Artery Axillary

Artery of upper limbs Explanation  Continuation of subclavian art.  Origin : outer border of 1st rib Ends : lower border of teres major muscle  Continues as brachial art.  Pectoralis minor divides it into 3 parts: y 1st: proximal y 2nd : deep y 3rd : distal  Major relations : cords of brachial plexus, axillary vein



Continuation of axillary ar.  Origin : lower border of teres major muscle Ends : below elbow, at level of the neck of radius  Divides into radial and ulnar arteries at medial aspects of humerus  Supplies flexor muscles of the arm and anastomosis around elbow  Cubital fossa ( BP measurements) *lateral to medial y T (tendon of biceps) y A (artery ±brachial) y N (nerve- median)  Smaller terminal br. of brachial art.  Origin: in the cubital fossa at the level neck of radius Ends : Continues into the hand at anatomical snuff box, Re-enters the palm by piercing 1st interosseous muscle  Pulse:- Felt at lateral part of wrist, between lower end of radius and tendon of flexor carpi radialis  Larger terminal br. of brachial art.  Origin : In the cubital fossa at the level of the neck of the radius Ends : Continues into the hand forming the superficial palmar arch

Branches  1st part (1 branch) y Superior thoracic art.  2nd part( 2 branches) y Thoracoacromial art ( acromiothoracic) y Lateral thoracic art (main art to breast)  3rd part (3 branches) y Subscapular art (largest br.) y Anterior circumflex humeral art y Posterior circumflex humeral art  Profunda brachii art.  Muscular branche art.  Superior ulnar collateral art.  Inferior ulnar collateral art.  Nutrient art of humerus  Radial and ulnar (terminal branches) 


Muscular branches Radial recurrent art. Parmal carpal art. Princeps pollicis art. Radialis incidis art. Supercial palmar art.



Muscular branches Anterior ulnar recurrent art. Posterior ulnar recurrent art. Common interosseous art. Palmar and dorsal carpal art. Superficial palmar art.

Superior palmar arch  Beneath palmar aponeurosis (deep fascia)  The level of distal border of abducted and extended thumb  Anastomosis between y Ulnar artery (main trunk) y Radial artery (superficial branch)  Branches y Four digital branches

Deep palmar arch  Anastomosis between y Radial artery (main trunk) y Ulnar artery ( deep branch)  Branches y Three palmar metacarpal arteries. y Perforating branches