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Published by Joey Obenberger

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Published by: Joey Obenberger on Feb 09, 2012
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1. I am Mitch. You will have no other horsedicks besides me.

2.All the females love the horsedick.

3.I will make the life of anyone who doesn't want the horsedick a living hell.

4.Any girl I call, henceforth BELONGS to me because she WILL sleep with me.

5.Joe is a backstabber.

6. It is my parents' privilage to pay for everything for me.

7. I'm a doctor

8. It is perfectly acceptable for a man in his twenties to be taking Karate classes.

9. Thou shalt always carry a tactical grade flashlight and knife at all times.

10.In the event anything stupid or illegal happens, My Crohn's will act up or I will go home to the woman.

11. Never trust a bicycle mexican.

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