Veins of upper limbs Superficial     Cephalic Basilic Median cubital Median antebrachial Deep  Vena commitantes (vein accompanying

arteries)  Brachial  axillary Types of veins Basilic ormed at the medial end of the dorsal venous arch Winds round the forearm and continues up in front of the elbow Runs along with the brachial artery in the arm as brachial vein Continues as the axillary vein

Dorsal venous arch  found in dorsum of hands  tributaries: y dorsal metacarpal veins y dorsal digital veins y perforating veins    

Cephalic Begins at the lateral end of the dorsal venous arch at the roof of the anatomical snuff box Winds round the forearm-lateral border and then in front of the elbow in the lateral side In the arm runs along the lateral border of the biceps brachii Lies in the deltopectoral groove Drains into the axillary vein 


Median cubital  Large communicating vein between basilic and cephalic vein  Begins from the cephalic vein 1´ below the elbow  Runs obliquely upward and medially  Ends in the basilic vein 1´ above the medial epicondyle  Vein of choice for IV injections, collection of blood sample

Vena commitantes  The veins that run with their corresponding arteries are frequently multiple (2 or 3 interconnected veins).  This interconnected venous network is called the venae commitantes.  Brachial, ulnar and radial arteries have venae commitantes