Field Immersion Phase

Rationale of the NSTP Field Immersion Program

Provides opportunity for students to participatively come up with program of activities contributory to the general welfare and betterment of life in the community.

Be able to portray the role of para-teachers of literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out-of-school youths and other members of the community.

Provide students the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills in planning. organizing and managing rural development projects/activities within the context of the different areas of concern of CWTS and LTS components.OBJECTIVES 1. .

Equip students with adequate knowledge. develop proper attitude and skills to effectively perform their roles as CWTS and LTS student facilitators.OBJECTIVES 2. .


Preparation of the Pre-Immersion Orientation Workshop. Courtesy Calls. Consultation Meetings at the barangay level. 4. 6. 3. Consultation meeting with the College/School¶s Extension Director/Coordinator to identify potential areas for field immersion. Formation of faculty members that will supervise the students. Production of needed form to be filled up by students.1. 2. . 5.

recreation. facilitate communication and to enhance the provision of technical backstopping by faculty in-charge. entrepreneurship. Selection of the Immersion Site/Area 1. functional and basic literacy.Activity 1. Presence of college/school¶s extension program/project whose thrusts are environment/ecology. . Proximity of the academic institution to allow host supervision. disaster preparedness. health and nutrition. 2. moral welfare.

High degree of cooperation and interest of the community particularly its leaders for smooth participatory implementation of development activities. 7. 5. High incidence of poverty and community disorganization for students to identify causes of the problems. Peace and order situation for students¶ safety. Community is at the pre-critical stage of development. .4. 6.

The site must be a depressed area with major of the population belonging to the sector your program wishes to organize. .Criteria in Area Selection 1.

Criteria in Area Selection 2. . An area with about 150250 households would be ideal for you if you are working with a partner.

The area must not have a serious peace and order problem. .Criteria in Area Selection 3.

as well as that of the other project staff.Criteria in Area Selection 4. It is also best to consider your level of commitment. . which could affect your personal adjustments to situation in the field.

Activity 2. Courtesy Call and Consultation Meeting with the Community Local Official and other Recognized Leaders .

Do¶s and Don¶ts in Community Work .

Share in their household work. .DO S Participate in their economic activities. Join them in their social activities.

.DON TS Avoid excessive drinking as well as courting or flirting with women and men in the community. Do not gamble.

Activity 3. Designing the Pre-Immersion Orientation Workshop for Student Facilitators .

4. Rationale and Objectives of the Field Immersion 2. Value Clarification. Planning-Workshop to identify and schedule immersion general activities Grading System . Group dynamics activities and inputs on Team Building.1. Expected outputs of the Field Immersion Presentation of Host-Practicum Community Profile 3. Integration into the Community Mobilization of the people.

Activity 4. Preparation and Reproduction of Necessary Form for Students .

Form 1A Form 1B Form 1C Form 2 Form 3 Form 4 - Student·s Pledge Parent·s/Guardian·s Consent Students· Locator Team General Framework & Operational Plan Outline Team Weekly Plan Team Accomplishment Report .

Individual Diary Self and Peer Evaluation Form 7 Rating Sheet for the Team General Framework and Operational Plan Form 8 Evaluation Criteria and Point Distribution of NSTP-LTS/CWTS Field Immersion Course Requirements Form 5 Form 6 - .

I have hereinto signed this consent this __ of _______. of legal age. / Ms. __________________________. I understand that he/she will be guided by the College Rules on Student Conduct as if he/she is in campus and also by pertinent rules and regulations of the community. _________________________________________ (Signature over Printed name of Parent/Guardian) . residing at _____________________ and parent/guardian/ward of Mr. 2011 at ____________________________. do hereby authorize him/her to undertake field immersion at ___________________on ________________________________. _____________________.FORM 1B CONSENT OF PARENT/GUARDIAN I. I hereby further agree to shoulder all personal and incidental expenses that may be incurred by my son/daughter in connection with this off-campus field work required for the successful completion of his/her study program. student of Bicol University College of Education. In witness hereof.

No .FORM 1C Bicol University College of Education NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM Daraga. Albay Student Name Signature Date Present Address Tel./Cel.

Activity Objective(s) Strategies Persons/ Resources Expected Group Needed Output Involved .FORM 3 TEAM WEEKLY PLAN Week Date No.

5 1.0 .0 3.FORM 6 SELF/PEER RATING Activities Preparation and presentation of Team Framework Plan and Team Weekly Plan Planning. leaders and groups Attendance/Participation team s activities Relationship with peers Preparation Accomplishment Report TOTAL 10.5 in 1.0 2.0 of 0.0 Perfect Self Score Rating Names of Peer and Rating Council. with Barangay 1. implementation and evaluating activities Leadership ability Linkages/relationship partner clients.0 1.

Activity 5. MiniTraining/PlanningWorkshop for Field Immersion Program .

1. Team Framework and Operational Plan The Team Framework Plan is the general plan for immersion. It includes the following: .

Brief Description of the NSTP Field Immersion Course 2. Courses of Action and Implementation Scheme 5.1. Approaches for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Projects and/or Activities . Probable Areas of Involvement of the Students 4. General Situation of the Area Practicum Goal 3.

It includes the following: 1. Target 3. Resource Requirement 6. Expected Output 4. Linkages .The Team Operational Plan is detailed implementation plan arranged on a weekly basis. Specific Activities 5. Target Date of Implementation 7. Projects to be implemented 2.

2. It includes the following: . Team Weekly Plan and Team Accomplishment Report The Team Weekly Plan is a detailed plan of daily activities to be undertaken by the immersion team.

Target 4. Area of Concern 2. Agency/Institutions Involved 10. Individuals Assigned 9. Date of Implementation 6. Expected Output for the Week . Resource Requirement 11. Persons to be Involved 8. Activities 5.1. Strategies to be Used 7. Objectives 3.

Agency Staff. Strategies d. Community Leaders) f. Problems Encountered e. Activities c. Date b. Resources Needed (Within and Outside the Community) g. Persons Involved (Team Member. It includes the following: a.The Team Accomplishment Report refers to the daily accomplishments of the team. Recommendations or Suggestions .

group. . Individual Diary of the Students The diary is a record of daily reflections. It is also a confidential report of the problems (personal. community) met by the students in the implementation of the planned activities. impressions and observations.3.

Team Building A two-day Team Building Workshop is conducted to provide the students with the basic knowledge and understanding of the importance of unity and harmony in collective work and develop and strengthen teamwork. Discussions will center on the following: .4.

Community Organizing The review session provides the students with a deeper understanding of the strategies and approaches of the community organizing. . This will equip the students with additional know-how in organizing and mobilizing the community in the implementation of the field immersion.a.

COMMUNITY ORGANIZING is a problem-solving approach whereby the community is empowered with the knowledge and skills to identify and prioritize its needs. harness its resources to deal with these problems and take actions participatively. and problems. .

.Your role as an organizer is to facilitate that process and bring the people closer to their goal of self determination.

. steps and guidelines in program planning and development. Discussion will center on the steps in program planning and in the preparation of the program of work.Program Planning and Development This topic will be discussed as a sort of review on the planning concepts.

.PROJECT PLANNING PROJECT PLANNING involves a series of steps that determine how to achieve a particular community or organizational goals. This goal can be identified in a community plan or strategic plan.

2. 4. Identifying issues that needs to be addressed. Thinking ahead to prepare for the future. Assigning resources and responsibilities. Clarifying goals and developing visions. . Choosing between options. Motivating the staff and the community. 7. 5. Making the best use of the resources. 3. 9. 8. Considering whether a project is possible. 6.Importance of Project Planning 1. Achieving the best results.


Students Locator . Filling up of Required Forms 1.A. Student s Pledge 2. Parent s/Guardian s Consent 3.

B. Team Framework and Operational Plan 2. Team Weekly Plan of Activities . Attendance in the PlanningWorkshop for NSTP-LTS/CWTS Field Immersion C. Plan of Works 1.

Weekly Team Accomplishment Report 2. Individual Journal/Diary E. Accomplishment Reports 1.D. Peer and Self-Rating 3. Attendance Sheets 2. Field Performance 1. Daily Time Record 4. Photo Documentation .