Which of the following is not a unit of time? a. b. c. d. second day hour light year

What is the property of light that explains the idea that if you immerse a ballpen in a glass of water, the ballpen looks broken. REFRACTION

Which of the following is not a vector quantity? a. velocity b. force c. acceleration d. mass


Two golf balls are thrown with the same speed off the top of a large bridge at the same time. Ball A is thrown straight downward, and Ball B is thrown horizontally off the bridge. Which ball hits the ground first? A. Ball A B. Ball B C. Both balls hit at the same time. D. We would need to know the speed.

If I throw a ball upward with an initial velocity of 49 m/s, what is its instantaneous velocity at the highest point? Assume that air resistance is neglected. a. 49 m/s b. 0 m/s c. 24.5 m/s d. 12.25 m/s

D. It doubles. what is the value of its resistance? 20 ohms DIFFICULT If the speed of a particle is doubled. Tom Cruise (84 kg) and Katie Holmes (50 kg) are standing at rest on iceskates. C.GOLD. It decreases by square root of 2.BLACK. what happens to its kinetic energy? A.3 m/s. which has 15 electrons.8 m/s The ground state electron configuration for phosphorus. 3. facing one another and gazing longingly into each other¶s eyes. It decreases by a factor of 2. is ________ 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p3 .3 m/s c. 2. B.BLACK. With what speed does Katie move away? a. It quadruples.If a resistor has band colors of RED. 0 m/s b. Tom then pushes off of Katie and moves away with a speed of 2. 6.9 m/s d.

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