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Campaign Premises

Campaign Premises

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Published by: William Ijebor on Feb 10, 2012
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The Pioneers

Elevator Pitch
Fantasy Coming-of-Age Road Trip

Fantasy sandbox adventure

Blue Rose (True20)

The sleepy village of Grunthal is everything a person could want. It' safe, quiet, has a few good caravans passing through it in the summer and reasonable travellers waiting out the winter. It's a place that people could grow old. ...well, most people... A group of youngsters, however, crave excitment and adventure after their comingof-age traditional journey. The world, however, is not necessarily a nice place to adventurers. There's danger hidden everywhere, from the shadowy depths of the forest to the glittering spires of cities they have only ehard about in tales. Still, they set out for fame, glory and adventure!

The general setting is reasonably standard high fantasy, but the majority of the setting outside of your small village is going to be revealed during play as you explore the world and discover its wonders (both known and unknown). To begin with, your characters are from the village of Grunthal, which is in the (vaguely Germanic) land of Runmoor. The village is the best place to rest in the temperate rainforest, and so often has caravans stopping there on their journeys, bringing (often exaggerated) tales of far-off lands.

Characters in The Pioneers are normal youths in the village, sons and daughters of regular folk, but you long for the adventure and romance of the open road. You've known each other for all your lives. [Races Allowed: Humans, Halflings House Rules to be Codified, no Rhy-Bond Feats]

The characters begin in the Land of Four Lakes. many have learned to draw power from the land itself. who roam the lands to protect the people from giants. House Rules: I'll be running this game with fewer magic items than normal. the Shifters. I'd like there to be some history between characters. Rune Priest. ruled by the Good Queen Anya. Shamans and other Primal warriors. It is a land of terrible winters and dread summers. Dwarf. and stole their secret language. to the realms of Deep Winter.. There are stories afoot of creatures in the realms of High Summer stirring. but not before the secret of their language was stolen and the first Rune Priests wielded that power. Goliath. creating a new generation of Druids. Druid. but there will be mechanics to supplement your advancement] . dragons and other terrible foes. People whisper of the Traitors. Allowed Classes: Fighter. where the only thing a man can trust is his kin.. Shaman. Warlock (Fey-Pact Only). Over the last few centuries the people of this world have driven off the Fae to the South. and their entourage. as well as a new race. the Giants to the East and the Gods themselves were banished to the North. Note that Warlocks are highly distrusted (and outright hated in some areas). frightful news spreads from the East. trolls and giantspawn raiding farms and carrying people to their doom in chains. of beautiful riders on six-legged horses. and his sword. Warlord. Barbarian. where kingdoms are carved out of the land with force of will and armies. [Allowed Races: Human. Characters The characters are adventurers in a land that is ripe for them. which borders the Summerlands to the South and the Troll Reaches to the East.Rime-fire Chronicles Elevator Pitch Conan with extra Vikings Genre Nordic Sword-and-Sorcery system Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Premise It has been generations since we drove the gods to the frozen north.. Since the Divinity Wars. setting This is a world with no name. the foul priests and sorcerors of the gods gathering an army of dead cultists to rotted banners. and may be members of the Rime-fire Knights. inspired by Norse mythology and various sword-and-sorcery tales. Rogue. and a general thematic tying you together would be nice. But all is not well in the land.. Warden. Ranger. the Dragons to the West. his steed. Note that Goliaths and Half-Elves are less trusted in this setting. the free people of the land are free to rule the land away from the opression of the All-Father and his terrible children. Now. Half-Elf.

. nymphs (of various descriptors) and one of the ever-dwindling 'true' priesthood of the Pantheon. Good luck! setting Legendary takes place in the state of New York. as directed by Joss Whedon Genre Supernatural Family Drama With a Superhero Twist system Smallville (Cortex-K) Premise The Gods. but is not limited to. the Greek Gods have a habit of.. and so there's a surprisingly large crop of demi-. within a spitting distance of New York City.. Uncle Ares is mad at Athena for stealing the West Coast from him in the 60's. Characters You'll be the various half-mortal children and 'family friends' of the Greek (or GrecoRoman..and quasi. satyrs. in the suburb of Olympus Heights. demigods. hemi-demi. just go with it) as well as mediators and janitors when things go divinely wrong. who are the ones that have to clear up their divine tantrums? Who has to calm down the angry Amazons that have shown up downtown? Who has to meet the threat of the Titans rising once more from their slumber? That would be you. are reasonably disfunctional bunch when you get down to it. the god's half-mortal children. In the end. This includes. along with a host of other strange creatures from folklore. You'll have something of a history (since at least a few of you will be family) but it's probably going to be a little complex. Zeus and Hera aren't on speaking terms after that whole 'wolf thing' last year (which most of the family refuse to speak about) and a lot of people are convinced that Posiden's going a little senile in his old age. simply put.Legendary Elevator Pitch Scion: the TV Show. As anyone who has studied Greek Mythology can attest. These 'Legendaries' (as they sometimes call themselves) often act as go-betweens for the gods (and the gods of other Pantheons.. .. if you prefer) gods. sowing their wild oats wherever they can.deities.don't ask me how it works. modern home of the Greek Gods.

save for the way the seasons work. where you win. whose emblem was a three-headed dragon. You can play anything from lowly hedgeknights under the pay of the family to a wise maester that teaches and advises to the heir or even lord of the house itself. But the family Targaryen. or you die. where life for the nobility is a complex array of alliances. The last dragons— those that flew and exhaled fire— perished one hundred and fifty years ago. Setting Westeros is a world of grey morality and bloody vengeance. It is somewhat like the real-world Mediaeval period. For those of you who have read the books. and there are winters that last a liftime. alliances and bloody revenge they are sure to face as they play the Game of Thrones. However. pawns have their own schemes as well – Blood and Roses focuses on the myriad dramas. the hardships. servants and wards ('hostages') of a single minor House in Westeros. those dragons died only recently. with the current summer having been going for years. romance. who had come out of the ruin of Valyria to Westeros three centuries past on the backs of dragons. . This is the story of a small House amongst many in the kingdom of Westeros. romances and revenge plots that occupy the lives of the House. who had united seven squabbling kingdoms under the Iron Throne. secrets. which we will develop in play. and whose words were Fire and Blood. Characters Your characters are members. The player's house is a minor house in the lands and a pawn in the political machinations of others. They are much more unpredictable than the ones in the real world. this game is taking place about 2 years before the events of A Game of Thrones.Blood and Roses Elevator Pitch Desperate Housewives in Westeros Genre Low-Fantasy Intrigue System A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game Premise The dragons are all dead. lies and political intrigues.

The criminals in this world tend to be either violent thugs that get by on doing dirty deeds for little money. Few. with the action based around sleek. It's current population is over 12 million. The city is run by the corporations. In this world the city of Dubai is a sprawling metropolis that puts cities like London and New York to shame. It's a place where the rich can get anything they want. but the rich and powerful aren't the only ones who need help in Dubai. fortune or a better life. The city is wildly cosmopolitan with people drawn from all over the world in search of fame. Of course. Setting This is a cyberpunk world inspired by the sterile aesthetics of the Mirror's Edge video game.. You were once on the rise. having gained it's own sovereignty away from the United Arab Emirates. a expert Hacker or a cold. you'll need money. 25 minutes into the future. however. until that one job. Megacorporations wage a constant shadow war against each other with teams of socalled "Runners" doing their bidding for vast quanities of wealth. is a place of beautiful glitterali and terrible poverty. and the city has no governmental police force. ranging from the hyper-elite and star-studded celebrities to people who have been homeless their entire lives and everything in between. only private ones owned by security corps. as with everything. as with any crime capers and (obviously) the recent TV show Leverage. . on your way to a fortune as a Runner. calculating Hitter. Characters Your characters are thieves that were brought to work together on a job. get what they desire. Now you and the others that were burned by a mysterious enemy have banded together to bring them down.. smooth professionalism. you pride yourself on the same professionalism that anyone with skills in a highly competitive marketplace as any other businessman. and you guys – Runners. Whether you're a roof-running Thief.Honour Amongst Thieves Elevator Pitch Robin Hood meets Mirror's Edge Genre Cyberpunk Revenge Caper System Leverage (Cortex-L) Premise The city of Dubai.

occultists and those who revel in the thrill of the chase. Setting This is a World of Darkness interpretation of late Victorian London. the brutal violence in the streets that no policeman can stop. and the city has been subjected to a great series of crimes with a dark. Seances are big business and one of the greatest attractions in the city is Madame Tussauds new Phantasmagoria. Characters Your characters will be a group of investigators. You won't begin with any ties to 'real' magic or super-science. The place is London. and the chance to join the secret society simply known as Nocturne. They have been brought together by one man. occult twist to them. but not the one that this world experienced. but some things may be opened to you as you continue your investigations into the dark art crime spree. former criminals. However. from mysterious cults in the sewers of the city to the mysterious masked secret societies of the upper classes. a small group of investigators are brought together from all the corners of the civilised world to stop this wave of madness.London Nocturne Elevator Pitch Guillermo del Toro directs From Hell Genre Victorian Horror-Mystery System Savage Worlds Premise The year is 1867. . The shadows are deeper and the threats that loom in the night are ones beyond the imagination of normal men. The city has grown used to the vicious murders that emblazon the headlines. a mysterious stranger who offers them the case of a lifetime. This preoccupation with the 'dark arts' (as the Church is so willing to emphasise) has pervaded all levels of society. where the public's fascination with the occult and the macabre is even more consuming than it was in the real world. but not the London we have seen. This has come to a head recently.

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