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pathophy lepto

pathophy lepto

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Pathophysiology of Leptospirosis

Break in the skin tissue

Introduction of Spirochetes to the open wound by contact to contaminated water

Enters the blood

Activates the immune response

Damage to the blood vessels y y y y y Fever Body Malaise Anorexia Myalgia Athralgia

Ruptured blood vessels in the conjunctival area


Mud Fever. the pathogen will enter in the blood stream to multiply and invade the host. L. ictehemorrhagiae. L. or Swineherd¶s disease. whose excreta contaminate water or food which is ingested through the skin or mucous membranes. Through that. As to that. L. Pomona. Etiologic Agent Leptospira pyrogenes and Leptospira manilae ± most common L. is the disease carried by animals. javanica y y . Canicola fever. L. This will activate the immune system to fight off the infection by means of eliciting inflammation which results to fever and other signs of infection-fighting mechanism of the body such as myalgia. the blood vessels in conjunctival area of the eye will rupture and will result to the term blood shot eyes. the primary pathological effect of the bacteria to the body is its ability to damage the blood vessels that will result to weakening of the lumen of the blood vessel that will finally result bursting of blood vessels through means blood pressure. athralgia. and anorexia and body malaise. canicola. The pathophysiology starts into the entering of the pathogen into a susceptible host via breakage of the skin tissue as the first line of defense. both domesticated and wild. As well. L. Leptospirosis which also known as Weil¶s disease.This pathophysiology is based upon the patient¶s current health status in the course of illness due to spirochetes of the bacteria genus Leptospira. bativia. grippotyphosa.

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