Andrew Hastings Mr. Neuberger Eng Comp.102-101 30 January 2012 One Paragraph Essay Lars Eighner- ³On

Dumpster Diving´ Lars Eighner¶s ³On Dumpster Diving´ describes the experience of being homeless and having to dumpster dive for a living. Eighner shows how dumpster diving is a full time job that requires a lot of effort but following certain rules can help someone to become efficient. One rule is knowing a good place and time to look for food and other items that could be useful. For example the author says, ³Students throw out canned goods and staples at the end of semesters and when they give up college at midterm.´ Another rule is knowing how to eat safely out of a dumpster. Eighner says, ³ Eating safely from the Dumpsters involves three principles: using the senses and common sense to evaluate the conditions of the found materials, knowing the Dumpsters of a given area and checking them regularly, and seeking always to answer the question ³³Why was this discarded?´´ Following Eighner¶s rules can help to reduce the work put into finding food and other goods.

Eighner, Lars. "On Dumpster Diving." Power of Language Language of Power. Vol. 2nd Custom Ozarks Technical Community Collegem. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2011. 253-65. Print.

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