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Project Proposal

Project Proposal

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Published by: surabhiforever on Feb 09, 2012
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Name:Lovina Rodrigues MobileNo.


Roll No:08

E-mail Id: rods.lovina@gmail.com

Winter Project Project Proposal Report
(To be submitted on or before 23rd December,2011)


Project Title: ³Effectiveness of Training programmes in Pantaloons´.

II. Description of Project in brief: Training contributes to employee stability in at
least two ways. Employees become efficient after undergoing training. Efficient employees contribute to the growth of the organisation. Growth renders stability to the work force. therefore this study is conducted to know to what extent do the employees find the training programmes effective.

III. Objectives of the Project:
1.To study the effectiveness of training programm at Pantaloons. 2. To study the existing procedure of Training in the organisation. 3. To study whether the employees are aware of Training programmes and whether they have undergone Training programmes conducted by the organisation. 4. Analyzing whether the training programmes have helped the attainment of goals and objectives of the organisation and its employees. To find out the satisfaction level of the employees regarding training programmes.

IV. Methodology:
Descriptive research Primary data:Questionnaire technique Secondary data:websites and books and magazines

com Faculty Guide Name:Prof.The study is being restricted to the employees of Pantaloons.Mumbai 2.garmentindustry. 3. a detailed report cannot be given here. Limitations:1.Kevin Ford www. Sonali Murzello Date : 17-01-2011 Signature of the student Lovina Rodrigues .com for industry details www.The data collected from respondents cannot be guaranteed free from bias. Due to limited time period.V.pantaloon. References: Training in Organisations .Irwin L Goldstein & J.

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