This RAILWAY RESERVATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM should be able to manage all the reservation related functions. The system should be distributed in nature. This system is divided into five zones. NORTH ZONE SOUTH ZONE EAST ZONE WEST ZONE CENTRAL ZONE Each zone should have same functionalities. Each zone will stores the information about train name, train schedules, availability.

A software has to be developed for automating the manual railway reservation system. The system should have distributed functionalities as described below:1 . :R E S E R V E S E A T

The system should be able to print the report like it should be able to generate reservation chart, train report, reservation ticket which will have train no and name, date of journey, boarding station, destination station, person name, age, [censored], total fare and a unique PNR no. A passenger should be able to reserve a seat in the train specified by him if available. For this he has to fill a reservation form with the details about his journey. First the clerk checks for the availability of the seats in the train on the specified date and if the seats are available then he makes entries regarding train name, train number, date of journey, boarding station, and destination. If the seats are not available then clerk can reserve the ticket in waiting categories. The passenger is the asked to pay the fair. After making payment the passenger can collect the ticket from the clerk. The passenger will be given a unique Passenger

UPDATE TRAIN INFORMATION & REPORT GENERATION : . 2 . 5. RAC or waiting list. C A N C E L R E S E R V A T I O N :There may arise a case when the passenger wants to cancel his reservation. A login id and password will be generated for each system and admin with specified login id & password can get access to the system. VIEW RESERVATION STATUS & TRAIN SCHEDULE : All the users should be able to see the information about the reservation status & train schedule. 4 . train no. Passenger can also check the train schedule and current location of the train by entering the date of journey and . For this he has to fill a cancellation form providing all the details about the ticket reserved by him. This provides security from unauthorized access.Name Record (PNR) number. No cancellation should be done after the preparation of reservation chart on the date of journey. The system should be able to print the cancellation ticket which will have total fare and the amount deducted. train schedule charts etc.Only the Administrator has the right to make changes in train details (train name. The clerk then checks for the entries from the database and cancels the reservation finally returning the ticket amount with some calculated deduction.The system should also be able to generate report when needed in the form of reservation charts. The system will display his current status like confirmed. etc. 3.). train name. The clerk will delete the entries in the system. train number etc.The passenger can check their reservation status online by entering their PNR no. L O G I N : Only the administrator of the system is authorized to login the system.

The system will display the time of departure and time of arrival of the train of various stations and its current location.train number. .