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Mathletics The web site will play a very important part in our mathematics programme.

It will be used for groups of children so that they can practise the mathematics skills that they have been working on in class while they wait for their teacher to finish with another group. It can also play an important part in their learning at home as the work will directly link to what they are doing in the classroom. Children have the ability to practise basic facts and other skills once the class activities have been completed. I have included some additional information on the back. The charge for using their site is $20 per pupil. Because the whole school has signed up; we get this at a considerably cheaper rate per pupil. This has been added to your account. Your child will come home with their username and password by Friday. Road Patrol Many thanks to the parents who have volunteered to fill some of the gaps that we have for our road patrols. At the present time we have no one on patrol at the following sites so please remind your child to cross the road carefully in these areas. Tyne Street Monday, Wednesday and Thursday before school. Roslyn Village -Friday after school Wright Street - Tuesday after school from term 2 onwards If you can help with any of these times then please contact Suse at Emails If you have not received this newsletter via email then we have not received your correct email address. Please email me at to get onto our email list. If you need to receive a hard copy then you need to fill out the form from the last newsletter or let the office know. Reminder Meet the Teacher Evening Tuesday 14 February Please join us on the front lawn from 5:20 for a takeaway tea followed by a chance to listen to your child's class teacher programmes and how you can help at home. Teachers from the Juniors and Seniors will be available in their rooms from 5:45 and the Middles from 6:15. If it is raining we will cancel the takeaway tea and start at 5:45 in the Junior and Senior classes; followed by the Middles at 6:15. We will be able to provide supervision in the hall during those times but it may be easy if you could make alternative arrangements for your child if wet. Kind regards Simon Clarke Principal

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