: Did you come to Maria s party last night?

Winda : I wish I had gone there. From the dialouge, we know that Winda . . . to Maria s party. a. b. c. d. e. Comes Come Didn t come Will come Doesn t come

Wawan was day dreaming, so he missed Biology lesson yesterday. He wished he had paid attention to the lesson explained by the teacher. We can also say that Wawan . . . a. b. c. d. e. Doesn t pay attention to the lesson Won t pay attention to the lesson Don t pay attention to the lesson Didn t pay attention to the lesson Paid attention to the lesson

If only Reena had studied hard. The sentences means . . . a. b. c. d. e. Reena studied hard Reena didn t studied hard Reena had studied hard Reena hadn t studied hard Reena would studied hard

Rice is expensive now. I wish . . . a. b. c. d. e. Rice is not expensive Rice is cheap Rice is more ecpensive Rice were more expensive Rice were less expensive

Mrs. Tuti would rather you came. The sentence means . . . a. b. c. d. e. You came You don t come You didn t come You won t come You cann t come

. b. d. d. . b. In fact. you look tired. . a. Send Sent Didn t send Had sent Had been sent If only my sister were still alive. b. I . a. . Came Had come Didn t come Comes Will come Mareta wishes that they . a. b. Could buy Can buy Couldn t buy Will not buy Can not buy Najma : Marta. b. d. . c. . . . . a. the house now. This sentence means Wida . . a. c. e. c. to Bandung last week. c. to go. e. . e. e. d.I wish I had time to go. . . d. the letter yesterday. . my sister was still alive my sister were alive my sister didn t pass away my sister passed away my sister was sick Wida wishes she could buy the house now. The meaning is . You know I still have to do my homework now. Why you don t sleep? Marta : I wish . Had time Didn t have time Don t have time Wouldn t have time Could have time I would rather Indah . c. e.

d.a. a. c. b. e. d. e. can will will be able to had been able to could I wish my son became a manager of bakery. . c. This sentences means . my son is a manager my son is not a manager my son were a manager my son was a manager of the bakery my son is running a bakery as a manager . b. .

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