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Editorial A Load Of Bull
Keith Goodwin’s monthly look at the Bull Terrier breed.

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Show Winners In February 2011
Who won what and where?

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Bull Terrier Show Critiques & Class Placings
South Eastern Counties B.T.C. Open Show - October 23rd 2010 Scottish Bull Terrier Club Open Show - October 24th 2010 Midland Counties Championship Show - October 29th 2010 West Of England B.T.C. Open Show - October 31st 2010

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News From New Zealand A Blast From The Past
Who Was It? ... Who Is It?.

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Bullies Lost, Stolen & In Need
Bull Terriers on the Bullies In Need & Dog Lost websites.

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Bull Terrier Bahaviour
An article on typical Bull Terrier traits by Terry Heath.

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Mini Matters
Vanessa Hearne with the latest from the Miniature Bull Terriers W.E.L.K.S. Championship Show critique 2010.

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Bull Terrier Advertisements

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views and information. However . Don’t get me wrong. But please don’t worry. and once the magazine has come to an end I plan to set up some kind of new website for the breeds followers. it’s not quite the absolute end. not even close. and it’s pretty clear that the subscriber numbers are never going to be anywhere near high enough. I’d still be making roughly the same amount of money. . cancelling. improving it and making it bigger and better – then sooner or later I would end up with something that would eventually be seen by the Bull Terrier fraternity as something they would happily pay for year on year. I’ve always felt that if I kept adding to the magazine..Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. So I think it’s best to bow out and save my sanity. renewal rate. it seems that the more I’ve tried to improve and expand it. If people aren’t prepared to pay for it now then they are never going to. and in all honesty I just can’t think of anything else I can do that would make any difference? I’d imagine some may be thinking that I should simply ditch the printed magazine only and just leave the digital one. Standing Order. pack and post the issues each month – which in turn means it has to generate another certain amount of money to pay for itself and to earn me a living . . then there would be no problem at all. . certainly not enough to subscribe.but I’ll come up with something and then see how it goes from there. no memberships or anything and hopefully I’ll find a way of opening it up for others to contribute news.and you don’t get any further forward. . In theory not a bad idea. but the future incarnation of Bull Terrier Monthly will bear little resemblance to the current one that’s for sure. and I’d still need a lot more people to continually subscribe to earn a living from it. Paul Johnstone. I’m not having a go at anyone. It really wouldn’t make any difference at all. Ultimately I haven’t managed to produce something that enough people see as worthy of spending their money on continually. But for the time being it’s business as usual. etc). who am I to dictate where people spend their money. There’s far more important things that people need to spend their hard earned on. . it boils down to the fact that there is just not enough people who are prepared to buy it and continue to buy it. It does pay for itself but it leaves me with very little left over.I know I’m simply wasting my time and effort in continuing. Of course I would say that. Paypal.think of some kind of cross between a stripped down version of the magazine and a Bull Terrier blog. But that particular group of people is just far too small in numbers to sustain it and the majority still don’t appear to be interested at all. The top and bottom is the subscriber numbers. .but the actual percentage of those who continually re-subscribe is nowhere near that. and on exactly ten years is quite appropriate. and so was the amount of new subscribers year on year.. as far as current subscriptions and renewals for the remainder of the magazine go. the more people are turning away from it for some reason?? Maybe the novelty has worn off. . The sad thing is that had around 90% of those who have subscribed over the years continued to subscribe year after year.. it has come to the stage where I’ve realised I can’t push it any further forwards. but the digital subscription price is already reflected by the fact there’s no printing and postage involved – it’s a lot lower – and if anything the renewal numbers are even worse for subscribers of the Digital version. it’s too much of a struggle. . Bizarre as it sounds. helpful and interesting to the breeds followers. the percentage of people who renewed their subscriptions way back in the first few years (when it was only 8-12 pages) was higher than it is now. so the subscriber numbers are actually going backwards when they were nowhere near high enough to start with. However.. thus eliminating all the production and postage costs. This is something that I never really wanted to have to write. it doesn’t matter what format the magazine is in or how much I charge for it.. I’ve tried to include things that I thought were useful. Maybe it will be the best move I’ve ever made or maybe it will be a disaster – only one way to find out? Lastly. again I can assure you when it’s your turn I’ll inform you everything you need to know that relates to yours. but it’s been on the cards for a good while now and I’ve come to realise I have to face facts. and certainly not in this day and age when a small dog magazine is pretty low on the list of ‘must haves’. I can’t add any more pages because the additional printing costs will eat up even more profits and even worse the postage costs will almost double. it’s not going to happen as things stand. I’d still be doing the same work. more updates as and when I have them.and I personally think the end result with the help of all the contributors is pretty damn good. they always require a high enough amount of readers to keep it going and unfortunately that is where the problem lies in this particular case.com Editorial All Good Things Must Come To An End. not even remotely enough to justify all the hours I spend on it. but I know many feel the same way.. I will deal with each and every reader’s subscription individually as and when they occur – keep in mind I’m just one person who deals with hundreds of subscriptions – so please don’t panic and bombard me with queries. The funny thing is. refunds etc. I love doing the magazine and I dearly wish it would make me a half decent living – but I’m a realist. the March Issue of 2012 will be the last one. It’s just ideas floating around my mind at the moment but that’s what I’m looking at – so a lot of the information or features that currently appear in the magazine may still be available. In fact in the past year or two the amount of new readers has not been enough to replace those who drop out. . As with all weekly or monthly publications. there are far too many variables for me to explain here (Cheque. and it just doesn’t.there’s just no room for manoeuvre anymore? So with that in mind the magazine as it stands at present is about as good as I can possibly get it. To put it bluntly. it costs a certain amount of money to print. those people who do plough their money into it continually.I don’t know. maybe the instant information and interaction of the forums is lessening the appeal of the magazine. It means that each new reader who subscribes is not adding to the subscriber numbers as they are just replacing someone who hasn’t renewed. With this Issue the magazine goes into its tenth year in existence and I’m afraid to say it’s going to be its tenth and last year. Can’t really say any more at this stage because I don’t know myself. It will be a free site. it just requires enough paying subscribers year after year to generate enough money to support both it and me. It’s a shame. BTM 109 : Page 3 . only in a different format.it will be ending after ten full years with Issue 120. I know that better than anyone.bullterriermonthly. and I’ve said this to a few people over the years. I can no longer improve anything in their favour – either the product or the price. and the subscription rates are as low as I can possibly get away with. I’m not going to waste all of the hard work I’ve put into building the magazine and the brand name up. Indeed I feel the onus has always been on me to produce something that would be good enough to get a sufficient amount of people to continually buy it. but things don’t always go your way in life and unfortunately this is one of them.

yes it’s that time of year when folk are receiving replies from Clubs letting them know what list they have made.she then went on to a very creditable Group 2. at the moment I don’t seem to be getting much feedback from the fancy about how the show went. West of England BTC Open Shows. I was also led to believe a long stay at the Royal Court has also been negotiated. Northern Provincial BTC. breed judge was Scott Leesley. Chamos Whispered Secret at Blazinbullys Strinati’s Canolbarth Jan’s Jumbo at Layassilb Under Two Years Bitch: Westwood’s Tulsadoon Sinasina Howes. Sheppard & Taylor’s Ragnarok Daralis with Polanca Over Two Years Bitch: McGregor’s Merlindan Belisama Dobbin & van Eck’s Ir Ch. It’s not logical to request CV’s print and make available Club criteria for inclusion and advancement through that criteria and then when someone meets that criteria turn them down by saying you didn’t get the support of the committee vote to move forward. Judge for the forthcoming Coloured Club show is Sarah Foster. and Notts & Derby District BTC Limit. this is great news for the fancy making it possible to now plan in advance. just make sure you all keep safe and well. but it’s supposed to be an hobby and you know it’s ok to have some fun and enjoy it. congratulations Alison. it’s the crack that goes with it. They are of course preceded by National Terrier where Ger Cox is officiating. in fact all the competitors in these shows and all the forthcoming shows throughout the season. it was Maza Bishop’s first Championship Show engagement. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the BTC had negotiated a better deal on rooms for members and the general fancy alike. I’ll not be wary of addressing it. . I give you my respect. the usual party/ gathering was planned after judging had finished. the team is as follows. I attended YBTC Open Show. yeah I saw her. By all means take it serious in the ring but not to the point of bitterness if you don’t get what you think you should. in other words read the small print. Ragnarok Daralis with Polanca going BIS under judge Tony Williams. let me just say Maza and her old man Kelvin are and have always been very courteous hosts. but more importantly asked questions and looked for the middle ground. Club. yeah perhaps a trip to the vet is in order . Keith Goodwin E-Mail: ounsdale@blueyonder. most will get on to some Club list somewhere or other and their career carries on regardless. Crufts dog show turned out to be the Blazinbullys show with both dog and bitch CC’s going to that kennel. I know only too well the hardships of our hobby nowadays. you know folks it’s good to have a bit of a good social scene in the dog game. it’s good to see the Club has again made a profit on the year. I must say at this point that some folk may say. April is a busy month for the Club Show scene with three Clubs putting Limit and Open Shows on. on the front of the schedule closing date is printed as Friday the 20th of April. so I think from my point of view it’s fair to say the year has started with a bang. taking the Dog Jug and the ultimate prize the Regent Trophy. yes a good start for those concerned for the coming season. two Champions made up at Manchester. Blazinbullys Miss Sinister taking Bitch CC and Best of Breed. debated. A bit of news some folk may be interested in knowing. so if you can help let me know. However one must not forget the competition at these events. now let’s be clear what I’m going to say here. OK enough is enough. I’ve just received my schedule and accounts for the Coloured Bull Terrier Club. I feel it’s now one of the reasons so many folk enjoy the Trophy Weekend.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. however she thought it was time to celebrate when it was her turn to move and unfortunately didn’t settle to the job in hand. on others I’ve shall we say got older and wiser. that’s great news and will certainly add to the weekend. when in fact the 20th of April is on a Wednesday. you know worse the wear for beer. never mind one with the profile of the BTC is not an easy task.com A Load Of Bull Hi everyone.co. Sugar Spun Sister for Debully Team Managers: Phyl McCombie & Ron Scott. Crufts was the next big event on the scene followed by SECBT Open and the Scottish Club Open Shows. however resent positive experience has learnt me. they in turn were followed hot on their heels by the Bull Terrier Club of Wales Championship Show. however people should remember if an issue needs addressing. a new kid on the block going Best in Show from Puppy at the BTC Open Show Trophy Weekend and a great result for a worthy Champion shown sparingly to qualify for the trophies. yes I had the right to be angry on certain issues. a little controversy again which I missed most of for whatever reason. and I’ll wish you all well. I phoned the Royal Court Hotel up to see if I could book my room for next year’s Trophy Show. well that’s another question. let’s just say I’m more understanding of the issues involved nowadays. I’m not saying one should live in your mates pocket. It’s just an idea to confirm the closing date or post early to avoid any error. Judges CV’s.bullterriermonthly. you’ve changed your point of view on the BTC and its management. a good job done in the negotiations well done to the committee. Chamos Whispered Secret at Blazinbullys winning the dog ticket with the home bred Ch. and good wishes in their quest to bring the Trophy home for the third year on the trot. dime bar. Ger has pulled and entry of 56 up about ten on last year’s entry so that’s a move in the right direction.however if you don’t ask you won’t know if that trip has already been made. nonetheless a great effort for the breed from this up and coming kennel. a decision which could be for any reason based on any criteria. Open or Club Championship and General Championship. I’m not going to beat myself up any more. and yes they would be right. News from the SECBTC. Under Two Years Dogs: Pilkington’s Javarke Jack Frost Goodwin’s Busells Black Magic at Ounsdale Over Two Years Dogs: Mathison’s Ch. I’m sure all out there will wish the team success. I had a good day out with my mate. there are Mini classes scheduled for this show and the nominated judge is Mr Peter Ensell. Limit. also Best Terrier Puppy. Still with a link to the Bull Terrier Club. I myself are in receipt of most clubs criteria and most have a little clause at the end saying (to have the Clubs support) this comment is in line with KC guidelines and legitimate and all Clubs that use or endorse that clause are well within their rights to do so. she in turn made the cut in the Group. to top the day off for her owner handler she then finished the day by going Best Puppy in Show. listened to the opposite point of view. one little observation to make about the closing date for this show. Apparently somebody was handling a dog and was wrecked. well done to all concerned. The same weekend Alison Stewart’s Ounsdale Mighty Medusa in only her third Show at the tender age of 11 months went Best of Breed and Best Puppy at the Potteries Canine Society Open Show. The point is if you’re talking about ‘A’ list judges. the UK team has now been released for the forthcoming International event held in the Netherlands mid November. get yourselves up there as a day watching all those coloured bullies is not a day to miss. So I’m on my toes. I have no problem with how any Club collates their judges lists or how they implement them. It beggars the question why didn’t you get the support if you meet the criteria? Clubs are not required to give reasons for their decision. also some comments were made about a bitch with a growth to her underjaw. I have to say I’ve never been a committee animal. “hey Keith.uk Telephone: 0121 530 3734 Page 4 : BTM 109 . Ch. which I unreservedly support. not an easy task nowadays. however if you’re talking about ‘B’ list judges moving up to A3. and the way they handle their affairs”. the thing is I’ve grown up a little from my early days when I was an angry young buck. that to run or manage any Club. I’ll just be tactful and fair in the way I do it.

Apache Dancer Ch. Kettlebrough’s young brindle boy. Rockytops Sundance Kid Int Ch. adding to the success at her previous outing. Emred Huntsman x Bullysoul Sunshine Girl).C. Rosser’s red dog. Kenzed Prince Of Darkness At Denpower Miss All Alone At Ishaba Marshelsea Devil May Cry Marshelsea Hellraiser Marshelsea Sweet Seduction Cwmdulais Flash Harry Tulsadoom From Temperance Radcliffe Gophrit Of Dollygroves Emred Domino Dancer Grievelind Sher Khan At Tiapan Beesmar Queen Bodicea Ch.B. Camquest Thunderbolt Aricon Eyes Ablaze Tulsadoom Isakabuli Ch. Emred Devils Chance Bringle Beck Of Bilston Ch. Hillcairn Jasmine Of Terjos Ch. Rockytops Ulster Annie Multi Ch. Emred Huntsman Devils Diva Of Emred Ch. Rockytops Sundance Kid Int Ch. Blair’s Ishaba Ebony And Ivory at Megaville (Megaville Sardonicus x Ishaba Serenity). Emred Huntsman x Ch. Kilacabar Rolling Thunder Brinhead Excaliber Of Hillcairn Tulsadoom Isakabuli Megaville Sardonicus Megaville Tears From My Eyes Ch. Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show went to another currently in great form. Silver Bullet The Joker At Javarke Am Ch. Emred Huntsman x Wanna Be Posh at Javarke).E. BTM 109 : Page 5 . Special Edition Of Serious Desire German Ch. Emred Devils Chance Bringle Beck Of Bilston Am Ch. Majico Munro Majico Mrs Bumble Ch. Suejabul Ocean Breeze Over Penbray Ch. Tulsadoom Silver Sarissa Ch.February 2011 Ch. was the North East Bull Terrier Club Limit Show.and to Bunce’s black brindle girl. Cabriol Geisha Girl At Kilacabar Bullywood Blazing Star World & Multi Ch. Emred Huntsman Devils Diva Of Emred Ch. Nell The Joker Ch. Terjos Jolee At Javarke Ch.com Show Winners . Emred Devils Chance Bringle Beck Of Bilston Ch. Kilacabar Rolling Thunder Ch. Following on the next day all the way up the East coast.T. On to the remaining Club show of the month. Flashpoint Inferno Of Kilacabar Cabriol Diamoneque Jamie’s Bright Star At Ishaba Kilacabar Cast A Spell Ch. Majico Dreamgirl Ch. The first of which was the East Anglian Bull Terrier Club Open Show. Emred Devils Chance Ch. Kilacabar Stand And Deliver Starays Blue Savannah Of Kilacabar Ch.E. and it’s there that we find Dawn Godsall carrying out her judging duties.C. Terjos Jolee at Javarke). Einstein The Joker Ch. Special Edition Of Serious Desire German Ch. Bullysoul To Hard To Handle (Ch. Apache Brave Of Kilacabar Proud And Mighty Villars The Victorious Among Megaville Tawnbarr Red Sonja Tulsadoom Isakabuli Ch.B. Just edged out into the Reserve Best In Show spot was the Best Dog. . Tulsadoom Silver Sarissa Ch. Flashpoint Inferno Of Kilacabar Jayston Winnie Why Worry Megaville Soul Rebel Spuds Prancing Lady Manzanita Mordred Tawnbarr Stardrop Marshelsea Devil May Cry Marshelsea Hellraiser Marshelsea Sweet Seduction Cwmdulais Flash Harry Tulsadoom From Temperance Radcliffe Gophrit Of Dollygroves Emred Domino Dancer Grievelind Sher Khan At Tiapan Beesmar Queen Bodicea World & Multi Ch.bullterriermonthly. From the same kennel we find our Best Puppy winner. Nell The Joker Ch. was Martin and Hurst’s brindle bitch.T.. Rodeo Queen The Joker Ch. so Referee Steve Wheatley was called in and handed the spoils to the Best Bitch. Between them they couldn’t decide on their Best In Show. Yungwood Sweet Enchantment At Santini (Ounsdale Buffalo Soldier x Yungwood Sweet Celebration). Penbray Play To The Devil Aricon Jennifer Ch. Kersharela Thundercloud At Odyom (Merlindan Sentinal x Merlindan Vanity Fair).C. Javarke Jack Frost (Ch. Judging the show this time around was Eddie Ball. Bilboen Shooting Star (Odakota’s Black Hawk x Bilboen Received From Heaven).A. Best In Show) Pedigree of Javarke Pitch Black (N. Majico Midnight Sun Majico Air Of Performance Ch. Rockytops Ulster Annie Multi Ch. Rodeo Queen The Joker Ch.T. the traditional curtain raiser to the main event. Grisse Basse Charming White Devil Chocolate Fancy From Megaville Ch. Two judges were on hand. Alecto Kool Barracuda Of Kilacabar Ch. King Arthur The Legend (Cwmdulais Hall Of Fame x Bullambi Mischief Maker of Bullorrties). Javarke Jack Flash Ishaba Serenity Ishaba Geoff’s Delight Ch.B.T. Flashpoint Inferno Of Kilacabar Ch. Terjos Touch Of Gold Ishaba Strike A Light Pedigree of Ishaba Ebony And Ivory At Megaville (N. Pilkington’s white boy. Tulsadoom Silver Sarissa Ch. Quest Thunderstruck Grisse Basse Anxious To Meet Captain Horatio Hornblower Bremars Jezebelle Ch. Best Puppy on the day went to another of the coloured ranks.. Best Dog and Best In Show. Dazlin Defiance Ch. Pilkington’s black brindle male youngster. we also see the start of the regional Club Shows for the new season.the Bull Terrier Club Open Show.E.C. Blair’s black brindle girl. Dawn found her outright Best In Show in her Best Dog winner. Best In Show) Pedigree of Javarke Jack Frost (N.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. Javarke Pitch Black (Ch. A great start for a dog making his first appearance in the show rings. Reserve Best Dog and Bitch went to Moody’s white boy. Ishaba Ebony And Ivory at Megaville (Megaville Sardonicus x Ishaba Serenity). Best Puppy In Show) T he Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show is not the only Bull Terrier event to take place during February. Picking up both Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show. as Goodwin’s young tri-colour boy – Busell’s Black Magic At Ounsdale – is found Best Puppy. Emred Huntsman Devils Diva Of Emred Ch. Einstein The Joker Ch. Lustyglaze Too Hot To Handle At Kilacabar Minffordd Emerald Isle Of Kilacabar Ch. . Silver Bullet The Joker At Javarke Bullysoul Sunshine Girl Bullysoul Wonderful One Wanna Be Posh At Javarke Dajast Beauty Of The Beast Pedigree of Bullysoul To Hard To Handle (E.B. Octavian Galla for the dogs and Alison Roberts for bitches. Reserve Best In Show) Marshelsea Devil May Cry Marshelsea Hellraiser Marshelsea Sweet Seduction Cwmdulais Flash Harry Tulsadoom From Temperance Radcliffe Gophrit Of Dollygroves Emred Domino Dancer Grievelind Sher Khan At Tiapan Beesmar Queen Bodicea Jamie’s Bright Star At Ishaba Shadow Chaser Ch.

Samsenna Renegade. Chardaice Smooth Criminal At Etalimi.. ear set correct. Well balanced. head needs a little more fill. White dog with black brindle ears. lovely tight feet (Best Mover). unable to assess her movement. 2. Samsenna Monarchs Mischief. 3. moved well both ways. Ragnarok Balder At Polanca.. moved well both ways. Whyte’s Kalsar Black Shadow. head well filled with sweeping profile. good topline. Head needs a little more fill. Bilboen Shooting Star. good quarters. head well filled. broad chest and spring of rib. good reach of neck. 3.bullterriermonthly. Bullywood Avenging Star To Ragnarok. good eye. 0 Absent) 1. moved well both ways. moved with power. Stockleyview Solitaire. head has a nice turn. ears need to come up. straight front. Best In Show Red and white dog. good powerful head filled and turned. 3. Brindle and white bitch with a good strong head. good bone. well turned. I hope she will be a STAR. good feet. masculine strong well filled head. good reach of neck and tail set. strong head. 2. Limit Dog (3 Entries. good bone and tail set. 1 Absent) 1. he moves well both ways and was in tip top condition. needs a little more fill under the eyes. Junior Bitch (5 Entries. lovely head with sweeping profile. lovely movement. well placed shoulders. with good bend off stifle. Junior Dog (4 Entries. very good tail set. feet a little untidy. White dog good strong head. ears well placed. she has nice fill and turn to the head. she was a little out of coat. Compact dog. BIS: Ragnarok Balder At Polanca RES BIS and BOS: Bilboen Star At Night BEST PUPPY: Barking At The Moon Special Beginners Dog (3 Entries. Samsenna Renegade. 2010 I would like to thank all the committee for their warm welcome and hospitality. Brindle and white. tight feet. tail set lets her down. tight feet. well laid shoulders. he is powerful with a strong chest and good bone and hind quarters. Kersharela Thundercloud At Odyom. Novice Dog (2 Entries. Kirkville Golden Eye At Odyom. South Eastern Counties BTC Open Show Judge: Mrs Diane McCann (Diton) October 23rd. Scottish Bull Terrier Club Open Show October 24th. 3. 0 Absent) 1. Best Puppy White dog with black ears. Wallace’s Ounsdale Loud And Proud. Puppy Bitch (5 Entries. moved well. He enjoyed his day. Brindle and white. Special Beginners Bitch (5 Entries. Kerbullys Rising Son. lost topline on the move but moved well both ways. Moves better in front than behind. Ragnarok Heimdllr. ears were a little floppy when on the move. nice short back. 1 Absent) 1. both ways. good profile with very powerful head. head needs a little more turn. White bitch. Ragnarok Fricka Over Bilboen. 2. It was my pleasure to award him BEST DOG and BIS. she was very animated. Best Opposite Sex & Reserve Best In Show. lovely tight feet. she showed herself off. moved OK. Best Puppy Brindle. Novice Bitch (1 Entry. White. 0 Absent) 1. Chardiace Born Legacy With Bullbrand. lovely spring of rib and tail set. lovely reach of neck. good bone and spring of rib. 2 Absent) 1. good spring of rib. he was a little shy. Novice Dog (4 Entries. Red bitch head needs more fill. adequate profile. Red dog he was very unsettled. White. this is a gorgeous little bitch. good power and substance. good eye and ear Page 6 : BTM 109 . very well balanced. 3 Absent) 1. 3. head needs a little more fill. correct mouth. Tri-colour bitch. I had a wonderful day. 0 Absent) 1. nice tight feet. She was a little show girl. Stockleyview Dark Desire. Nice profile. good strong square front. 2. Moved well in front. well filled head. he has good hind angulation. nice bend of stifle. lovely spring of rib. has lovely tight feet. Ramland Miss Brite. compact dog. 0 Absent) 1. 1 Absent) 1. 2010 Judge: Chris Wright Thanks to all exhibitors and committee for a very enjoyable weekend for my wife and myself. Ragnarok Gunigir At Kollen. 0 Absent) 1. Ramland Miss Brite. Post Graduate Dog (4 Entries. 2. has a wicked eye. good depth of chest. this will settle her down. it was my pleasure and honour to have judged this show. but then settled down. 2. ears well placed. good bend to stifle. he has so much to give. Bilboen Star At Night. 2. moved better in front than behind. 3. Kimbullis Diesels Delight. tight feet. did not use his ears. Marshelsea Trouble Coming At Romagna. and to all the exhibitors. White compact dog. Bediveres Frozen Ice. but he stands and shows himself off to his best. well laid shoulders. Bediveres Frozen Ice. Brindle and white. 0 Absent) 1. White bitch. 3. Black and white dog. she moved well both ways. Caliber Silver Playted. compact. Limit Bitch (3 Entries. Chardaice This Is It. nice head. Chardaice Love Me Tender. 1 Absent) 1. good angulation. 2. moved well. his only cross to bear is he has a mouth fault. Tri. lacks fill. Louka Lady Luck ShCM. Blk/brindle and white classical bitch. nice ear set and good strong front and tight feet. Open Bitch (5 Entries. Hassan’s Kellrayse Charlie Boy. needs a little under the eyes. 3. 0 Absent) 1. Bullbrand The Uprising. correct mouth. nice head. straight front. straight front. Good square front. nice clean lines. 3. good straight front. moved well Ragnarok Balder At Polanca SECBTC Open Show Best In Show © Photograph courtesy of Lorraine Sheppard Post Graduate Bitch (5 Entries. ring craft would help with movement. good square front. 2. short back. Bilboen Leagally Blonde For Polanca. Barking At The Moon. Samsenna She’s The One. he needs a little time to mature. Puppy Dog (3 Entries. 3. Tri. she is a lovely compacted bitch. good head. 2. White dog. super little bitch. Bobuddy D Day. plenty of bone and substance. nice profile. a little stuffy around the neck. 2. needs a little training. lovely strong head. Bilboen Love n’ Kisses.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. Good angulation and moved well. nice profile with good reach of neck. nice reach of neck. Stewart’s Blazinbully Vindicator. White bitch. lovely reach of neck. White dog with left brindle patch. Open Dog (5 Entries. well made dog. but his many virtues outweigh this. compact dog. straight front and tight feet.com As Seen By The Judges . 2. ears well placed. feet were a little untidy. it was hard to assess his movement as he was a little too excited. 0 Absent) 1. moved better in front. Stewart’s Blazinbully Vindicator. 3. Puppy Dog (6 Entries. nice sweep to the head. White bitch with black ear. he was a little exited. Red dog. Bullbrand Somthing New For Chardaice. Kescostaff Diamond Geezer. 2. good eye. 1 Absent) 1. lovely tight feet.

good fill and finish. well angulated quarters with short hocks. short coupled with well made quarters. Thank you for your persistence and also many thanks to exhibitors for their continuing support. 2. Brindle and white. Bitch CC Top quality 3½ years with gleaming red jacket and displaying maximum substance without detriment to femininity. Quinn’s Padhen Abraham of Lincoln. well placed shoulders producing a balanced outline and giving rise to straight front and smooth stride. a little overweight. though with one inclining incisor. short back. straight front. straight front. correct mouth. Post Graduate Bitch (4 Entries. wicked expression. deep chest. 3. 2.com placement. 2 Absent) 1. though moved close behind. Limit Dog (2 Entries) 1. Smith’s Saucy Snowflake. straight front and neat feet. fill and width in muzzle. mouth and eye. decent shoulder. well made correctly angulated quarters. moved with drive. Limit Bitch (4 Entries. though a little close behind. deep chest. correct mouth. correct bite. short back. Overall quality was very good. well turned head with good fill. a little soft in expression. Puppy Bitch (1 Entry. gentle turn to head with good width and finish. White with brindle ear. Whyte’s Kalsar Black Shadow. Sugar Spun Sister for Debully. though moved close behind. put out in excellent condition and never stopped showing. moved well. Red and white. Lamonby’s Emred Daredevil. long neck. cracking profile with correct mouth. giving rise to sweeping body lines. 3. Griffiths & Leesley’s Wilbary Cinnia. 1 Absent) 1. Typy bl/br of 15 months. The large ring enabled movement and construction on the move to be tested. strong neck. well balanced throughout. Mature. moving parallel and holding topline. providing clean forehand and straight front. well balanced white of 2 years. mature white of 2 years. 2010 Judge: Frank Dyson This was the Society’s third kind invitation extended to me to judge their prestigious show and it gave me great pleasure to be able to accept on this occasion. Limit Dog (4 Entries. Open Dog (3 Entries. Blakeley’s Am Ch. short coupled with deep brisket and good cut up. correct bite. Upstanding. Hall’s Dajan Classy Prince. correct shoulder providing clean forehand. strong neck. 2. looking a picture in profile. a little loose in front on the move. straight front and good balance. level bite. shapely quarters. Whittaker’s Wengormick Suited n’ Booted. width and fill. keen expression. good depth and fill. 14 months white. good bend of stifle. straight front. moved pretty much parallel both ways. great expression. well made at the rear though moved close behind. 3 Absent) 1. good profile to head with depth. good bone and substance. broad muzzle. well turned head with good depth. good depth to chest. correct bite. 1 Absent) Junior Bitch (6 Entries. well turned head with good width in muzzle. 2. correct bite. 2. strong quarters. Dobbin & Van Eck’s Ir Ch. Dunlop’s Loyal Leah. well boned and short coupled. looking down on her she is still a little fine all through. 1 Absent) 1. 1 Absent) 1. The classes and the challenges for both sexes were extremely strong. short coupled with deep brisket. Shearer’s Nethanbull Lightning Babe With Ceilteach. Dog CC & Best Of Breed 17 months white with brindle ear. Open Bitch (5 Entries. good eye. holding topline and flexing well at stifle and hock. broad head. correct mouth. movement erratic on rear so losing out to first. well placed eye. Post Graduate Bitch (6 Entries. 0 Absent) 1. which will improve with maturity. well turned head with exceptional strength to muzzle. well turned head which would benefit from a little more width and fill. deep brisket. tight canine. strong head. strong neck. straight front. good strong neck. White. Mathison’s Blazinbullys Miss Sinister. White with red ears. Junior Dog (3 Entries. though close behind. well angulated quarters. correct bite and keen expression. Best Bitch White with red ear and eye mark. a shade long in back. super expression. displaying balance. with well turned head. 2. good expression. straight front. loads of bone. 3. with well turned head. teeth need attention. straight front. McDonagh & McLeish’s White Viper At Irazistabull. would benefit from longer upper arm as loses topline on the move. Open Bitch (7 Entries. well filled head. Thomson & Shearer’s Maureen’s Mystery With Nethanbull. Draper’s Emred Zurie Par Albaeda. Novice Bitch (3 Entries. with neck. Junior Bitch (1 Entry) 1. cracking profile. Mathison’s Ch. correct bite. untidy feet. well ribbed. 19 months. long strong neck. short back. moved parallel both ways and held topline. fully mature tri 3½ years. 2. carrying a little excess weight. Richardson’s Dajan Gold Medal for Quayardson. wicked expression. good quarters. well constructed. McGregor’s Merlindan Belisima. 3 Absent) Post Graduate Dog (7 Entries. Upstanding. Sewards’ Padhen Precious Pearl. good bend to stifle. cat feet. Benson’s Nethanbull Poetic Bragg. McDonagh & McLeish’s Afanbull Night Sky Over Irazistabull. decent shoulder. powerful head. reasonable shoulder and held topline on the move. White of 30 months. straight front. well placed shoulder. short back. McGettigan’s Nethanbull Silver Star. all white cobby terrier. would benefit from a little more layback in shoulder which would improve bodylines. Hylands’ Terjos Abracadabra. Limit Bitch (5 Entries. correct bite. Foster’s Bilboen Star at Night. correct bite. gentle profile with good fill and finish. mouth incorrect. deep brisket. 2 Absent) 1. wicked expression. 3 years fully mature white terrier with maximum substance for size. decent shoulder. Bitch Reserve CC Upstanding. short back. 1 Absent) 1. 3 Absent) 1. good length of leg. pink nose. straight front. Smith’s Kisses Of Fire. moved very well. correct bite. correct bite. good ear placement. well muscled quarters. Fulton’s Gaelbull Red Rose From Buchanway. long neck into clean shoulder. Westwood’s Tulsadoom Abi Albon. 2 Absent) 1. strong head. 2.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. correct bite. strong head. 3. well made quarters which covered the ground with drive. strong quarters. 2. 2. mouth ok. moved pretty much parallel coming but close going.bullterriermonthly. Tri. good width to muzzle. Fitzherbert-Stewart’s Ounsdale Crash Bang Wallop. with gentle profile. good bend of stifle. Chamos Whispered Secret at Blazinbullys. Atkins’ Don’t Make Waves of Hentarw. withers and backline correctly proportioned. long neck. not the topline of first. Woodward’s Gorbain Salacious Suzie. decent shoulder giving clean forehand. strong well made quarters. Midland Counties Championship Show October 29th. Open Dog (7 Entries. good eye. White. put out in top class condition and moved pretty much parallel both ways. keen expression. 1 Absent) 1. straight front. well boned with strong quarters and well defined second thigh that drove him well. cobby. all giving rise to wicked expression. straight front. straight front. 2. long strong neck into well placed shoulders. 3. approaching 2 years. 2 Absent) 1. moved well both ways. 1 Absent) Junior Dog (3 Entries. 17 months white. with good fill and finish. has a great future. strong powerful head. held her topline on the move. straight front. straight front and neat feet. well turned head with good width. very well balanced. moved and handled well. quality and style. tight feet. sweeping profile. straight front and neat feet. tight feet. adequate bone. correct mouth. Wannop’s Charishalee Drumbeat. well made quarters. top quality. good black nose. well placed shoulders giving rise to correct forehand and good length of stride. strong quarters. deep brisket. 2 year old cobby r/w. fill and finish. Dog Reserve CC Very typy white terrier. correct bite. straight front. White with black ears. 3. strong head with good depth. clean forehand. moved pretty well coming. 2 Absent) 1. moved pretty much parallel both ways. moved OK. Heath’s Yungwood Falkirk Bairn At Holloville. 3. good bend of stifle. Puppy Dog (1 Entry. short coupled with deep brisket. well turned head. good bend of stifle. 16 months top quality bl/br. straight front. good width and fill. pink nose. would like more profile. short coupled with good depth of brisket. well angulated at the rear. Skyline Defies Dazlin. correct bite. though moved close behind. moved close behind. White brindle ear. undercarriage down due to having seven week old pups. ears could be better placed. Lamonby’s Emred Night Fever. BTM 109 : Page 7 . correct shoulder. on the whole better balanced than the class winner but lacking sparkle today. Best Dog & Best In Show Black brindle. wicked eye. well balanced all round. straight front. strong neck. correct mouth. strong neck into well laid shoulder. quality bone. moved well. moved well. straight front.

so thanks to all exhibitors for allowing me judge their dogs. Would like to see a better bend of stifle. moved OK. mouth incorrect. well angled rear. 2. moved accordingly. good depth chest. Morgan’s Marshalsea Trouble Coming At Romagna. R/W dog. good depth through the skull and good ear set. 10 year old B/B Bitch in great condition. Cobby white dog. head is well filled and has a good shape. Best Dog Tall upstanding white dog. Reserve Best Dog White dog with a broad head which has depth. powerful neck leading in to a good front. Wright’s Rightstuff Fire Storm. Quality white bitch with a lovely shaped head with fill and the right amount of profile. they were a credit to you all. moves OK and shows well. 2 Absent) 1. nice neck leading into good front. good front and feet. shoulders are well laid. he has a short back. Good front and shoulders. has a good under jaw. 3 Absent) 1. Potbury’s Red Warrior. Puppy Dog (2 Entries) 1. Mouth incorrect. Has a mouth fault which holds him back from going all the way to the top. has a barrel chest with depth. Strong neck leading into a good front and feet. nice feet. R/White dog of great balance. good depth through the chest. B/White Dog whose head is well filled and has a good profile. good rear and moved OK. short back. moved OK. As in Special Beginners Dog. the hospitality was second to none. White dog whose head is broad with profile. Lovely expression with a dark eye. good bend of stifle. good ear set completing the picture. good feet. moves well and shows well. Malden’s Shanson Black Shadow At Louka. It was a real good atmosphere. good bend of stifle. Head has power and profile. a lot to like about this dog. 2. Mouth has one misplaced Page 8 : BTM 109 . his head is power packed filled and turned. well filled head with depth has a gentle profile and a good eye. B/B dog head is well filled with power. Has a short back and a well angulated rear. Good eye and expression. Back is short. 2010 Judge: Geoff Skelton I would like to thank the Club for inviting me to judge. Brown’s Meridianview Monkey Boy. lacks a little fill. Novice Dog (1 Entry. A good dog that is hard to assess because of his refusal to have his mouth opened. a well marked boy with type who just needs to mature. front needs to tighten. 2. good bend of stifle. a little long cast. lovely depth through the chest and ribs well sprung. Griffiths’ Hentarw Welsh Warrior From Penpych.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. Moved OK when settled. moved OK. short back and a well angled rear. well filled head with depth and profile.com Marshelsea Trouble Coming At Romagna West Of England B. Good depth of chest. Open Dog (6 Entries. 1 Absent) 1. head is broad and has depth and profile. Howes & Sheppard’s Ragnarok Balder At Polanca. Good ear set and mouth OK.T. the shortest of backs. ears well set. O’Connell’s Ragnarok Gungnir At Koellen. 2 Absent) 1.C. Open Show October 31st. good front and bone throughout. well sprung rib. good mouth. Potbury’s Red Warrior. moves OK.C. B/Brindle dog. Good neck leading into good front and shoulders. good tail set and is well angulated in the rear. good bend of stifle. Veteran Dog or Bitch (5 Entries. Tamila & Wyatts’ Chardaice Smooth Criminal at Etalimai. needs to body up but a dog of great virtues. good depth throughout. shows like a bomb at one with his handler. Good mouth.T. Good ear set and has a good eye.bullterriermonthly. moved OK. well angled shoulders. 2. Hannam’s Barking At The Moon. could do with a little more angulation in the rear. His shoulders are a little steep. The quality of exhibits was of the highest standard. Special Beginners Bitch 1. Good ear set giving a good expression. Bunce’s Bilboen Shooting Star. has a gentle profile lacks a little fore face. good front. 2. Mouth level. 2. Junior Dog (5 Entries. B/W dog. ears bang on top of her head. short backed. 1 Absent) Limit Dog (4 Entries. long powerful neck leads into a straight front with good feet. has a short back. Open Show Reserve Best Dog © Photograph courtesy of Lorraine Sheppard West Of England B. Special Beginners Dog (4 Entries. Hicks’ Napier Eye Catcher. moved a little loose on the front rear OK. 2 Absent) 1. Front is straight but loose in shoulder. head has power but lacks profile.

Taylor’s Ragnarok Fricka Over Bilboen. shoulders are a little loose makes her look a little long. mouth OK. County Durham SR7 9BT E-mail: info@bullterriermonthly. moved well when settled. B/W bitch. moves well. Quality white bitch with a well filled head which has depth and finish. Front is OK. Straight front with good feet.T. moved well. mouth OK.and I’ll guarantee that your request is honoured. 2. Near Bristol Judge: Miss R.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. Would like more angulation in the rear. Good ears and length of neck. Draper – 01773 719426 As the Editor/Publisher is prone to dropping incredible clangers where show details are concerned. Atkins’ Warradcasey Let’s Dance Of Hentarw. lovely long neck leading into a good front and shoulders. A well shaped head which is broad and has profile but lacks a little under the eye. Good ear set and has a good mouth. Shows Bull Terrier Monthly Critiques 18 Warnebrook Avenue Murton.C. Junior Bitch (6 Entries. Taylor’s Bullywood Avenging Star To Ragnarok. straight front. good tail set and has a good bend of stifle. 2. Quality R/White bitch which is well marked. Novice Bitch (1 Entry) 1. short backed and has a good bend of stifle. Mouth correct. long elegant neck leading into good front and feet. moves OK. Good front.C. Atkins’ Cwmdulais Gwyeb Gwyn Of Hentarw. Seaham. Jerome’s Hardysview Miss Cerberus. a little long cast. Warrington Judge: Mr J. then please inform me. shows really well and in great condition. not quite the head of the first. good depth through the chest. moves OK. Brindle Bitch. Karta (Also Mini’s – Mr T.com Hardysview Miss Cerberus West Of England B. well bodied girl throughout. moves well and is shown to give her best ‘one from the top drawer’. Wright’s Rightstuff Reason. Bebbington . Good depth through the chest and has a good spring of rib.T. 2 Absent) 1. well bodied and has a good bend of stifle. well sprung chest. BTM 109 : Page 9 . a little steep in shoulder which makes her look long cast. Grant & Martin’s Chardaice This Is It. Open Show 1st Place Junior Bitch © Photograph courtesy of Lorraine Sheppard Show Dates April 2011 April 2nd National Terrier Club Championship Show Staffordshire County Showground Judge: Mr G. Limit Bitch (6 Entries) 1.bullterriermonthly. White bitch. ribs are well sprung and has depth through the chest. a lot to like about this bitch. would like a little more under jaw. ** Paul Johnstone. a quality puppy that has type and presence. tooth which she can carry. Roff’s Bobuddy D Day. good bend of stifle. Grant & Martin’s Bullbrand Something New For Chardaice. Open Bitch (7 Entries. good eye. Quality white bitch.C. a beautiful shaped head that is filled and has a gentle turn. Mouth OK. Ley Enq: Mrs N. . Limit Show Sandiacre Friesland Sports Centre Judges: Mr T. Powerful neck leading into a good front and shoulders. mouth incorrect. head has a sweeping profile with fill. short back and a well angle rear. Good front and fore chest. good tail set. moves OK.01270 841930 April 17th West Of England B. moved OK. it is therefore recommended that readers double check details prior to the show in question. Mouth OK. short back and good bend of stifle. Good eye and expression that shows on the white side of her head. 2. a little loose through the shoulder. head is broad and has power just lacks a little quality. good shoulders. Griffiths – 01694 751258 April 10th Northern Provincial B. has the shortest of backs.T. Puppy Bitch (6 Entries. O’Neill – 01793 484154 April 24th Notts & Derby District B. Williams) Enq: Ms M. straight front. good depth throughout. a little weak in the pastern. Henderson Mrs A. but it has profile and shape. Different type bitch to the first. good feet. a credit to her owners. 1 Absent) 1. Special Brood Bitch (1 Entry) 1. powerful neck leading in to straight front and has good feet. Good feet. Open Show Warmley Community Centre. 2 Absent) 1.com Fax: 0191 5267949 ** If you are a judge and would rather your critiques were NOT published in Bull Terrier Monthly. long arched neck leading into a good front and feet. head is filled and turned with power and depth. moved OK.T. short back and a good bend of stifle. good eye and ear set. moved OK. S/Brindle bitch. Open Show Rixton-with-Glazebrook Community Hall. well sprung rib and has good depth of chest. Richardson’s Dajan Gold Medal For Quayardson. moved OK a little loose in front. 2. Good ear set when she uses them. short back and has a good bend of stifle. A little steep in the forearm which makes her appear a little long cast. Cox Enq: Mrs J. mouth OK. ears are bang on top completing the picture of what a head should be. well filled head power and depth. Ameline & Mr T. Reserve Best Bitch White bitch whose head is broad and well filled with profile. nice feet. moved OK coming but her rear movement is not her fortune. White bitch different type to the first. good bend of stifle. Good shoulders and her chest is well sprung. good ear set. Foster’s Bilboen Star At Night. Mouth incorrect. like a bomb to promote her virtues. both these bitches shown well. White girl with a lovely feminine head filled with profile. 2. shortest of backs. has good bend of stifle. good depth with a good under jaw. has a good eye and ear set. head has good shape but lacks a little fill. a good front and feet.C. Best Bitch & Best In Show B/B bitch that oozes quality and type. has a good bend of stifle.

This young man looks to have a great future. Bramble Meltdown x CH. Vortex Were Hunter of Boromir ROM x Ch. Similar type to 1. lay of shoulder good as well. this was a great show of support to the Club as well as good sportsmanship. pleasant boys having a good day out. short back with a good topline. a colouring competition and a BBQ meal that night. but still enough virtue to be my RESERVE DOG winner. These sorts of days can only do our breed a lot of good. strong head and adequate bone. 3. 2010 Judge Stan Honnery ‘Honhazsta’ Australia Best & Open In Show: Ch.C. Very narrow chest and throughout. Amatol Kiwi Doll ROM (Imp Aust) This boy was placed above his litter brothers (3 and 4) due to a better topline. Open Show March 13th.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. 3. Good topline. I was very impressed. Revhed Mr Hinks (Imp Aust) Intermediate in Show: Ch. Vortex Were Hunter of Boromir ROM Reserve in Show: Ch. Vortex Destiny’s Pick of Boromir. Stan Honnery Baby Puppy Dog 1. 2. Phew! But what a lot of fun had by all. 2. mouth incorrect. Good substance.T. Easy to pick these boys as litter brothers as they are all of the same type. Amatol Kiwi Doll ROM (Imp Aust) Happy boy having a good time. Otherworld Master of Mayhem. Boromir You Bet. one critique could nearly cover them all. Quest Nigrette (Imp Nwy) Boromir by Request of Vortex x Boromir Moon Magic In a class of his own here. Boromir Barbarossa. Good head. Amatol Ruminrazin (Imp Aust) x Alunday Flirtatious (Imp Aust) Amatol Blutigeroo x NZ CH. Not the head of 1 or the movement which made my decision for me. Vortex Were Hunter of Boromir ROM Ch. CH. Unfortunately he is let down by a bad topline both on the move and on the stack. plenty of substance. Boromir Dream Hunter Of Vortex ROM News From New Zealand from down under – it’s been a while since I have written anything and there has been quite a bit happening. a ‘Bully Olympics’. I have never before seen so many people turn up to an after-show function. Heidi Holland Hi North Island B. Puppy Dog 1.bullterriermonthly. Extreme turned head. eyes and expression. but all at this stage lack a little in substance. Our March Open show of 2010 was an ambitious project for the North Island Bull Terrier Club committee. Revhed Mr Hinks (Imp Aust). Showed with animation at times. you have a Club to be proud of and the day they put on with the Open Show was just outstanding. movement quite good all round. not quite the turn of head of first. then a ribbon show. generally a bit fine. Good topline. Harleytime Rebel Yell As with 2 and 3. all round typy boy. 4. Boromir Dream Hunter of Vortex ROM Baby Puppy in Show: Boromir A Lick of Frost at Vortex Puppy in Show: Limelight The Magic Man Junior in Show: Ch. CH. Vortex Questors Revenge of Boromir NZ Bred in Show: Ch. well balanced with substance. 2. I will be forever grateful. Lacks upper arm and not a happy boy today. Time will tell. The club has a ‘Facebook’ page if you’d like to see some of the activities from the day. Otherworld the Dragon Slayer. Junior Dog 1. which was correct coming and going. Boromir Daredevil x NZ CH. We had hoped to get some of our ‘pet’ people along to take part in the event and managed to get a lot of them out and socialising with the rest of us ‘serious’ dog folk. not in the class of other 3.com Ch. Boromir by Request of Vortex x Ch. Limelight the Magic Man. Charlemagne Kause I Said ROM Nice type. 3. Amatol Ruminrazin (Imp Aust) x Alunday Flirtatious (Imp Aust) Sarajeni Easy Rider x Ch. Movement coming not that clever. Very naughty in the ring but having a great time. Mouth acceptable. Boromir A Lick of Frost at Vortex. Boromir Chianti ROM I would like to thank the Club for this great appointment and all those that entered. good head with lovely ears. We held the Open show (easy) then a handling clinic. 4. Ch. Boromir Practical Magic Page 10 : BTM 109 . A special thank you to the wonderful Dorothy and Hugh who took such great care of me and made my stay in New Zealand such a memorable one. Brixton Bright Spark Substantial young man. Good topline on the stack and on the move. Amatol Ruminrazin (Imp Aust) x Alunday Flirtatious (Imp Aust) Amatol Blutigeroo x NZ CH. Otherworld With a Hint of Rum. Our venue was a holiday park which provided us with onsite accommodation which made life a lot easier. Aljohmor Million Dollar Baby. a fancy dress. Aljohmor Larry Flint. but having a good time out.

Charlemagne Kause I Said ROM Ch. NZ Bred Dog 1.com Boromir A Lick Of Frost At Vortex Ch. 2. all very worthy in their own way. 2. Boromir Stormchaser of Sleek ROM x Ch. Adequate head with lovely eye and expression.S. Vortex Were Hunter of Boromir ROM. Ch. Brixton Spellbound Typy brindle girl. Puppy Bitch 1. Ch. Enough substance for size. Boromir by Request of Vortex x Boromir Moon Magic Ch. Well balanced with a short back and enough substance. Ch. Elegant. Bullhaven Apostrophe. Bonnyville Drops of Jupiter. Lovely head and I believe she has a good topline but hard to assess as she is not enjoying herself. Amatol Tin Soldier x Amatol Masquerade Unfortunate to meet 1 today. Bordeaux of Boromir Smaller type bitch with a lovely head. Quest Nigrette (Imp Nwy). Boromir Anan Cara of Vortex. Lovely smaller type bitch with a nice eye and expression. feminine and well balanced bitch with correct substance. moves well. Vortex Questors Revenge of Boromir. Revhed Mr Hinks (Imp Aust) Baby Puppy Bitch 1. Moves well in front not so well in rear. Bullhaven Nektar De Gotter. An all round well balanced dog with good topline at all times.time will tell all. Quest Elmshorn x Quest Odalisque A dog free from exaggeration. Just a little soft in topline. Not the rear end or lay of shoulder of 1 or 2.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. Boromir Epiphany at Vortex. Also elegant with good type and balance. but not quite the length or strength of foreface as 1. RESERVE BITCH. Bramble Meltdown x Ch. Ch. Bullmore Heart n’ Soul Leggier boy. Boromir Stormchaser of Sleek ROM x Ch. A very vocal showman which did him no harm at all. nice head. Ch. Junior Bitch 1.bullterriermonthly. Ch. Bullmore Heart n’ Soul. 4. nice feet and tailset with a short back. Lovely head and mouth. Boromir Quicksilver ROM x Ch. Cobby bitch. mouth incorrect. Best Dog: Ch. Recorder playing up at this point or maybe me. Lacking forechest and a bit narrow throughout at the moment. Am/Can/Mex/NZ/Aust Ch. Ch. Ch. Revhed Mr Hinks Big dog with nice length of upper arm. mouth not perfect. Limelight Cats Pyjamas. 2. 2. Boromir the Drenai. 3. Brixton Bright Spark Quest Captain Boromir De Harlequin (Imp NWY) x Boromir Black Violet Similar type to 1 but not the bone. Quest Nigrette (Imp NWY) A striking showy girl. Charlemagne Kause I Said ROM Amatol Blutigeroo x NZ Ch. Moves very well. Good rear end. Bullmore Heart n’ Soul BTM 109 : Page 11 . NZ Bred Bitch 1. Intermediate Dog 1. Decent type. Good topline. Ch. my sincere apology. Boromir Dream Hunter of Vortex ROM Reserve Bitch: Ch. also good length of upper arm. Harlequin Liquorice A nice bigger girl with nice strong head. Boromir Brougham. Ch. Nice feminine head and a short back. NZ Ch. Good balance and nice forechest … this is where she beat 2nd place as this was a close class. A little fine. Ch. Not as good a length of upper arm and a little soft behind the shoulder . Vortex Were Hunter of Boromir ROM x Ch. Open Dog 1. Boromir Metalmorphosis x Ch. Head and eye are top-notch. Shame she had to meet 1 today. Good length of upper arm.very well balanced. Bullhaven Jahbulheboosay. Lovely well balanced baby with a short back and great substance. This accentuates her elegance . A particularly sweet temperament. Boromir Dream Hunter of Vortex ROM. Boromir Cold Steel x Boromir Non Sequitur Smaller dog but very nice type. NZ Ch. Brixton Bright Spark. Open Bitch 1. Plenty of substance but with bit of a dip beneath the eyes. Ch. Bramble Shark Bait x Ch. Amatol Kiwi Doll ROM (Imp Aust) Lovely turned head with nice eye. Amatol Hooligan x Amatol China Doll ROM Typy bitch with nice bone and well balanced. 5. A class act but Best Bitch: Ch. Short back. Not the rear end of 1 and is let down by his elbows. Boromir Metalmorphosis x Ch. Otherworld Mistress of Me. Good length of upper arm and nice width of forechest. Boromir Daredevil x Ch. 2. good length of upper arm and pleasing type. Harlequin Liquorice movement going not her fortune. Boromir Daredevil x NZ Ch. Aljohmor Long Time Coming. Very differing types in this class. Amatol Kiwi Doll ROM (Imp Aust). This bitch should have a great future. Ch. 3. Vortex Were Hunter of Boromir ROM Reserve Dog: Ch. Lovely eye and expression with good reach of neck which flows into good shoulders and topline. 2. Sweet little lady with a lovely eye.I. Nice turned head. Amatol Ruminrazin (Imp Aust) x Alunday Flirtatious (Imp Aust) NWY Ch. well balanced with enough bone. Quest Nigrette (Imp Nwy) Big substantial thumping girl. Ch. Boromir Practical Magic Ch. Emred Jack Daniels of Astasia x Ch.but anyone would be glad to breed from both. Boromir The Simi Of Vortex Not showing that well today. Boromir Stormchaser of Sleek x Ch. Intermediate Bitch 1. Bigger bitch than 1. Ch. When she stands up is quite striking. but front not her fortune. Amatol Rumnrazin (Imp Aust). Another class bitch. Not the bone of 1 or 2 and also quiet leggy. and hindquarters not as good as 1 or 2. good lay of shoulder and moves well with good turn of stifle. Boromir Chianti ROM. BEST DOG and B. 2. Ch. but as with her brothers . Harlequin Liquorice Ch. Topline also a little soft.

bullterriermonthly. Page 12 : BTM 109 .com Fancy dress at the NIBTC.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www.

but which one? Well wonder no more. By using the word ‘Elite’ in the write-up of the mystery dog. the reason being that she does indeed belong to an elite group of Bull Terriers – those 23 Champions who were sired by Ch. Well I’m not that clever to dream something like that up. A Blast From The Past Who Was It? It seems I threw people off the scent a little bit with the last mystery dog (Pictured right). and the funny thing is I didn’t even mean to and didn’t realise I’d done it with what I wrote. Not much to go on but it’s all you’re getting! Answers will be revealed in a future issue. The lady in the photograph was one of the most famous people in the breed and one of the dogs in this litter that she bred went on to become one of the most famous dogs.com Who Is It? Now this is a tricky one. who is the lady and who is the dog in the litter? A small clue as far as the dog goes.. Clearly we can narrow it down to one of the Bitch Champions.. Harper’s Hotgrove of Phidgity. BTM 109 : Page 13 . one or two picked up on that and assumed the dog in question was Brobar Elite.so the task this time is to name them both.bullterriermonthly. not only is it from a very long time ago but you don’t see the mystery dog as an adult. so no I’m afraid it wasn’t Brobar Elite. the name of the young lady in the photograph is a certain Ch. and neither do I for that matter. Many thanks to Lowisa Grieves for supplying the photograph. .Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. nor do you know which one in the litter it is . Souperlative Jackadandy of Ormandy. he was said to be well ahead of his time – better than anything that had gone before him. If I remember rightly I used the words ‘elite group’.

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He had done scientific research on this but his findings were considered flawed as he had sedated the Bull Terriers to perform the EEG tests and it was felt the sedation could have interfered with the dogs normal brain function. Bull Terriers are a very saleable commodity so it is quite understandable to expect to have to sort out a few problem behaviours before they can be re-homed. a toy or a walk. flavourings and colourants. It was a heartbreaking experience as by then she was back to her normal affectionate self. Without the drug he paced incessantly. However I was on my own one Sunday when she flipped. These are only a few of the dogs as there are really too many to name individually. If you take note of the timing of the aggressive episodes you will usually find these occur approximately twelve to fourteen hours after the dog has been fed with a meal that contains additives. Danny Boy’s behaviour went back to normal and he only got head flicks when he was put on the tinned food again to see if it was indeed the tinned food which caused the bizarre behaviour. Then we had a slight breakthrough with a dog I had known since he was born. The usual response is where they can drop to the floor and shake like a leaf. It was! Out of curiosity more than anything else I decided to check the diet of all the Bull Terriers who had come to me at the owners request to investigate the abnormal behaviour. Terry Heath 2011. Chapter 11 was devoted to Bull Terriers and in it he was describing all the weird behaviours I had been seeing over the years. the condition is wide spread and appears to be getting worse or it may be that since reading Professor Dodman’s paper. Over the years we were getting in dogs that displayed bizarre behaviour and no amount of retraining was being truly successful. We bought in Sam. I was attending a Behaviour Seminar when I came across a book called The Dog Who Loved Too Much by a vet called Nick Dodman. Now I knew why I had not been successful with retraining alone. some because they had put on weight and looked better on our bully diet. After approximately three to four days in the kennels the behaviour was becoming more normal and they would usually be sent home at the end of two weeks. where the wrong diet can bring about stereotypical behaviour. However there are problems which are sort-able and then there are problems which are not. Holly’s behaviour progressed to head butting the ground while running in large I circles. There is usually difficulty in getting weight on them so they will be thinner than you would expect a bull terrier to be. He tail chased incessantly to the extent his quarters were cut and bruised from hitting off the walls but worse was to come. Judging by the people who have contacted me from all over Britain for advice on aberrant Bull Terrier behaviour. colourants and flavourings (E numbers) fed to the susceptible dog for four days or more will trigger any one or more of the stereotypical behaviours. Cindy and Holly came in with fly catching behaviour and both had neurological tests at Glasgow Vet School. Rage Behaviour Most of the time you have a normal friendly Bull Terrier who has periods of aggressive behaviour. shadow chasing. processed bones pigs ears etc. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder This is where the dog concentrates on the object of its obsession to the exclusion of all else even such things as eating and sleeping. nothing unusual was found and no diagnosis for the weird behaviour could be reached.bullterriermonthly. flavourings or colourants and in this we included treats. The dog then needs retraining to get rid of the unwanted behaviours and it is a good idea to discuss this with a behaviourist who knows the normal Bull Terrier behaviour and can advise on remedial techniques to use. Chaka came in to the kennels and it was obvious from the word go that this dog had a real problem. flavourings and colourants (E numbers) in food. always aiming for the groin but in our ignorance we always made excuses for her. has reddened conjunctiva of the eyes and whose bark is very high pitched. flank sucking etc. While the dog is under the influence of the additives and preservative in the diet the aberrant behaviour becomes a learned behaviour which will continue after the diet has been corrected. Over a period of time she bit all of us. Fly catching. He also flipped and we were lucky he was in the exercise area on his own when he did as it could have been dangerous had anyone been near him at the time. will send the hyperactive dog into hysteria where it will be extremely difficult to control. We had a similar experience with Appollo.g. a lovely red and white dog but at the age of ten months he actually had a recognisable falling down epileptic fit. He was also euthanized. One or more of the behaviours can be evident in the dog at the same time. have had Bull Terriers since 1984 but it was 1989 when I took on the Bull Terrier Welfare for Scotland before I had my first experience of the bizarre behaviour they could exhibit. Taken off the tinned food.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. She had come to us because she had bitten a child on the testicles but we were told this was out of character for her so we decided to give her a chance. a beautiful 10-month-old white dog that looked and behaved to good to be a welfare candidate. Tail Chasing This is a well-known behaviour in the Bull Terrier but can be tolerated unless it is allowed to get to the stage where the dog cannot be distracted. Using Professor Dodman’s paper I now realise I have seen five different behaviours exhibited by the Bull Terrier. Towards the evening she calmed down but I had already made arrangements with my vet when he came to collect his dogs that she was to be put down the following morning. the disturbing feature being that most of the time they are the normal affectionate bully we all know and love. I can only state the aberrant behaviour is stereotypical as to the best of my knowledge there has been no scientific study done on these behaviours in the Bull Terrier breed in Britain. The spinning gets so out of control that the dog actually injures itself bouncing off the surroundings or the dog bites the tail causing wounds but seems oblivious to the pain this must cause. Diet has to be considered in a dog that licks its front paws. Anything. After a lot of searching questions it finally emerged that the dog was being given tinned food ‘for a change’. However he then ate his front leg exposing the bones and at that point he was put to sleep. She also appeared to be hearing things as well as seeing things that were not obvious to the onlookers and at this stage she could not be distracted. BTM 109 : Page 15 . that this may be a sub-clinical condition. In such a situation the most likely response is nervous aggression if they feel trapped. However it was not until he was put on Phenobarbitone that we realised we had not seen the dog sit or lie down for months. pigs ears and dental chews or any treats which have the words EEC permitted in the ingredients list. Tara was a lovely brindle and white bitch and very affectionate. Feed reactions are not confined to the Bull Terrier breed but seem widespread in all breeds. rawhide chews. I am more aware of the condition. I also believe that the dogs that are feed sensitive. Fear Behaviour This must not be confused with the excited spin of a dog anticipating something good eg.com Stereotypical Behaviour In The Bull Terrier. In the kennel situation where we have all different breeds we have been able to do feed trials to find a complete diet with no EEC Permitted additives. Diet means anything edible the dog is given and includes dog biscuits. STEREOTYPICAL BEHAVIOUR The following behaviours can be seen in Bull Terriers who are susceptible to the toxic effects of additives. At home all the dogs without exception were being fed tinned food or a complete diet at the onset of the bizarre behaviour. the common denominator is the label EEC permitted in the list of ingredients. They all improved in the kennels although I was not doing a lot of retraining but they were being fed the same diet as my own dogs. e. Additives. A treat. A lot of the times I had been dealing with a medical condition and did not know it. Fresh tripe and biscuit meal. This is the only Bull Terrier I have seen with this type of fit. tail chasing and obsessive compulsive disorder. He was having head flicks and the timing of the onset every day was telling me it had something to do with diet but this I could not rationalise as the dog was on the same diet as my own dogs and the owner actually bought the feed from us. Some reverted to the bizarre behaviour. He ate his tail through to the bone and in desperation we had his tail amputated. Hyperactivity This is a restless dog who rarely settles down and wants to be on the go all the time. After contacting him he very kindly sent me the paper from the Journal Of The American Veterinary Association titled Behavioural Changes Associated With Suspected Partial Seizures In Bull Terriers.g. This is the main aberrant behaviour but a range of odd behaviours can be seen e. Even a few biscuits that contain additives and colourants in an otherwise perfect diet can cause the problem. which would cause excitement in the normal dog. getting very distressed if the object of the obsession is removed. were kept on this diet and the behaviour remained normal. Holly was post-mortem at the vet school but again there were no answers. Her behaviour was so aggressive that I could not get into her kennel nor could I get her out. These Bull Terriers are confident most of the time in their home environment but have periods of abject terror when taken from their comfort zone or a stranger to them enters the comfort zone. Their bark is abnormally high pitched.

The dogs always look so well on the green carpet! National Terrier numbers are out judge is Ger Cox from Southern Ireland. 10 months baby. Presland & Vincent’s White Eyed And Legless in Kofyn. liked her reach of neck and topline. Moved better than 2 but would have liked a bit more population from behind. A Breed Specific Judging Assessment Seminiar On 14th May 2011 Kegworth Village Hall Places are limited.L. firm topline with neck to match. Strong headed b/br/w. balance in head and body. good brisket. Did not let handler down on the move.com BTC of Wales Championship Show. Ensell’s Erenden Waltzing Matilda at Minimayhem. nice eye and ear placement adding to expression and used those ears well. coffee & lunch Enquiries to Sylvia J. as if to say hey they are my crisps and I didn’t want share them. Liked this strong headed white as soon as she came in the ring. Dance’s Decadance Dragonfly. plenty between legs. Richardson’s Little White Lie at Quayardson. We stayed in the Travelodge just 4 miles away from the NEC.00am routine. short coupled and strength in hindquarters. unfortunately no numbers are out for the Show. Lovely glint in the eye of this nice bodied white. Neame’s Badlesmere Bering Express. lovely profile. strong front. but I had already seen the oncoming attraction so a quick hoist into my arms and all was back to normal. Keeps them from being under my feet all the time. strong legs well boned. also allows me to type without Tia’s head being smack bang in the middle of the keyboard! Crufts has now been and gone and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice b/br/w. good shoulders. Dog Reserve CC Handled himself well. Rocki did manage a mouthful of crisps as he departed the buggy. substance to match size. nice topline. Lovely upstanding 10½ months b/br/w. On the positive side what a lovely show of youngsters. liked her overall balance. as there are quite a few folk now that have both breeds.9278415 E-Mail: sylvmn@btinternet.com Mini Matters H ello sunshine! What glorious weather we are having. lovely happy dog. Vickers Hope you all have a Happy and Peaceful Easter. straight front. My daughter Melissa was able to come with me this year. Nice head. Winninge Best Puppy: Duvessa Devil Wears Prada Owner: Mrs D. he is doing both Bull Terriers and Mini’s. just right on substance. Dodwell’s Decadance Defender. kept her head up and didn’t disappoint on the move to take RCC. covering the ground with ease. Junior Bitch (0 Entries) Post Graduate Bitch (0 Entries) Limit Bitch (4 Entries) 1. I enjoy seeing the overseas dogs.K. nice arch and length to neck. Liked his eye and ear placement. depth in brisket. substance to match shape. With this present climate of increased fuel which seems to be going up every day now and the economy. think that’s the same as last year and the entry for Bull Terriers is 56. then this will soon end up with Clubs losing their 3rd Show and more importantly CC’s in the breeds. good rib with substance to match. 3.00 Includes Tea. not too much chocolate now! TTFN Vanessa. Tel: 01253 310300. Presland & Vincent’s Ir Ch. well filled head. lovely proportions. strong hindquarters. width and turn in head. Dog CC & Best Puppy Full of himself and proud of his sex. good bite. that in itself was a miracle. good body shape and substance to match. strong rear quarters. 3. well boned legs. This will be his first CC appointment in Mini’s. strong head shape. well filled under the eye. Limit Dog (2 Entries) 1. 2. I’m pretty sure you do not want this to happen do you? Main results from Crufts as follows: Best Of Breed & BCC: Badlesmere Bookend At Quayardson Owner: Mrs S. 2. broad chest. Not the confidence of 1 on the move. Puppy Dog (1 Entry) 1. spring of rib and nicely tucked into loin. good arch to neck. 3. lovely profile in his powerful head. Post Graduate Dog (1 Entry) 1. well boned legs. strength in neck to match. smart eye-catching youngster. lovely round bone. Baumhoefner Reserve Bitch CC: Bulliebompa’s Gill Sans Owner: Mrs H.Bull Terrier Monthly : Issue 109 : April 2011 www. Close decision in the challenge. It does look like the number of overseas dogs competing at Crufts is going up every year now. I must say they are always so well behaved in the ring. 2010 Miniature Bull Terriers Judge: Maureen Ward I understand that some dogs are more comfortable showing better inside or out but feel some exhibits let down on movement with head down on the grass dropping toplines and losing power in their movement. straight front. does make you feel better and the dogs are just lapping it up. well considered in the challenge. well filled white.S. Richardson’s Badlesmere Bookend at Quayardson. Excellent entry for the Mini’s of 44. and BP. Richardson Dog CC: Badlesmere Beast Released Owner: Mrs J. strength in head with depth. well muscled in quarters. and we are NOT moving our dates to accommodate other clubs! Entries will suffer.E. body well rounded. It is a shame that the MBTC AGM/Open Show clashes with the The Miniature Bull Terrier Club W. It was so much easier than the dreaded up at 3. well filled and depth in underjaw. Austin’s Elizabeth I Trooping The Colour. I really think its time that the Clubs get their acts together instead of being in the mind of it’s our show. 2. so we made a weekend of it. mouth holding. enough between legs and straight front. and Miss J. strong bone throughout. width to front with bone to match. strength in quarters. Junior Dog (3 Entries) 1.25th. National Terrier show will have been in full swing whilst reading this. Barrett’s Decadance Discovery Margins. Shaw Reserve Dog CC: Epirus Vom Emkental Owner: Mr F.co. The MBTC AGM/Open Show also will have been and gone as well. well boned. Harrison’s Jenkir Thor. usually weekend means rather big crowds. good shape and size to eye enhancing expression. lovely arch and length to neck into shoulders. Kofyn Karbon Footprint. and Rocki being Rocki wasn’t phased by this at all he had already spied a black dog heading in his direction. The look on the child’s face was priceless. Good ears. liked his eye placement. strong neck. Open Bitch (4 Entries) 1. no looseness with good front. Prefer a little more bone and smaller eye but a pretty picture all round. Preddy’s Badlesmere Boipelo. well boned. Longer in head and not the balance of 1. good profile. lovely headed bitch. Puppy Bitch (2 Entries) 1. liked his depth of brisket into strong quarters. loves the ring and showed to perfection to take CC but faulted on the move in the final challenge. well filled with strength and depth. straight front. Really don’t they have any idea of where they are going? Rocki ended up in a basket under a kiddie’s buggy. strength but still no doubt about her sex.bullterriermonthly. Price £20. Not quite the strength and profile in head of 1 but very pretty. Cartwright’s Badlesmere Buzzin Boycie. Getting in with both Sally and Tia was a bit of a race. I could hardly take them from the back of Rocki’s mouth and give them back now could I? The atmosphere was great and was super to catch up with friends from home and away. good bone structure. Monaghan Telephone: 0115 . Tia did win because she can spring into the front of Sally! It wasn’t as busy as I thought it would have been. Just longer and bigger than his litter brother but beautifully handled and presented. nice front. 2. used his ears to advantage adding to expression. lovely eye.uk Page 16 : BTM 109 . Nicely shaped young white. so the journey was only 5 minutes Saturday morning and straight into the West Car Park without getting lost. did not disappoint on the move with topline remaining level. quarters to match size. E-mail: warbonnet1@hotmail. It was also nice to see some good sized classes. 2. Llewellyn’s Merkava Kleopatra by Bullypins. good front. loved his profile. liked his quarters which showed well on the move from rear action. 13 up on last year. Longer in back than 1. straight front. Bitch Reserve CC Lovely feminine head without losing strength on this pretty 10½ months white b/br. Open Dog (1 Entry) 1. nice arch to neck. Has many qualities. Pleasing head shape but not the strength of 1. Not settled on the move. Vickers’ Edgar Wilde from Duvessa. sufficient neck. depth in brisket. never letting her handler down and well on her toes. eye-catching 10½ months b/br/w. Dance’s Decadence Deliverance. covered the ground with ease and confidence giving her the edge. balance to body. Bitch CC & Best Of Breed Well presented throughout. Championship Show April 23rd . well up in loin. But Joe Public did manage to get in the way when I was trying to get to the ring.

Special Edition Of Serious Desire Ger Ch. Majico Midnight Sun Majico Air Of Performance Ch.co. Javarke Jack Flash Kellor Ice Commander Javarke Deadly Nightshade At Busell Amunre Moon Mistress Kellor Ice Lady Ch. Busell’s Black Magic At Ounsdale Ch. Kilacabar Firestarter Credetta Black Onyx Borsalino Chwear Nikita Of Teirwgwyn Borsalino Devils Daughter Ch.uk .btweb. Majico Midnight Sun Majico Air Of Performance Solo Gent White As Ice At Kellor Ch. Emred Devils Chance Borsalino Tyegra Ch. Javarke Jack Flash Anubis Eternal Effect Ounsdale Bull Terriers Keith & Angela Goodwin Telephone: (0121) 530 3734 • E-mail: ounsdale@blueyonder. Frank was awarded Best Puppy. Einstein The Joker Am Ch. Rockytops Ulster Annie Multi Ch. Teirwgwyn Son Of A Gun At Meilow Ch.ounsdale. Best Dog & Best In Show.uk www. Silver Bullet The Joker At Javarke Am Ch. Nell The Joker Jamie’s Bright Star At Ishaba Kilacabar Kast A Spell Ch. Rodeo Queen The Joker Bullywood Blazing Star World Ch.Ounsdale ‘Frank’ Frank making his show debut at just 11 months of age at the Bull Terrier Club Open Show judged by Eddie Ball.co. Rockytops Sundance Kid Int Ch.

00 am ** Entries Close ** April 20th .2011 Entries & Fees to Hon. Near Swadlincote. May 14th . DE11 7LR Telephone: 01283 212835 . DE55 6BB Saturday. Ottewell 14 Winchester Drive.2011 Judge: Miss Sarah Foster (Bilboen) Show will include 4 Classes for Miniature Bull Terriers Judge: Mr Peter Ensell (Minimayhem) SHOW OPENS: 9.00 am • JUDGING: 10. Shirland.The Coloured Bull Terrier Club Open & Trophy Show (Open to Coloured Dogs and Bitches only) Shirland Village Hall Main Road. Midway. Derbyshire. Derbyshire. Secretary Mrs J. Alfreton.

Nottingham. April 4th .00 am • JUDGING: 10.Notts & Derby District Bull Terrier Club Sandiacre Friesland Sports Centre Nursery Avenue. Newthorpe.00 • CHILDREN FREE • CATALOGUES £1.30 am Judges: Dogs: Mr Thomas Ameline Bitches: Mr Tony Ley Referee: Mrs Janet Favill ** Entries Close ** Monday. April 24th . Sandiacre. Draper Albaeda.2011 (Postmark) Entries & Fees to Show Manager Mrs N. 17 Newthorpe Common. NG16 2BX Telephone: 01773 719426 ADMISSION £2. NG10 5AE Members Limit & Trophy Show Sunday.2011 SHOW OPENS: 10.00 .

co.bullterrier-lad. U.com Mrs Jane Peakin: Tel.COM Soundness • ** Wanted ** Margaret O. http://thebullterrierforum. there are all sorts of people to help out.uk Ms Vanessa Hearne: Tel. I also want to buy any other OLD Bull Terrier materials such as: Pictures.uk Magazines Wanted East Anglian BTC Newsletter Numbers 3. Marion Cserfalvi-Young Telephone: 0118 945 5009 E-mail: ducassos@btinternet.com The Hearing Assesment Clinic Seadown Veterinary Group Frost Lane Hythe Southampton Hampshire S045 3NG Tel: 02380 842237 E-Mail: vets@seadown.07970 594181 E-mail .html The Website For Healthy Bull Terriers Bull Terrier Health UK Tandorc Bull Terriers • • • Quality • WWW.debullybullterriers.com/home. DH6 1QL Telephone: (0191) 3722143 E-mail: andycroft@fsmail. too.. Contact: Eileen Foy Telephone: (0121) 5331553 University Of Glasgow 464 Bearsden Road Bearsden Glasgow G61 1QH Tel: 0141 330 5700 E-Mail: enquiries@vet. www.01697 371879 (Please Leave Message) Seayess Bull Terriers & Miniature Bull Terriers Puppies or young adults occasionally available to permanent loving homes only. U.com Bull Terrier Portraits 125-129 Chertsey Road Woking Surrey GU21 5BP Tel: 01483 729194 Wey Referrals Bull Terrier Ingles South American Group dedicated to Bull Terriers. L A D ethal cro ermatitis Grandma Loves The Dog The Dog’s Grandma understands that when a human baby is born.grandmalovesthedog.uk The Dog’s Grandma is the Dog’s Champion. Please visit our site for further information .valentino@yahoo.co.uk Keith & Angela Goodwin Please send SAE for details to: Jane McInnes 59 Richmond Park Road Bournemouth BH8 8TU Tel: (01202) 394609 Animal Medical Centre 511 Willbraham Road Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester M21 OUB Tel: 0161 881 3329 Bull Terriers Wilbary Bull Terriers Enquiries to: Barry Wilson Home Telephone: 01248 722252 Office Telephone: 01248 853377 Mobile: 07871 286745 Steve Paterson Telephone: (01482) 848646 Mobile: 07817443301 Email: golithabt@hotmail. The Dog’s Grandma thinks parents of dogs deserve a support network. Sire: Tulsadoom Isakabuli Dam: Quen�nhill Sunny Hill to Vetsbullies All enquiries to: Tavi & Larissa Galla Telephone: 07768244503 For more details go on: www.com www.homestead.(01501) 773766 Or Mobile .uk Lanwades Park Kentford Newmarket Suffolk CB8 7UU Tel: 01638 552700 E-Mail: referrals@aht.org/foro/ THE BULL TERRIER FORUM A new UK based forum for discussing all aspects of Bull Terrier ownership.golitha.uk Web: www.uk Bull Terriers Ounsdale Bull Terriers Telephone: (0121) 530 3734 E-mail: Ounsdale@blueyonder..carol@seayess. Jag Singh E-Mail: jagsingh.gla.00 pm please) The First Bull Terrier Book The Fourth Bull Terrier Book Hearing Testing Centres The Scarsdale Veterinary Hospital 45/47 Kedleston Road Derby DE22 1 FN Tel: 01332 345191 E-Mail: post@scarsdalevets.com 20 The Croft..com/seayessbullys Dajast Bull Terriers Telephone: 01388 833991 Mobile: 07706 444494 Chestergates Referral Hospital Telford Court Chestergates Road Chester CH1 6LT Tel: 01244 853823 E-Mail: info@chestergates.bullterrierdefense.. Main Site: http://bullterrieringles. Sherburn Hill Durham. Margaret O. 27 Burnley Lane Chadderton Way Oldham OL9 0BT Tel: 0161 633 5050 The Vets Thinking of buying a Miniature Bull Terrier? For information and general advice of what you should be asking the breeders about their puppies.uk Web: www.co.org/ Forum: http://bullterrieringles. The Bull Terrier Club 1961.co. Raising awareness of Lethal Acrodermatitis in Bull Terriers. 4 & 7 Coloured BTC Bulletin . Contact: Adrian Orian Email: adrian. 01233 712042 .ro From photographs to beautiful lasting portraits. Please drop by for a visit.uk Small Animal Hospital Bull Terrier Defense Fund Every donation helps! www. For an A-Z of all things dog. Paintings. Sketches.co. Debully Colin Dobbin & Greta van Eck Mobile: 07712 865987 E-mail: debully@btinternet. Limited Editions Books. 01253 310300 E-mail: warbonnet1@hotmail.go.CUSTOMBULLY.geocities. she’s there for you.ounsdale. If you love the dogs. For details please call the following: Telephone . Sweeten..proboards. Contact John: Telephone .com Phone in UK: 020.org.net Andy & Sheila Croft All enquiries to: Hand made gifts and cards using your own photographs. Prints.. Newspapers. and helpful ethical products.3286.2005 Happy to pay the going rate..nairo@hotmail..uk Web: www.ac.weebly. Visit www. The Bull Terrier Club 1975.canisgladius.Advertise your health tested stud dog for FREE! What about a litter from health tested parents? Or are you just looking to learn more about health testing and hereditary diseases affecting Bull Terriers? For further details please go to: http://bullterriershealthuk..5580 .com A Photo Competition will be held on a monthly basis with a prize for the winning photograph and rosettes for the top three placings.(Before 4.co. Both parents are health tested.uk www.com BAER Small Animal Centre Animal Health Trust Canis Gladius Kennel Correct Temperament • Puppies occasionally available to approved loving homes only. a monthly newsletter.co.K.org..K.com VETSBULLIES KENNEL White and coloured male puppies available for permanent loving homes ONLY.uk Steve Moss Full Circle ‘A History Of The Coloured Bull Terrier’ Brand new copies available .btweb. please contact one of the following . Sweeten.co.the-vets-bullies. drawings or designs: Paperweights • Coasters • Place Mats • Mouse Mats • Umbrellas • T and Sweatshirts . and much more.co.

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