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Change Oem Url

Change Oem Url

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Published by Pankaj Rawat

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Published by: Pankaj Rawat on Feb 09, 2012
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1. Login to Grid Console -> Targets ->Web Applications ->EMWebsite 2.

In the EM Website target homepage, click on the "homepage" under "Key Test Su mmary" 3. Click on "Edit Service Test" in the "Related links" section 4. In the "Edit Service Test: homepage" under the "Steps" click on "Edit". 5. Change the url to make it look like: http://<omshostname.xyz.com>:4889/em Click on "Continue" -> "Ok" -> "Yes" to confirm and save the changes. Note: 4889 is the default http port for the oms and can be different if customiz ed depending upon customer requirements.

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