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Requesting Job Work for Architectural Walk Through / 3D Still Images

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November 01, 2011

The IDDRIYAN-team of experts is characterized by a uniquely strong combination of knowledge and experience in multiple animation works and across multiple platforms. It has the required project management capability to do complex projects successfully. Truth in communications. Bapujinagar is a house hold name in our state. w | www. which was founded 13 years earlier with a mission to pioneer the animation education in a state like Odisha. INDDRIYAN Media Works Pvt. INDDRIYAN is not merely another Organization for Animation and Digital Art. VFX. We are a dynamic and energetic group of young professionals committed to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INDDRIYAN Media Works (p) Ltd. Our success is a reflection of our people. Character Design. MANCHESWAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. Our core competency is our ability to develop and integrate customer-focused marketing communications in our client's best interest and our highest value is Truth. f | +91-674-2580971. t | +91-674-2580971. our people can offer niche skills appropriate to a wide variety of clients. Our young but senior managers have many years of experience with backgrounds in fields like Animation. it has emerged as one of the leading 3D Animation Studios in India. INDDRIYAN is founded with a mission to pioneer creatively superior photo-realistic. television and entertainment industries and also high-quality architectural walk-through and fly-by animations for presentation and marketing requirements of real estate industries. this ensures client service of the highest quality – and shows in the long-term stability of our clientele. INDIA. ODISHA. Ltd. production and post-production under single roof.1 Dear Sir/ Madam. They are also personally accountable. The studios possess 100 Animators (with all high end work stations. people even did not know what the animation is.com November 01.inddriyan. Our animators have solid understanding of software engineering principles and processes and in-depth experience in animation . A-58. computer-generated character animation for the feature film. INDDRIYAN is the only production house in Odisha having full-fledged studio facilities for pre-production. where and when.related software development. who ultimately takes the catalyst role for producing High-Quality International-Standard Animation Works here in Odisha. Hence. And now ARENA ANIMATION. 2011 . etc. Thanks to their diverse professional capabilities. is a sister concern of Cyber Media Group. highresolution. We are pleased to inform you about INDDRIYAN. And we are proud to mention that. BHUBANESWAR-10. You will find our people special – in the way they care about our clients.

 Do you want to be found and remembered by your clients? o We offer as many design solutions as possible. Thanking you. Regards.com ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INDDRIYAN Media Works (p) Ltd.2 We know your Architectural Walk Through is your dream. your passion. Once the project is with us. I would be happy to at your convenience. ODISHA. We work sincerely and passionately to keep your dream alive and active all the time. it is our endeavor to complete the project in the given time frame. we also take care that the design is creating to client's business needs. f | +91-674-2580971. If you have more questions to ask. your hope and your connection to the world. t | +91-674-2580971. BHUBANESWAR-10. INDIA.com November 01. your business. MANCHESWAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE.inddriyan. 2011 . You want your customer get to know about your projects & the high-quality services you offer? o Design of your Walk Through can accomplish this mission. While designing.  Design of any Walk Through is called to absorb the customers’ attention. A-58. w | www. Pranab Prakash Nayak Marketing & Public Relation Manager m | +91-94394 91545 e | pranabpnayak@gmail.

t | +91-674-2580971. time of year. allowing you to exhibit and sell your ideas as it will look upon completion. BHUBANESWAR-10. f | +91-674-2580971. time of day. an apartment projects. MANCHESWAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. . It can be used for a variety of business promotional programs. our team of experts will help you to get a business winning and appealing 3D Walkthrough.inddriyan. escalators. Multiple design options can be explored and resolved before building begins 3D Walkthrough used in. Our creative team will help you to pre-visualize and design and market any architectural Projects. Lifts. The walk through adds the 4th dimension to the 3D renderings and provides the ultimate marketing tool. 2011 Architectural Visualization Construction Applications Interior Decoration Real-Estate Development Engineering Simulations Advertising Films Cartoon Animations Games etc. A-58. Interior lighting can be previewed. w | www.         We have expertise in following walkthrough:     Architectural 3D Walk Through Animation Exterior 3D walkthroughs Interior 3D walkthroughs Industrial Walkthroughs ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INDDRIYAN Media Works (p) Ltd. INDIA.3 Architectural Walk Through We create high-quality architectural walk-through and fly-by animations for presentation and marketing requirements. The walkthrough is an important communication tool to demonstrate how the building will be seen by pedestrian users of a building. An architectural walkthrough utilizes computer software to provide a virtual tour of a building or structure prior to its real life construction. ODISHA. or an industrial or a commercial buildings. based upon window direction. Whether it is a big township.com November 01. Landscaping in the entire premises can be shown. View can be previewed. and moving objects can be incorporated and can be shown in operational condition. INDDRIYAN designed walkthroughs serves multidimensional usage. Some of the advantages of virtual walkthroughs are: • • • • • • • Actual materials can be shown. Natural lighting. and even global latitude can be previewed. The software does not confine the viewer to this view point and permits the possibility of seeing the building from all angles.

Please let us know where you prefer to stop and if required. CAD drawings in dwg format. 1.  Landscaping design (photo if possible) 2. w | www. Normal format of jpeg file at 300 dpi A4/A3 print size.4 PROCESS How to place an order: For placing an order we need some project details from your side please check the following links according to your projects. 3D Perspective Image 2. Site drawing  Site plan/ layout  Site levels  Site engineering drawing with paving. please advise if you want alternative. A-58.inddriyan. INDIA. railing details. November 01. give us the route by drawing on the site plan or apartment plan and count out the time for walking from start to end. 1. Animations format Please list down the format you want. MANCHESWAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE. ODISHA. 2. 2. Animation route and time ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INDDRIYAN Media Works (p) Ltd. to plan around. House/Apartment drawings     House/apartment elevations House/apartment floor plans House/apartment roof plans (bird’s eye view) Typical sections if the plan is completed Color combinations to block as required Window frame (aluminum /wooden) Front door material list with color of applicable 3. wall.com . Animation walk through 3D Image check list: 1. the screen size you want play on. BHUBANESWAR-10. 2011 1. f | +91-674-2580971. Material specifications    Animations walk through check list: How you want to go and to what you want to give importance. fence. t | +91-674-2580971.

f | +91-674-2580971. videos. The script will provide insight into the Layout. project drawing 3. Site drawing  site plan / layout  site levels  landscape designs 2. The INDDRIYAN team is well trained and experienced to bring out the most Realistic Walkthroughs that will sell the project in a short time. project roof plans (we can see it like bird’s eye view) 0. A-58. project elevations 4.com November 01. reference materials. INDIA. which include direction of camera. w/c. Drawings:. camera paths and all the other key components of the project. ODISHA. BHUBANESWAR-10. study the highlights or Unique Selling Point’s (USP’s) of the projects. Evolve the right strategy and the right action plan that assures the best output. Interior views We need digital samples of fixtures and fitting (lights. project floor plans 5. Step2: Review and analysis of the information collected. Step3: Develop the script / storyboard for the Walkthrough keeping in mind all the above objectives. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INDDRIYAN Media Works (p) Ltd. We need details with photos of all furniture to be incorporated in the animation including.5 3. t | +91-674-2580971. w | www.we need CAD (dwg format ) drawing 1. lighting. Images. Where possible materials and colors for each. Perspectives. 2011 . Areas to be highlighted and important features. target audience. Step4: Develop the Camera paths. Steps in the Architectural 3D Walkthrough Animation Development Process: Step1: Collection of basic information such as AutoCAD drawings and photographs of the project. objectives and benchmark output reference. all decorations including plants. and kitchen units) and 2D designs.inddriyan. this is important for floor finishing. MANCHESWAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE.

Step14: Review of the First Cut.com . A-58. Step8: Adding appropriate lighting to enhance the look of the place and adding shadows for more realistic touch.inddriyan. Step7: After Modeling the team will apply the textures as per the requirement to give it realistic look. INDDRIYAN Team develops the required layout with landscape. w | www. Step13: Rendering of the compiled Walkthrough for review. 2011 Step15: Rendering of the Final compiled Walkthrough (after corrections if any) for Final Delivery. Quality checks to ensure high quality is maintained at all Steps. INDIA. Step9: 3D Rendering of various shots of the 3D Walkthrough as per the storyboard. please contact: Pranab Prakash Nayak Marketing & Public Relation Manager m | +91-94394 91545 e | pranabpnayak@gmail. November 01. f | +91-674-2580971. Step10: Professional voice over according to the approved script if needed will be recorded. Step6: As per the collected information the team develops the model (Mesh) with accuracy & perfection. MANCHESWAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE.6 Step5: As per the Camera path.com ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INDDRIYAN Media Works (p) Ltd. Step12: Integration of various camera shots with the voice. BHUBANESWAR-10. t | +91-674-2580971. music and effects. ODISHA. For more details. Step11: INDDRIYAN audio engineers will select a powerful music from the stock or compose music to match to the mood and ambience of the project.