Project Management

B.Arch (Final Year) Class Lectures 1. Project Management Overview (1 Week )

2. Introduction to Preconstruction Stage (5 Weeks)
y y y y y Conceptual Stage- generation & screening of Ideas Analysis and development of Idea Feasibility Study Design & Estimation Stage - w.r.t. to construction technology & special project requirement Design and Award of Contract- introduction to specification writing, contacts, type of contract, bid document, evaluation of bid, Introduction to FIDIC and Indian contracts Act Project planning- Planning tools, resource allocation, WBS, Scheduling Planning of Site Facility Introduction to construction Quality Management Introduction to Construction Equipment Management Introduction to Construction material Management Introduction to Construction Safety Contract Administration Planning of Site Facilities As built drawings Generation of reports Project Hand over

3. Introduction to Construction Stage (3 Weeks)
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4. Introduction to post construction stage( 2 Weeks)

y Defect liability Period


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An Introduction to Project management efinition Of Project Types of Construction Project Project Life cycle- Preconstruction Phase, Construction Phase, post Construction Phase

Study of one group housing problem with all aspect of project management .Submissions 1. 2. Live study of one design problem (Redevelopment of Mahanagar) with all aspect of project management.

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