Bath Salts

Alarming numbers of adolescents and others are ending up in emergency rooms and mental health facilities. after using “fake cocaine”, a powder legally sold as bath salts. These are specially-made powders that are sold in convenience stores, specialty shops, gas stations, and on line. Some are sold in half-gram bottles for about $25 to $30. Also known as— Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, White Land , Bubbles, Bliss, Bloom, these aren’t your average bath salts that you pour into the bathtub to soak in after a long, hard day to relax – these so-called bath salts are intended to be snorted, smoked or injected – and users are getting high off of them. The marketing scheme for “Ivory Wave” and other aliases is such that labeling with “Not for Human Consumption” allows circumventing of the laws regarding the substances contained in them. Bath salts, which have caused at least one reported death nationally since November and go undetected in normal drug screens, still are legal in most states. The only way to know if someone has taken this substance, is if they tell you. These substances can cause disturbed sleep patterns, grinding of teeth, clenched jaw, loss of appetite, compulsive redosing, and more seriously, paranoia, chest pains and irregular heart beat. The highs produced can mimic the highs of cocaine, ecstasy and methamphetamines. The Drug Enforcement Administration does not regulate these substances, but they are under federal scrutiny, as the effects of these salts are comparable to methamphetamine abuse, according to poison control centers and other law enforcement agencies. Recently, Connecticut passed an amendment that would ban the two chemical compounds used in bath salts (Mephedrone, MDPV) in order to have them removed from retailers who sell them. These synthetic chemicals change rapidly, and several more are likely being formulated right now. Manufacturers know how to get around U.S. trade standards by simply putting 'not meant for human consumption' on the container. The danger with most “legal” substances used to get high is that they were developed and tested for some other purpose, and often include warnings about the potential dangers or consequences of misusing them. When they are used, the side effects and consequences are essentially unknown. Unfortunately, these only become apparent after the fact, leading to permanent impairment or death.

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