Unit: Basketball Lesson: Lay-ups Instructors: Mr. Aura Time: 70 minutes # of Students: aprox.

30 Objectives: SWBAT… Equipment: (P) – complete a right (and/or) left handed lay-up in a pressure situation 30 b-balls (C) – identify a number of different types of lay-ups and their uses 15 pinnies (A) - develop an understanding of their individual skills Time 5 min Activity Warm up Setup Students are seated during explanation Break class into 2 teams of 15 lining 7(8) up on opposite sidelines Put basketballs away and have a seat Students are seated in semi circle at the 3 point line Lay-up form -student demo -right, left, up, for right hand -left, right, up, for left hand -like a string is attached to from your elbow to your knee -travel up, not forward -shoot off the top corner of the red square -no circus shots Lay-up practice -practice right and left-handed lay-ups with a shooting line and rebounding line -if a group is stronger, move them further back, try to pick up the dribble further back or have a competition to see how many they can consecutively make Why do we shoot with our right on the right side?
Objective Description Team lay-up relay -get your own rebound -students must dribble the whole way -go when you get the pass -first team to 30 wins (or 5 min)


Speed versus control debate


5 min


10 min


Ask students to break themselves up according to how well they think they can do lay-ups – send to the 4 side hoops 2 balls per hoop

sit in the middle 1 on 1s -no more than 5 dribbles -if you score. are fouled or get an offensive rebound. you stay on -turnover or defensive rebound switches Bump -must let go of the ball -no traveling – dribble in for lay-up Question students about lay-ups Important components Culminating Activity 2 5 min Conclusion Closure (Key Points) [These should relate to your lesson objectives] 1) Elbow attached to knee 2) Drive upwards 3) Protect the ball and go up strong Evaluation Techniques (based on objectives) 1) Listening 2) Taking off on the left leg on the right side.20 min Technique Every 5 min. and the opposite on the left 3) No finger rolls 4) Behaviour Lesson Reflections and Student Evaluation . rotate groups clockwise Lay-up circuit -power lay-ups right side -power lay-ups left side -reverse lay-ups right side -reverse lay-ups left side 15 min Culminating Activity 1 Break students into 6 groups and send each group to a hoop with 1 basketball Bump games at each of the 6 hoops Put basketballs away.