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Box Case Study FINAL

Box Case Study FINAL

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Published by: Mashable on May 25, 2007
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Developer Partner Case Study: Box.

net Application
Box.net Application Enables Users to Store and Share All Types of Files—Without Leaving Facebook
The Company Box.net, founded in 2005, provides secure online file storage and sharing to over 850,000 registered users. Its platform allows content to be accessible, sharable and storable in any format from anywhere. The Application Box.net’s application for Facebook allows users to publish and share media without ever leaving their Facebook profile pages.

Box.net Application

Box.net is a website where users can store files of many varieties—PDFs, photos, videos—and access and share that data from anywhere via the Box.net web interface, with no software required. The application it built for Facebook allows users to do the same—publish and share media without ever leaving their profile pages. Facebook has long supported sharing media through its Share feature but, until now, users had to host the files elsewhere on the web. The Box application provides an upload tool, file-hosting and file-sharing functionality directly on the Facebook site.

“We like the democratic nature of Facebook, the way things can be discovered as your friends and networks find them valuable or interesting. That allows our app to spread in a way that makes sense.”
–Aaron Levie, CEO, cofounder, Box.net

Screen capture of Box.net Application.

Facebook Developer Resources

Several months ago, Box.net realized users wanted to share the data they uploaded to Box.net, and built tools to enable their users to share their data with other services. “That’s when we learned about Facebook Platform. It seemed like an amazing environment to allow Facebook users to publish files and media the same way they do on Box.net,” Levie says. “It’s a pretty understandable platform. It relies on a lot of common functions and standards so it’s easy to dive into.” Facebook had strong documentation and has a robust developer community. “We had access to some great tools and code samples,” Levie says. He adds that Box.net has “only touched on” the potential of Facebook Platform and plans to add to its Facebook application as it learns more about what users want.

For the Users

The Box application enables users to upload, store and share all sorts of file types—video, photos, documents. Even better, they can do it all without leaving their Facebook profiles. “We’ve provided an upload tool directly within the application,” Levie explains. “Let’s say you’re putting together an event and you want to upload a PDF document, a video, or some music. Now you can do it directly on your profile, without having to leave Facebook for this functionality. We’ve made our app very flexible to meet the needs of a variety of users and use cases.” The application is easy to get up and running. It’s just a couple clicks from seeing the application to adding it to your profile

Why Box.net Built on Facebook Platform

Facebook appealed to Box.net not only because it’s “the leading social utility,” but, as Levie says, its users are the people Box.net wants to reach. “We see Facebook as having a very complementary audience and compatible service. They are a people platform; we’re building a data platform.”

Screen capture of Box.net Application.

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