Professional Lighting for Hospitals

A hospital is a very demanding environment for lighting planning.The wide variety of tasks being performed demands a number of different lighting solutions. From examination requirements to clean rooms, wards, corridors, etc. New drugs or treatments are given much attention, while good lighting is down on the priority list – but we should not underestimate the effects of lighting on human health and wellbeing. In this area there is still plenty of research to be done before we know the full effects of lighting on human beings. However, it is not so much what we do not know about health and lighting, it is what we know. That poor lighting has adverse effects on wellbeing and health and is therefore counterproductive to the efficient hospital. Luxo’s arm-based lighting solutions offer facilities management, very easy maintenance and a high degree of flexibility. By keeping a few spares, a faulty luminaire may be replaced in minutes and taken back for maintenance at a suitable location, with minimal interruption of medical routines. Most of Luxo’s fixed luminaires offer nearly the same ease of replacement when fitted with plug and cable. Different electrical and building codes may prevent some of these solutions from being applied in certain locations. Luxo, being a total supplier, provide know-how of the complete lit environment. Our staff are highly trained in designing total lighting solutions. From our point of view, the ideal situation is when we are allowed to participate in planning the lighting from the beginning. This gives us the possibility to create a total lighting solution where lighting does more than just provide the necessary lux to the task area. With our expertise we can supply a scheme that harmonises the requirements of the staff with the needs of the patient. This approach to a well-planned lighting scheme is not necessarily more expensive than a poorly planned one. In fact, considerable savings can be made in the long term. Efficiency also means low energy consumption, which is a main consideration in every luminaire we bring from the drawing board to the end-user.

In hospitals this is of extra importance, as it will affect the sizing of emergency back-up systems.And, because many areas within the hospital are in use 24 hours a day, energy efficiency is of greater importance than in other commercial applications. EN 12464-1 & I SO 8995

The Right Light in the Right Place
The two new lighting standards, the European EN 12464-1, and the international ISO 8995, calls for the use of more taskspecific lighting installations and less general-area lighting. Planned in the correct way, it is now possible to gain a more efficient installation for all users while, at the same time, increasing lighting quality and reducing power consumption. Having good knowledge of these standards, Luxo can provide its proven task-lighting philosophies to numerous new fields of application in healthcare facilities. These core values of Luxo lighting puts the individual into focus. The individual, be it the patient, the medical staff or the maintenance crew, is always kept in focus through the use of flexible and innovative solutions. Luxo’s integrated tools give us the posssibility to do lighting planning directly on the plan drawings in computer-aided design and have the results incorporated in the facilities management tools for ease of documentation and maintenance.

Wards, Maternity Wards
Type of Interior, task or activity General lighting Reading lighting Simple examinations Examination and treatment Night lighting, observation lighting Bathrooms and toilets for patients Em/lux 100 300 300 1000 5 200 Ra 80 80 80 90 80 80

As general lighting, downlighters should be avoided to prevent the patient from having to look directly into the luminaires. Using uplighters will eliminate this problem, but care must be taken in choosing luminaires with wide or highly asymmetric light distributions, so that the ceiling is as evenly lit as possible. Trunking systems integrate electrical and communication systems with the need for gases in the ward. Often, it is requested that lighting is integrated as well. However, for ease of access to these services the trunking needs to be situated approximately 1.4 metres above floor level, but this is not conducive to the lighting being integrated, as glare would be caused by giving a direct view into the uplighter.

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shadows are eliminated. It also has a heat filter and front glass to prevent heat from the high-intensity lamp being projected onto the examination area. an arm-based luminaire will not disturb the patient nearby but will create a ‘private’ zone. task or activity General lighting Simple examinations Examination and treatment Night watch *UK.luxo. ceiling-mounted luminaires are the best way of reaching the 500 lux average. by means of ceilingmounted direct-light luminaires or other solutions depending on the individual design and construction of the corridors. In wards with many beds. Just like in an intensive-care unit. An arm-based luminaire will also provide the staff with a supplementary examination lamp.000 20 Ra 90 90 90 90 Corridors In the intensive-care unit. A high-colour rendering of minimum Ra 90 limits the types of lamps suitable to certain T-5 and TC-L tubes. Unlike a reading-lamp it uses a tungsten halogen lamp for maximum colour rendering and . General Examination Rooms Type of Interior. For examinations.A separate wall-mounted uplighter above the trunking system might prove a better solution. uplighters are the best choice for general lighting as they provide evenly distributed luminances. task or activity General lighting Examination and treatment Since patients do not stay in an examination room for a long period of time. Illuminating corridors often requires energy efficiency and a high degree of functionality. An examination lamp might be ceiling-mounted. Both the trunking system and uplighter is then positioned at its optimum height. Corridor lighting has the prime objective of illuminating ‘transportation’ areas evenly. just like the ward. If specified correctly they will even cover the need for simple examinations giving a shadow-free light. Unlike a reading light in a trunking system. The required high-colour rendering of Ra 90 limits the light sources to certain T-5 and TC-L tubes. For night-time use. an arm-based luminaire can be positioned wherever light is needed. Modern arm-based bed-head luminaires use highly efficient compact fluorescent lamps with good colour rendering and long lamp life. an armbased examination lamp mounted on a trolley. the wall or on the ceiling will add the necessary light for examinations and treatment. A halogen examination lamp is best suited due to its good colour rendering and focused beam. wall-mounted or mounted on a trolley for maximum flexibility. even surfaces and covered arms make cleaning easy. corridor lighting should be dimmable. For reading and examination light we strongly recommend an arm-based luminaire fixed to the wall or the furniture. Offices Besides medical lighting. When used as a reading-light. High-frequency ballasts provide the users with flicker-free lighting while extending lamp life even more and lowering power consumption. CIBSE LG2:1989/CIBSE Code for Interior Lighting: 1994 Em/lux 100/400* 300/400* 1. what one patient does affects others in the room. Em/lux 500 1000 Ra 90 90 Rooms for General Use Type of Interior. Smooth. a separate arm-based examination lamp is the best choice. office lighting has been Luxo’s strength Page 2 www. By using a multibeam examination/procedure light. task or activity Waiting rooms Corridors during the day Corridors during the night Day rooms Staff office 500 80 Em/lux 200 200 50 200 Ra 80 80 80 90 Intensive-care Unit Type of interior. This can achieved by means of wall-mounted luminaires that ‘wash’ the wall with light. Dimming may also prove beneficial in lighting the ward.

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