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Nov 13bulletinII

Nov 13bulletinII

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Published by: William Sikkema on Feb 09, 2012
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Bulletin/Church Deadline The Weekly Bulletin information should be sent by Thursday evening (6:00pm).

For Church News of November 27: please email the church by Tuesday, November 22.

Langley Canadian Reformed Church
Sunday November 13, 2011 We welcome all who worship with us this Lord’s Day. If you need a place to stay between the services, you are welcome at the home of our host family Norman and Diane VanderHorst Please contact the ushers.

Address/Telephone Update – please email the church address

Books of Praise are available at the church office for $18.00

Church Bulletins Online - The church bulletins are only accessible with a username and password. Please use this username: "member" and password: "1peter4". Please make note of this, if you would like to read the bulletin online while travelling.

Living Room Support – Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or bi-polar mood disorder? You are not alone! The ‘living room’ is a faith-based support group for people whose lives are impacted by mood disorders. Come and join the Murrayville Living Room Support Group. We meet at Credo Christian High School from 7:30pm – 9:30pm on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. If you struggle with a mood disorder, come meet with others who can identify with you and who desire to find support, help and healing from a scriptural perspective. For more information, email Jeffrey Street at: journeyfortoday@gmail.com and/or visit the Living Room website at: www.livingroomsupport.org

…I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. Revelation 3: 20
We welcome all communicant members in good standing of this church and of the Chinese Reformed Church, as well as all guests who have been admitted by the elders of this church, to partake of the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper.

What’s On
Today *Youthlight Wednesday *Coffeebreak Leader’s Meeting – 9:00am CCHS – Annual General Membership Meeting Nov 21 Consistory Meeting – 7:30pm Nov 23 GEMS Nov 25 *Dulce Refugio Fundraiser Nov 26 Manoah Manor Bazaar – see church news

Pastors James Visscher Ph 604 576 2124 jvisscher@telus.net Ryan deJonge Ph 778 823 1624 ryandejonge@gmail.com

Church 21804 - 52 Ave office 604 530 7612 office@langleycanrc.org Organists Frank Ezinga Anita Binnendijk Website www.langleycanrc.org

Custodian Andy Roukema Ph 604 897 3358 Secretary Martha Moes office 604 530 7612 home 604 530 1941

Alicia Nov 27 Kevin H. Dolita Snyder Singing (standing) Psalm 36: 2 Singing Text Sermon – Theme Psalm 85: 3 Haggai 2: 1 . Hannah Allison PM Charla Kok.Theme Singing (standing) Hymn 57 Prayer The Ministry of the Word Scripture Reading Haggai 1 (pg 1469) Sharing a meal! Hebrews 12: 18 ..” Our response: “Amen”. Dave. the Maker of heaven and earth. Nathan Boersema Nov 27 Glenn Visscher. Stu. 7 & 12 Offering *Dulce Refugio Singing Hymn 52: 1. Alice Rolleman. Chris Greeters Today Elder’s Greet Nov 20 T & S Vander Horst. Kevin L.Lord’s Supper Infant am Toddler am Tash vanRhee Jenae Lof Nicole VanDelft Brittany Wiegers Kelsey Alderliesten Ashley Bulthuis Kaitlyn Onderwater Alicia Stam Kristin Sikkema Miranda Kuik Kari Rook Laura VanSpronsen Rachel Hendricks Nov 20 Jaclyn Penninga Rosanne Luiten Kaitlyn Scheper Deb Lof Grace Alderliesten Chantel Vanderveen Yolanda Neufeld Luke VanderGugten Nick VanDelft Infant pm Su Vander Horst Alyssa VanPopta Toddler pm Sue Stam Liz Hendricks 2:00 pm Pastor D Vandeburgt Burlington-Waterdown CanRefChurch *Song of Approach: Hymn 81: 1. Rosanne Luiten.9 Additional Schedules Host Families Today Norman & Diane VanderHorst Nov 20 Verne & Christina Stel Nov 27 Fred and Sietie Bergsma Librarian Attendants Today Hennie VanGorkum Nov 20 Mary Neufeld Nov 27 Inga Vanpopta Parking Patrol Today K Stam Nov 20 J Togeretz Nov 27 M Stiksma H Moes M Vandergugten C Vanderhorst Audio/Video Today Brendan Keith Ushers Today Will.. 3 & 4 Prayer of Thanksgiving Singing (standing) Hymn 53: 2 & 3 Benediction Our response “Amen” Nov 20 Jason.29 (pg 1878) Kathy Noort Leslie Scholtens Charla Kok Shelley Sikma Nursery Cleaning for November Su Vander Horst. J & D Kuik . William VanDelft. 2 & 3 Call to Worship “Let us lift up our hearts to the Lord and confess together:” Our response: “Our help is in the Name of the Lord. Rachel Baartman Nov 20 AM Melissa Vanpopta.Reading of the Form Confession Hymn 1 Preparation Hymn 59 Table reading John 10: 14-16 Table singing Psalm 107: 1 & 4 Prayer of Thanksgiving Offering *Needy Singing (standing) Hymn 62 Benediction Our response: “Amen” *Singing O Canada The word of the Lord motivates his discouraged church He motivates them a) with a command for the present b) with a reminder from the past c) with a promise for the future Singing (standing) Psalm 68: 4. Amen” Divine Greeting “Grace to you and peace from God our Father. Vanessa Rook. Singing (standing) Hymn 52: 1 & 2 Singing (standing) Psalm 29 Reading of the Law of the Covenant Exhortation Singing Psalm 93: 4 Confession of Faith Hymn 2 Prayer *The Ministry of the Sacrament The Ministry of the Word Administration of the Sacrament Scripture Reading: Revelation 3:14-22 of Holy Baptism to (pg 1917) Text Revelation 3:20 Tanner Bailey Luiten Sermon . Charla Kok Little Lambs Today AM: Lord’s Supper – NO Little Lambs PM: Susan Stam. Renee Leffers.Today’s Liturgy 9:30 am Pastor J Visscher *Song of Approach: Psalm 84: 1 & 2 Nursery Schedule Today . Henry Nov 20 Aren William Nov 27 Keith Brendan *The Ministry of the Sacrament The Lord's Supper .

M. 2 and 3 of the B. A freewill offering will be received. and if you want to take part in the camp or maybe even come along.about 50 items so far! Since some Aldergrove members are involved. and we'll share with you the expectations. with some very talented musicians. Sybe Meerstra who is still in RCH.” Loving others equally and trusting God completely are areas in which most believers struggle. Mexico. they will receive an email with the list attached.Grade 12.9:15 A. We welcome you all to this evening which promises to be delicious with some of the best desserts imaginable.Friday. P. with an energetic auctioneer. just request one in an email to grace4@shaw.. With this in mind.26 – “Love and Faith.  Auction. 20525 72nd Ave. Come and hear of their incredible journey to freedom.review your notes on Art. since we know you have a lot of them. Music. 7:30 PM in the Lynden American Reformed Church.Postsecondary/Preconfession – continue the daily reading and journaling assignment Bible Studies  COFFEE BREAK . Dulce Refugio seeks to help orphaned and abandoned children by giving them a Christian upbringing.Community Events / Requests  Crianças para Cristo Children's Camp in Brazil Many of you heard about or donated to the children's camp that took place this past July in Recife.8065 or write to stephenandjes@gmail.S. in the church library. Ref. COFFEE BREAK – Leaders Meeting A Coffee Break Leaders Meeting will be held on Nov. Plans are now in formation for July 2012. Friday. The Bible study for this week is James 2: 1 . Ladies. Prayer Requests Ephesians 6: 18 we read these words.childrenofhope. musical. Admission will be by donation because we know you are all very generous. clung to their faith in God as they struggled to stay alive against all odds. ’And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. of the Freedom Singers. Funds collected will help with building costs of the boy’s dormitory that is being built and to help purchase a van to help with the transportation needs of the orphanage.Grade 10 & 11. Fannie Scholtens as she continues her treatments. Please prayerfully consider donating to Dulce Refugio. Simon and Wesley.Grade 8 & 9.WEDNESDAY.m. be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints’.info. If anyone else from the larger church community wants a list. and objectives of the camp. Dessert Evening . contact Stephen Chase (360) 483. which carries through until the date of the camp itself. Flyers with a list of auction items will be placed in the mail slots of Langley Church members on November 20 .  Langley Bibles for Missions Thrift Store presents a concert by the Freedom Singers. 8:00PM at Willoughby ChristianRC.from the 2012 Mexico Team Catechism Classes – Assignments for this week 7:15PM Class 1. and boisterous. Brazil. November 18th. Please remember in prayer before the Lord: Baptism of Tanner Bailey. November 16 . We will begin the Portuguese language program. There will be a space for those who would rather converse than join in the live auction. It's the miraculous story of how two young men. Ray Huttema and his family as they grieve the death of Ray's father. Nov 16. Church. 129) – review LD 51 8:00PM Class 3. 128.memorize LD 1 Class 2. Class 4. there will be an info session this week on Wed.C. 16 at 9:00 a. goals. Come and experience it all at the Langley Can. November 25 at 7:30PM Fundraiser for Dulce Refugio Orphanage in Aquascalientes. . feel free to invite a neighbor or friend so that together we can explore God’s Word which addresses these weaknesses in our faith and encourages us to move forward. We'll also do our best to answer your questions.memorize LD 52 (Q & A 127.com. For more information on what Jeremy and Anna Van Beelen and Dwayne and Mirabel Visscher are doing there as well as staying up to date with ongoing projects please visit www. son of Matt and Cindy Luiten. Struggling parents.ca and I will be glad to send one to you. Today – Dulce Refugio Nov 20 – Needy The collection this afternoon will be for Dulce Refugio. Thanks & see you there . For more info.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise. Meeting is at Ted and Sonya Harlaar at 7:30. O Canada. Thank you for your support. Looking forward to seeing you. Some additional items were purchased and we are afraid that they will not last due to older kids ‘playing’ on them. Fill the boxes and return by next Sunday. material and energy we can't thank you enough. We ever stand on guard. we certainly could not run this program without your support! Gems Coordinators: Kayla Vanderhorst & Carolyn Bontkes • • • • • • • Home Mission Activities • Operation Christmas Child. Please pre-read Daniel 2. Please invite your neighbourhood friends ages 3 – 5. please pass along $5 to Will for yours. We stand on guard for thee. If you don't have a book. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada. Hold our Dominion in thy loving care. we stand on guard for thee. Young People's will be meeting next week Sunday (Nov. November 17 at 8:00 in the church. O Canada. from the Home Mission Committee *O Canada (to be sung after the morning service) O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. November 20. Well we certainly could not have pulled it off without a couple key people who would rather not have their names mentioned (d-cough-eb nor-cough-deman & de-cough-b lcough-of). 9 10. it makes our tasks a whole lot more enjoyable. Committee of Administration . Lost & Found Bible Study . We will be studying pages 196-212. we stand on guard for thee. Langley Bible Study hopes to meet this evening Nov. we appreciate you taking the time to come out and help us fund-raise for our year. Thank-You Everyone! A huge thanks to the church community for once again helping us to pull off a FANTASTIC Harvest Fun Night! And a huge apology for not getting this in last week's bulletin. November 13.will meet on Thursday. Playground Equipment We would like to put an age limit on the use of the outside playground equipment. The Home Mission Committee is distributing boxes after the morning service. Greta Wildeboer • Food Bank. we stand on guard for thee. The topic for discussion is Luke 2. rich reward. Focus on the Bible is studying Belgic Confession. 'Another Shiloh'. Youthlight will be held between services today. Make this a family project by getting your children involved. Article 8. The True North strong and free! From far and wide. is a simple and tangible way for us to give to children living in the developing world by packing shoe boxes with a variety of gifts. who hearest humble prayer. we both took a total break from everything GEMS related for a couple days afterwards and then felt awful for not getting this in on time. We are extremely grateful for your help ladies!! And to all those who donated time. Nov 17 at R VanderHorst's home at 7:30pm. On behalf of Home Mission Committee. As waiting for the better Day. Please meet in the annex. in thee A lasting. The topic this week is entitled ‘Isaac is Born’. Ruler supreme. who took on the entire kitchen side of things. Help us to find. God keep our land glorious and free! O Canada. Men’s Bible Study We will meet this Thursday. O God. O Canada. Therefore we would like to restrict its use to 5 years of age and younger. The Men's Prayer Group We meet on Thursday mornings (6:30am) and evenings (7:30pm) in the church library.Reminder – Near the church kitchen you will find a container (marked ‘food bank’) where you are encouraged to drop off food items for the local ‘food bank’. John Noort will do the introduction on 1 Corinthians 4: 1 – 21. We will be studying Chapter 2 of our book.m. 13. Last but certainly not least thanks to all of you who came. and look over the questions if you have a book. 11.• STORY HOUR – WEDNESDAY – 9:30 a. at 7:30 at the home of M MacDougal. we stand on guard for thee. 20). a project of Samaritan's Purse. Boxes will be handed out in the foyer of the church or and in the annex.

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