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Agenda Managed Market Place Working Group 14th February 2012 Willow Room, Oakwood House, Oakwood Park,

Maidstone, ME16 8AE Activity 1. Project Update Project outputs, measures of success and research 2. Procurement & Finance Current procurement templates and guidance Discussion o How can we simplify the purchasing process for Phase 1? 3. Development of System Current features and process Discussion o What improvements or new features should we prioritise for Phase 1? o How do we explore integration with corporate procurement/finance systems & processes? 4. Partner Engagement Current engagement & marketing approach to partners Discussion o What would motivate partners to use MMP to buy, sell & share services? o What would help better promote the MMP to users in your organisations? 5. Sharing Information Current information assets on MMP Discussion o How can we link partner information on ICT assets (software, contracts, etc) from Software Audit/SE Business Portal/etc into MMP? o How can we exchange information on the MMP to better exploit opportunities for joint procurement? 6. Planning for Phase 1 Milestones & resources required for Phase 1 15.10 Carol Patrick 14.50 Darren Everden 14.20 Carol Patrick 14.00 Noel Hatch 13.45 Terry Hazlewood Time 13.30 Officer Carol Patrick

7. End Attending Name Andrew Cole Darren Everden Noel Hatch Terry Hazlewood Carol Patrick Job Title Head of Customer Access, Transformation and Delivery ICT Services Manager Projects and Research Lead Strategic Supplier Manager Head of Kent Connects and Technology Transformation Job Title


Organisation Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Gravesham Borough Council Kent County Council Kent County Council Kent County Council

Name Eric Baines Moira Bragg Glyn Davies Antony Parker

Organisation Kent Fire & Rescue Medway Council Kent County Council Kent Connects

Head of Information Systems Head of ICT/Projects Research/Emerging Technologies Analyst Business Implementation Manager