The aim of this main thesis is to analyze different work procedures and to find out the merits and demerits of those adopted and the impacts of those methods in construction quality and perfection and to give are ecommendations and then we are suggesting the appropriate procedures for particular activities.And we using the software of kappa coefficient to find the degree of relation between all activities. In construction industry we come across various activities. For all these activities certain standard work procedures are to be followed. Depending upon the nature of companies certain methods/technologies are implemented for these. Ie, a same activity can be done using various technologies. While conventional methods were used in the olden days, recent developments helped to impose latest technologies in the work procedures. The usage of new methods helps in increasing workability, reducing work time etc, there by proving to be much economical as compared to the previous ones. The implementation of these depends mainly on the financial position of the company. As a result, all the high budget projects follow the new systems in construction. We are going to compare methods adopted by a company for the following important activities Formwork/shuttering Concreting Safety HVAC Quality

Datas are planned to be collected from 3 different types of construction project sites. Small scale Project Medium scale Project

. how the large scale projects increase their profits by the optimization of methods is also known.Large scale Project The knowledge about recent developments and technologies used in the construction industry and their influence on quality and performance can be dealt with. Along with that.

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