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Ratio Radio
Nikki of The Conversions wants to build a perfect “set,” or list of songs, that the band plays during a show. He decides to listen for 24 hours to the most popular radio station in town, to find out the different kinds of music that teenagers like most. Nikki hears 288 songs during 24 hours and constructs the following “Ratio Radio” chart of radio play of the songs he hears. Based on this chart, use ratios and proportions to complete the questions below.

Nikki’s Ratio Radio Chart
Fast Rock
144:24 or 144/24

Slow Rock
72:24 or 72/24

48:24 or 48/24

Country Crossover
24:24 or 24/24


The Conversions typically perform an hour-long, 12-song set. Based on Nikki’s “Ratio Radio” chart, how many of each type of song should they play in an hour? Enter your answer in the “Songs Per Hour” column below. Then show what portion of an hour the band should devote to each type of song in terms of fractions, decimals, and percents (assuming the songs are each the same length time-wise).

Songs Per Hour
Fast Rock: Slow Rock: Rap: Country Crossover:





_ If each song is the same length, how long is each song?


The applause and cheering are so loud at their latest concert, The Conversions give an encore for an extra 40 minutes beyond their hour-long set. How many additional songs can they play?


If you use the same proportions, how many extra fast rock songs and how many extra slow rock songs should the band play during its encore?

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