US Embassy Interview o Pagina oficial a ambasadei SUA în Chi in u:

html o Pagina oficial a Departamentului de Stat SUA: About your family QUESTION : 1.Are you married? Do you have children?No,I¶m not married and I have no childrens. 2.Do you live with your parents? Why? Why not?Yes I live with my parents because it¶s more commode for me and of course I love my parents. 3. Have you got brothers or sisters? Are they participating in any exchange program? No,I haven¶t 4. Do you have friends or relatives abroad?I haven¶t friends abroad,they are all live,study and work in Moldova. 5.What do your parents think about your participation in the program? They think this is a great opportunity for me to visit USA. They will be wait for me back to share the experience. 6.What is your parents (annual) income? How much do your parents earn? Not less than to cover my expenses and their expenses and my US trip expenses. 7.Where do your parents work?An how long? My parents have theyr own business , sell vegetable seeds.They are already working for 10 years. About your USA JOB QUESTION : 8. When do you want/need to start your job in the US? Guys, here you have to make the US council to believe that you want to start your job after the faculty problems like exams , have been solved. When you need to start the job ? Read you JOB contract and you will find the date when the job start. It¶s crucial to know this. So don¶t be lazy to read it. 9.What job are you going to have in the US? Again. Read you JOB contract and you will find. Remember is very important to know (maybe by heart ) your JOB contract. At the above 2 question you don¶t have to hesitate. OK ? . Succes. 10. Where are you going to work in the US? Again. Read you JOB contract and you will find. Remember is very important to know (maybe by heart ) your JOB contract 11. Where are you going to stay in the US?

Read you JOB contract and you will find. You have to be nice with your employer. Why do you want to go to the USA?First I want to see the Us monuments and buildings and learn more about Us culture. 12.Again. street. What I have to do ? Explain in details how will you find the housing : Tips : my job is near a hotel were a I¶ll rent a room or the employee recommended to me some housing possibilities or the employee will help me in find a housing Also in this case it is absolutely necessary to know the city . If the Job contract don¶t have the housing assure for you than you got in a little problem. What will you do after you come back to Moldova? .travel and make new friends.I want to know English better because I will be teacher after graduation and I want to be a good teacher for my pupils. About YOURSELF QUESTION : 13. 14. I¶ll try to find another job but not after I¶ll announce my previous employer. What will you do if you have problems with your boss at work in the US? I¶ll try to solve them by having a discussion with him I¶ll contact the STM Acord partner in USA (Alliance Abroad) by phone hot line to help me solving the problem or find another job.Second. number and all details off your job and also details of your housing possibilities. How this experience will help you in your future? I¶ll have a strong point in my CV I¶ll gain professional and personal skills that will help me in the future 16. What is the purpose of your viteza the USA? to gain abroad work and living experience to have a life change experience to travel Remember is very important to know (maybe by heart ) your JOB contract.And third-it¶s a great experience.

Don¶t hesitate 22. Russia ) .I¶ll return to faculty I¶ll share my US experience to my peers I¶ll try to implement the abroad knowledge here in Moldova Maybe I¶ll start my own business You will not buy a car or get out with your friend for a crazy night. Don¶t hesitate. Have you ever been abroad? Where & when? I¶ve been abroad in _______________ (Romania. Can you describe yourself? How can you characterize yourself? Think about yourself and tell him. If you haven¶t been . What are your plans for the future? - . Do you have a job? Do you work right now? If yes. And when. What is favorite country? Why? It will be nice to say Moldova. 24. OK ? 17. your qualities your hobby your strong points etc. Is it a full-time or a part-time employment? What is your income? Answer the question. And remember YOU HAVE TO PROVE you strong relationship with your hometown. 19. Don¶t hesitate 23. How many rooms are there in your flat? Say how many rooms are in your apartment. 25. Ukraine. 20. where do you work & what¶s your job? Explain your job 21. Than you haven¶t been. Can you describe your hometown? Think about your hometown. 18. If yes. say where.

And guys . explain when and where. University or somewhere else. Who gives you money for the trip? Who pays for your trip? Parents Brother or Sister Explain why ? Because they have a well paid job or business. Be precise. Did you take any courses? If yes. Be careful. Do you have medical problems? NO.) 27. months ) at _________ (Linguata. 30. And you definitely HAVE TO LEAVE USA. REMEMBER. NOT IN USA. You have to leave USA before 15 September.I want to finish my university I want to start my own business I want to get married. Do you have any chronic diseases? NO. 31. 26. How long have you been learning English? Where? I¶ve been learning English for _________ (years . How long are you going to stay in the US? No more than 5 month and nor more than until 15 September. Unpredictable QUESTION : 34. Are you on medication? NO. About your USA TRIP QUESTION : 33. 29. Have you ever been charged with anything in Moldova or abroad? NO. YOU HAVE TO COME BACK TO MOLDOVA. Here in Moldova. When will you leave the US? When will you come back to Moldova? You have to leave USA before the US VISA expire. Do you have any pets? . The US Council want to know that you will not skip your faculty lessons. No excuses. Have you got any medical restrictions? It¶s proffered to say NO. I want to go for master. 28. 32.

than no. . Everything is it on your own. Now. Good luck. 37.If yes. What are you doing in your free time ? Explain what are your main occupation in your free time. What is your hobby ? Football Listen to music Reading Chess Or something else 37. or going out with your friends or something else. or watching TV . Maybe reading. If no. than say what pets do you have .