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colors. glass reinforced PP compounds. engineering compounds. Blazing a new trail in modern is a name to reckon with-“Pure Thread Plastics”. A common vision to satisfy the needs of customers worldwide motivates the skilled professionals at the company to make new ideas work and to deliver and market innovative products. how the future need of the plastic be converted into a big money making business. Today plastic and its mind-boggling applications completely dominate our lifestyle. Engineering Plastic Compounds a) Polypropylene Compounds filled with Minerals and Glass for Garden Furniture . accelerating the pace of industrial production in the world of polymer compound and plastics. kid! Never forget it!” The young boy always remembered the words of the gentlemen and started working on.Round One Case When a veteran economist had told a young scientist and prospective son-in-law at Harvard cocktails and dinner 30 years ago. “There is a great future in plastic. catalysts and master batches have opened up unlimited possibilities. Continuous research and discoveries in processing hydrocarbons and inventing new compounds. almost elbowing aside iron and steel. The company realizes the importance of binding itself through a well-defined set of principles applicable across all levels of the company. It has transformed our expectations with the whole new way we define our preference and appraise consumer durables before we accept them into the daily lives. Company is engaged in the manufacturing of • Polyethylene silane cross-linkable compounds for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage insulation & jacketing and Thermoplastic Semi-conducting Compounds for Power Cables • • Cable Insulation and sheathing Compounds for Telecom Cables. glass reinforced & fire retardant PBT compounds made to international standards. The customers get complete back-up support and the confidence of companies Quality assurance. The company manufacture polymeric compounds such as wire & cable compounds.

RUSSIA etc. recently the competition in the sector has increased. R&D and Exports: The success of the company all these years has been marked by constant Research and Development and adherence to the stringent quality requirements of the Indian Standards. The company’s manufacturing and R&D centre is located in Pune. The company though firmly established in the market. The opening up of the market for the international players the condition has turned from bad to worse. . EUROPE . Mineral e) Fire-retardant. thermoplastic. Mineral and Fire Retardant Additives d) Nylon filled with Glass. With such a market situation. As a result of the untiring effort on the quality frontage. He played a very important role in developing and manufacturing compounds that have great demand in domestic and international markets. Mr. However.and other applications b) Polypropylene modified with EPDM c) PBT filled with Glass. The company made good money with the strong research team and market penetration. Jack Patel is the head of Pure Thread Polymers. was unable to sustain its profitability. company have gained recognition and are exporting its products to ASIA . Maharashtra. personally visits various countries & customers regularly to assess the effectiveness of the Research and Development and Quality. Consistent Research and Development has lead to the creation of new products and have also ensured improvements in the existing products. The plants and corporate offices are well connected by land. Presently the global market situation is being assessed and the policy is reorganized to suite the demands of the global requirements. Couple of times in the recent years the company has registered losses. polyolefin-based compounds f) Additive Master Batches In addition to the products listed above. the company provides a wide range of other products. it has become difficult for the company to survive in the market. sea and air to the world. AFRICA . Focus of the company on quality and research and development is so high that the promoters.

the proposal need to be submitted in the following format Font: Times New Roman Font Size: 12 Line Spacing: 1. since new manufacturing facility has been installed. Figure out the most effective corporate restructuring strategy for the above case. RULES FOR ROUND 1 Synopsis of the restructuring proposal in not more than 2 pages (excluding the cover page).15 Synopsis should comprise of the following measures (indicative but not exhaustive) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Cost Cutting Debt Restructuring Changes in the Management Downsizing of assets Expected time of turnaround Financial Extracts for 3-5 years . • • Dumping of the products by international players severely affects company’s business.The daily operations of the company are affected by the following: • The raw material prices depends on the petroleum products and frequent fluctuations affect profitability • Government policies of import and export have affected the procurement and the prices of the product. The company has faced stiff competition on XLPE compound during the year.

000 0.559 6.355 0.243 5.564 15.313 1.214 0.564 15.000 0.Balance Sheet All figures are in Rs mn Total Share Capital Equity Share Capital Share Application Money Preference Share Capital Reserves Revaluation Reserves Networth Secured Loans Unsecured Loans Total Debt Total Liabilities Gross Block Less: Accum.140 3.000 4.981 1.081 0.436 0.000 -11.214 32.209 15.000 20.631 0.858 0.403 16.052 0.716 18.827 10.874 19.050 15.000 -12.000 10.883 14.564 0.146 13.971 0.000 29.512 21.120 Mar '09 15.000 -17.335 22.293 7.022 4. Loans & Advances Deffered Credit Current Liabilities Provisions Total CL & Provisions Net Current Assets Miscellaneous Expenses Total Assets Contingent Liabilities Mar '11 Sources Of Funds 15.575 0.311 3.000 3.361 0.000 3.321 0.564 15.000 -1.592 18.000 3.779 29.341 8.564 0.000 0.653 6.000 2.512 0.633 13.211 3.000 0.059 0.266 1.000 0.356 0.641 Application Of Funds 32.951 9.000 17.676 0.000 3.942 0.000 0.303 0.702 30.673 0.486 25.280 0.200 Mar '10 15.934 0.989 0.904 0.512 17.564 0.000 5.000 3.130 .261 15.381 16. Depreciation Net Block Capital Work in Progress Investments Inventories Sundry Debtors Cash and Bank Balance Total Current Assets Loans and Advances Fixed Deposits Total CA.459 26.357 20.556 0.371 32.321 16.727 0.000 30.

000 48.000 51.061 43.000 155.080 0.074 0.633 0.816 0.724 8.746 2.050 3.000 0.221 1.000 -1.648 -0.331 -0.069 1.064 -0.545 -4.020 -1.308 0.000 -1.010 -1.000 0.525 0.739 3.716 3.648 -3.034 1.000 -2.020 -1.886 5.000 0.391 1.658 -0.040 0.000 0.405 1.850 -1.628 1.648 0.030 0.536 54.736 1.663 7.308 0. .682 54. However.318 6.104 7.405 0.000 0.967 1.127 -0. use of facts from the real world should not contradict the facts of the case.374 Expenditure 70.174 1.094 5.000 155.401 0.050 0.856 0.120 -0.395 1.000 59.000 0.883 3.010 0.753 1.636 1.780 -1.080 2.702 0.422 0.201 0.652 -0.857 52.228 51.325 0.000 2.000 0. Note 2: You may also use all publicly available information about the industry and the market along with the peer group companies.559 0.020 -5.416 0.141 61.666 0.000 0.816 0.264 50.096 1.Income statement All figures are in Rs mn Income Sales Turnover Excise Duty Net Sales Other Income Stock Adjustments Total Income Raw Materials Power & Fuel Cost Employee Cost Other Manufacturing Expenses Selling and Admin Expenses Miscellaneous Expenses Preoperative Exp Capitalised Total Expenses PBDIT Interest PBDT Depreciation Other Written Off Profit Before Tax Extra-ordinary items PBT (Post Extra-ord Items) Tax Reported Net Profit Total Value Addition Preference Dividend Equity Dividend Corporate Dividend Tax Per share data (annualised) Shares in issue (lakhs) Earning Per Share (Rs) Equity Dividend (%) Book Value (Rs) Mar '11 Mar '10 Mar '09 56.211 62.000 155.472 0.505 1.846 0.309 62.000 2.000 0.799 45.000 0.268 Note 1: Real world facts and figures should be used to describe the external environment.

Cell: 09226755974) R.Karthik (Email: karthikvaib@gmail.com on or before 5th February at 23:59 hours For Any Queries.All entries must be mailed to finstreet. please contact: Event Coordinator: Tanmay Bhandari (Email: tanmay. Cell: 09920478115) .bhandari@gmail.V.com.com.simsr@gmail.

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