill her. you shall no more Be stomachers to my heart. IMOGEN. c. The lamb entreats the butcher. here's my heart. and I grieve myself To think. Why. yet the traitor Stands in worse case of woe. shalt hereafter find It is no act of common passage. where's thy knife? Thou art too slow to do thy master's bidding. soft! we'll no defence.