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THE COWARD The Author: V. S. Naipaul This story s about a black coward man who has a secret.

His name s Big Foot. He s a very huge man with really very big foot. (When he became a mason he could use his foot as a trowel). Story takes place in Trinidad in World War II. The boys of Miguel Street are proud of him but also afraid of him too. Everybody around him finds him very dangerous because of his dangerous looking. Nobody wants to fight with him because they think they ll lose. When Big Foot was small he was very thin and the boys in Miguel Street weren t afraid of him besides they were chasing him all over the place. When they grew up maybe just because of this, I mean because of his coward, he never fight with these boys. Big Foot changed a lot of jobs. He became a carpenter, mason and at last a boxer. When he was a mason he went to their yard to do a job. After finishing the job, he offered the teller of the story walk around and drinks something together. That night the teller of the story learnt something new about him that in fact Big Food was a coward. He afraid of a little dog and when he was running away, he cut his foot very badly but he was so afraid that he didn t care on his badly bleeding food. This was the secret that nobody knows. In our daily lives I think everybody has a secret. But this secret is a little bit ironic. He s very huge but at the same time he afraid even from a very little dog that contrast with his physical appearance. When he cried like a little boy in ring he ashamed of this and thought everybody learnt his secret.