Valentines Day Presentation

Valentine´ Valentine´s Day in the U.S.

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-St. Valentines Day/Valentine´s Day -Celebrated Febuary 14th -The holiday of love and friendship .

.-How it started is unknown -There were many Christian Saints named Valentine -Not sure how the day became associated with love.

-One legend says that Saint Valentine was a Christian priest -He lived when Roman Emperor Claudius II was in power Emperor Claudius Saint Valentine .

-He believed that marriage made weaker soldiers -He felt this would make his army stronger.-Claudius made a law making marriage illegal. .

.-Saint Valentine believed marriage was a holy right -He started performing secret marriage ceremonies -Claudius found out he threw him in jail to be executed.

-Valentine wrote a letter the night before his execution -It was to his secret love: the jailer´s daughter -It included a poem and he signed it ¨your valentine¨ My heart is filled With what I feel for you. . I´m so glad I knew A love so true.

-This was the first valentine -Now Valentine´s Day is the day when people share their love .

Valentine´s Day Sweets . -One of the most popular came out last year -It was called ¨Valentine´s Day¨.com/watch?v=RBf4hZGB-mI .Valentine´s Day Movies -Valentine´s Day Movies are very popular in the U.

Valentine´s Day Cards -Very popular! -You give them to everyone .

S. -Sell paper cards and E-cards -Two of their most popular characters are ¨Hoops¨ and¨Yoyo¨ .-Very popular greeting card company in the U.

com/watch?v=sdJZFhXg5SM .E-Card: entines-day/hoops-yoyo-heart-sounds Yoyo learns ¨I love you¨:

More Valentine´s Day Cards .

)What day is Valentine´s day celebrated on? 6.)What are some of the things you see on Valentine´s Day? 3.)Who are Valentine´s cards for? 5. Valentine? 7.)Who was Claudius II? .)Who was St.)What is Hallmark? 2.)Who are Hoops and Yoyo? 4.Review Questions 1.

The End .

Valentine in American Schools  Valentine s Day Gift Hints Send a Valentine s card.MORE ACTIVIVITIES Take a Valentine s Day Quiz St. so cute!! .

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