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Brahma Vidya


Thank again and again. 6Th floor Opp Liberty Cinema. Vikas Pundit Guide: Mr. New Marine lines Mumbai . (Maharashtra) India Teacher : Mr.Brahma Vidya 2 Brahmavidya Namaskrutiya Madguroha Charnao Tatha ! I Bow to the Knowledge of Bramhavidya. Pran Nad Tejotitam Bramhavidyam Namamyaham ! The Breath that enlightens us The Brahmavidya. I Bow to thee again. Santushtoham Krutigyonham Kritagyonham Punah Punah ! I am Blessed and Thankful. Page | Bramha Vidya Basic Course: Venue: SNDT College Church Gate Mumbai. Nitin Desai Course Period : Oct to March 2011 Sadhna Mandal Venue: Firoz Kazani Sun beam chambers. Gyana praptya Prasthanam Rajmarge Karomyaham ! I Proceed to Gain the learning Royal path of Knowledge. I Bow in feet of the teacher.

Brahma Vidya 3 1 The Opening Prayer Brahmavidyam Namaskrutya Madguroho Charanau Tatha! Dnyan Praptyartha Prasthanam Raajmarge Karomyaham ! Santushtoham Krutdnyoham Krutathoham Punaha Punaha ! Praan Naad Tejotitaam Brahmavidyam Namamiham ! Page | Having paid my respects to Brahmavidya and my teacher. I begin my journey on the noble path to gain (Self) Knowledge. Again and again I bow to Brahmavidya. Again and again. sound and Light . I feel that I am happy. I am grateful and I am blessed. which is beyond Breath.

and the rhythm of breath. . you will observe. At the same time. relax. You are breathing in. You are breathing out.Brahma Vidya 4 Page | PRACTICE OF MEDITATION ( Basic Course . watch your breath. or simply sit. on your knees or on your thighs. As you watch. Now. As you exhale.CD-Track 4) First sit-in the correct posture. Do not try to control. with your heels touching. relax. Simply watch. on the chair. Air is coming in and. It will become balanced. relax your body. Do not interfere. your breath becomes. of the flow of air. As you exhale. your body is correctly balanced. Let all tension go away from the body. Keep the palms. Feel the sensation. going out. You are breathing in.Lesson 4 . smoother. You are very relaxed and at peace. The inhalation and exhalation will become balanced. Simply watch the sensation. Take another deep breath. and as you exhale. facing upwards. You can sit. Take another deep breath. will be established. Let your whole body become limp. in the crossed leg position. that your body is relaxing more and more. in your nostrils. Do not try to control your breathing. either on the floor. and relaxed. You are breathing out. See that. There all tension goes away from the body. Now take a deep breath.

We will do with the mind. Just observe. I am Still . quiet and peaceful.Brahma Vidya 5 Now pay attention. Your mind will become still. coming into your mind. Do not get involved in your thoughts. Page | Do not try. All kinds of thoughts will come to your mind. what you have done with your breath. Now watch your mind. Do not restrain. Simply watch. you will find. to your mind. like this. If there are still some thoughts. not to think. both are still. Do not try to think. Now we begin our true practice. say to yourself aloud PEACE… PEACE… PEACE I am at PEACE… PEACE … PEACE Now your body and mind. relaxed and peaceful. As you watch your mind.

of his destiny. happiness and peace reside. or old age. sickness. death is a mental concept. but now. and why. I have. of my own. a law of life. wondrous. and the ability. I learn that. And I will begin. and why they fail. that man. " I am. are now open. there is no decay. I rejoice! I did not feel this before. And i thank. in which. how this is done. Glorious. live it.Brahma Vidya 6 FORWARD Page | I am. I am not subject to decay and old age. There is no old age. of my being. the greatest teaching. vibrant. There is no death. I now learn. to live as long as. why they are happy. that I may learn. free. that man is the author of death. strength. I learn why men succeed. that I am. this wondrous truth. and the doors. Now I am free… free… free… forever more. boundless. I will to do whatever I desire to do. AFFIRMATION The law of creation is life. for the knowledge of. within me. the power. life I am life eternal. subject to decay. limitless. Creative channel is the light of my mind---I am free from all negation. to achieve whatever I wish. only one law. now. the one divine principle. all negation is a mental concept. of my mind. never ending. with all the power. life. to truly. now developing creative wisdom through my imagination. (lesson 4 pages 37 to 40 and meditation cd track 4) I am the master of my own life. of creation--the law of life. DENIAL Death is not a law of life. now revealed to my consciousness. power. the master. the power. I desire. and why they live. and the ability to realise in my own life. man is not. accessible to man. i know it. I now realise that. free. and not. I am now solving it. life. I realise that. The riddle of universe is about me. there is. I learn why men die. all success. I am youth. now entering upon. I now realise that. I am life. why they are born. and not a law of life. I am free free life. is the master. I am beauty. I am a channel of creative wisdom. I feel it. everlasting. All I am learning is the secret of existence. all negation is a mental concept. they are discontent. and not a law of life. I am life. wonderful life." . I am free. the infinite spirit. I am now developing.

unlined forehead. is coming closer. are healthy. is complete. lustrous and perfect eyes. in every part. My whole body is a radiating light. of my perfect me. totally unlined. My arms and hands. straight and beautiful nose. I go on imagining. My abdomen My thighs. create. and every part of my body. are perfect and beautiful. a picture. I imagine. Perfect me. true me. Now I imagine different parts. joyous smile. eyebrows. healthy. radiant. I begin with. Now. I am still. my teeth. slightly raised. I imagine. by this light. balanced and harmonious. looking into. I imagine. and perfect. . young. relaxed condition. closer. my forehead. My knees. of this light. very still. My eyes. my head. I am bathed. My nose. My head. Now I will. up to my feet. My feet. complete face. perfection. beautiful. as if I am. to my mind. Now it comes very close. in all other organs. of perfect me. 47 & 51 and CD -track 5) Page | NEW EXERCISE FOR VISUALISATION ( Lesson 6 Page61 & 62 .My chest. My eyes are. My body. healthy and youthful. I imagine. and peaceful. My beautiful face. I see. My eyebrows. Coming closer. that. my hair. is coming. Closer and closer. and go down. There is no movement. my lips. Now I imagine.Meditation CD -Track -5 ) Now I am. bright. Now I see my complete body. anywhere. perfection. My mouth. But there is no strain anywhere. I imagine.Brahma Vidya 7 (Lesson 5 page 46. is lit up with. My face. young and beautiful. around my body. My throat. with my imagination. In such. I can see it move clearly It is coming closer and closer. that perfect me. I imagine. a picture of. from my head to my toes. a great halo.

Brahma Vidya 8 It is absorbed in me. in the picture. I am. taking place within me. is actually. what I had imagined. . that. Page | Now I imagine. of perfect me. filled with light.

Ever ready and encouraging. I feel perfection. (2) I AM PERFECT: I wait for an appropriate symbol to come in my mind. bright. Thinking of this sphere. This sphere is gradually becoming bigger. (Lesson16 . Eternally blissful. I am always overflowing with energy and dynamism. mentally and emotionally healthy and divine. I feel. I am PERFECT. By always breathing youthfulness and vigor. NINE UNIVERSAL POSITIVES Lesson7 Page 66 to 69 CD Track 6) (1) I AM WHOLE : As I think of these words. luster & energy in my body. (3) I AM STRONG: I wait for an appropriate symbol to come in my mind. forever. bigger and bigger. I imagine a sphere. I am PERFECT. I am flawless. With this symbol in my mind. I feel that. I think of STRENGTH. as if I am eternally experiencing flow of youth and vigor. My youthfulness is all pervading. Gradually. full of vigor and luster.Brahma Vidya 9 MY MEDITATION ON YOUTHFULNESS I am evergreen youthfulness. dynamism. With this symbol. Page | Dynamic. Bliss. Bold and courageous youthfulness.“The Grand Rejuvenation Breath”). I experience. Always shining. contented & powerful youthfulness. Young in body and mind. STRENGTH. . mental. I am accurate. radiating. glowing and standing out. happy. I think of perfection. effective. intellectual and spiritual energy and divinity. this sphere pervades everything. physically powerful. I am capturing the vital and divine elements of Prana. inspiring youthfulness. My youthfulness is freely flowing like a river flowing from the mountain head. I AM WHOLE. I am enjoying physical.

I am HAPPY. I am HAPPY. Right in. Right in. I think of POWER. Oh Lord of my Life! Oh Lord of the Eternal. I think of balance. (4) I AM POWERFUL: With an appropriate symbol. and my body. that in which. Making itself known. is bathed with light. I live and move and have my being. the heart of me. the being of me. (7) I AM YOUNG: Now I see innumerable streams of living lights. the mind of me. My whole body. I am sending out my thought from the top of my head. (5) I AM LOVING: I am that LOVE of which the universe is made. coursing down. Right in. Every cell in my body is a complete power plant. I think of the top of my head. working for me.Brahma Vidya I AM STRONG. I see this LOVE going out of me to every living thing. I feel POWERFUL. (6) I AM HARMONIOUS: With a fitting symbol. I feel HAPPY. from the top of my head to bottom of my feet. I feel HARMONY. Revealing. I am YOUNG. order and harmony. I am POWERFUL. the substance of me. I am full of POWER. I am LOVING. Right in. Come! I . Page | 10 The creator is right here. (8) I AM HAPPY: Now I am very still.

AND THE CREATOR. radiant. IMMORTAL .Brahma Vidya wait! I listen! I am still! I look within me! Come! Reveal thyself! Page | 11 MEDITATION ON IMAGINATION & MAGNET (Lesson12 Page118 & CD Track 8) Denial : " I AM. I am imperishable. I am life eternal. I am life eternal. not subject to.I AM.I AM. ARE ONE . not subject to old age. I am. in perfect beauty. strong. I am eternal life. I am eternal life. I am. not subject to death. IMPERISHABLE. youth. A MAGNET-I EMBODY MYSELF. I am. indivisible. health and joy. I rejoice. glad. I am free. embodied. Right now. the Creative Spirit. THE CREATIVE SPIRIT. embody myself. strength and health. and forever.I AM. THE CENTRE OF ATTRACTION. I am exhaust less. Beautiful. in eternity now. I am. forever more. I AM. IN YOUTH AND BEAUTY. . the creative spirit. forever more. free. SELF-EXISTENT . beautiful. I am.I EMBODY MYSELF. Right here. sparkling. I am. I am. free. I am. eternal . old age and senility. eternally young. I am. that there is. IN THE SUBSTANCE OF BEAUTY " Denial : " DEATH IS NOT A PRINCIPLE IN NATURE " Affirmation : " I AM LIFE-I AM THE CREATIVE SPIRIT-RADIANT-BEAUTIFUL-STRONG-GLORIOUS-ANIMATEENERGY-FORCE-LIFE-ETERNAL LIFE " I AM THE CREATIVE SPIRIT (Lesson 13 Page 129 Track 9) "I. eternal life. FROM THE UNIVERSE " Affirmation : " I AM. I am life eternal. ALL PERVADING" Henceforth. I am eternal life now. I am. beautiful. decay. I am. differentiating from all other life forms. beauty. NOT SEPARATE. I am. free. free. free. I am. established in strength.I AM. I am. no age.I AM.

I am justice.Brahma Vidya love. youth. I am power. I am. I AM THAT I AM. I am wisdom. I am peace and peace dwells in me. Page | 12 .

why should I think. I am life eternal. subject to death? I am. has always existed. Page | 13 Since the universe. the creative spirit. I question not divine love. I am. existed for hundreds of thousands of years? Some say. many millions. ever cease to be. Right here. Meditation CD: Track No: 10 The creative spirit. that I will. I am life eternal. wisdom and justice. I give thanks for all that is. there is. I am. I am eternal life. the Creator. . Has not the universe. May all beings be peaceful. Right now. The truth is. is all that. May all beings be blissful. I give thanks for whatever that has been. embodied. it will not be.Brahma Vidya MEDITATION ON CREATIVE SPIRIT This Meditation is Not Given In the Booklets given to us. Since. May all beings be happy. will be a time. in eternity now. How is it possible. There never. eternal now. a time when. that I am. it was not. I am the Creative Spirit. Therefore. I am. I give thanks for that ever will be. there never was.

all knowing. Continuing. THE ALL THAT THERE IS Nothing can exist.Brahma Vidya I AM THE CREATOR Lesson 22Page215 & 216 Track11) (1) " I AM THE CREATOR EMBODIED IN HUMAN FORM" I am the Final.being the Creative Spirit embodied. at the same time. intensity or excellence. Page | 14 (b) I am. ETERNAL -Without beginning or end of existence. having All the Power there is. always existing.all is one. without limit in power. Everlasting. with every other" part" and the WHOLE --. unbounded. everlasting. of the Indivisible ( the Absolute) is in touch. Absolute. illimitable. (5) I AM. endless. of that which is. of the great Causeless Cause. (c) I am. OF THAT IS WHICH IS. limitless. Omnipotent All-powerful. in time and space. perpetual. of that which is. having definite knowledge. therefore. infinite. possessing unlimited power. capacity. (4) I AM. (a) I am. INFINITE unlimited or boundless. immeasurable. knowing everything. . Omniscient All wise. not partial power. OF THAT WHICH IS. I am. ceaseless. of that which is. Never-ending thing that IS. Omnipresent Present everywhere. underived and indestructible. INDIVISIBLE. perfect. undivided. possessing all knowledge. incapable of partition or separation. interminable. Every so called "part”. outside the ALL THAT THERE IS. I am of the WHOLE. (3) I AM. OF THAT WHICH IS. (2) " I AM.