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Book Review

Book Review

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Published by Vaughn Govender

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Published by: Vaughn Govender on Feb 10, 2012
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BOOK REVIEW: HOLES GENRE SETTING PLOT Type of book Where the story is set?

What is the book about? Mystery, drama, comedy Camp Green Lake Texas, desert Simple, interesting, entertaining story line. Delinquent boys at the camp. Digging holes in the hot desert sun, looking for buried treasure. Flash back techniques – history of the Yelants family and the curse. Friendship, bad luck, homelessness, criminal justice system, harsh punishment, bullying, adult authority. Stanley: convicted of a crime he did not commit, kind kid, comes from a loving home, sent to camp Green Lake, faces many problems, befriends Zero, fines the treasure, and breaks the curse. Zero: best digger, cannot read, bullied and laughed at, strong and brave. Warden: cruel, uses her power to abuse the boys, greedy, only wants the treasure, threatens the boys with rattle snake venom and not concerned for the boys safety. Age group : * to # teenagers Out of 5


What is the main message of the book?

CHARACTERS Who are the main and minor characters? Describe them. Who do you like or not like?


Who will this book appeal to? What did you like or dislike about the book? Overall star rating: how many stars would you give this book?

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