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Pashley-Moulton Pashley commenced production of the Moulton APB (All Purpose Bicycle) under licence from Dr.

Alex Moulton in 1992, and this bicycle now serves thousands of cyclists throughout the world - commuters, cycle-tourists, century riders and leisure cyclists. Over the past three years, Pashley have worked closely with Moulton Developments to introduce a new era in the evolution of the Moulton bicycle ... the Pashley-Moulton TSR.

The superb ride performance of the new Pashley-Moulton TSR takes cycling to a new level. Light and quick like a racing bicycle, strong and durable like a touring bicycle, the TSR has a versatility and capability that sets it apart from others. More comfortable, more manouevrable, with superior ride and acceleration, the TSR is both dynamically different and a pleasure to ride. The ultra-stiff spaceframe and unique Moulton suspension system are both extensively proven in touring, sport, racing, audax and leisure use - together they give an unsurpassable cycling experience.

TSR 30 - The King of the road. Equipped to take you anywhere, the TSR 30 features a 3x10 Campagnolo transmission, dual pivot sidepull brakes and a choice of dropped or straight handlebars. Detail touches include exclusive custom crankset with oversize axle and external bearings. Even the spokes are special - Sapim Lasers, stronger and lighter than standard double butted spokes. The TSR 30 is perfect for day rides, audax and touring; and excellent for fast road commuting.

TSR 27 - the all-round performer. Ideal for the leisure cyclist and those who often leave the tarmac behind, the TSR 27 is a true go anywhere bicycle. A very wide gear range is provided by SRAMs innovative DualDrive gear system. Externally this uses a conventional derailleur mechanism, with the added slickness of SRAMs 1:1 actuation technology. Final drive is taken to the wheel via a three speed internal epicyclic gear. This allows shifting whilst stationary, and the resulting gear range will cope with almost any gradient - up or down. Poweful V-type brakes, with plenty of clearance for chunky tyres and mudguards, are supplied by Avid. Dual function clipless pedals are provided - one side flat for a trip to the shops, clip in on the other side for a day on the National Cycle Network.

The TSR 9 (left) is a versatile machine. It shares its genes with the TSR 27, but is built to a simpler specification without the DualDrive three speed hub unit. Lighter than the TSR 27, the TSR 9 can handle all but the steepest of terrains. The TSR 9 is fitted with all the necessary brazeon frame bosses to allow an upgrade to DualDrive or multiple chainrings.

TSR 8 - the smart ride. Definitely not to be compared to conventional, clunky, town bikes, the TSR 8 will get you there with the minimum of effort, on time and in style. Take it out of the city and its equally at home on country roads, for day rides or short tours. Nimble and quick, thanks to high pressure tyres and lightweight 28 spoke wheels. The smooth Sturmey Archer eight speed hub gear is a delight to use, with a simple twistgrip gear change shifting across eight logically spaced gear ratios.

With its ultra-stiff spaceframe and active suspension system, the Pashley-Moulton TSR is the ultimate touring bicycle. Load up and choose your adventure.

The TSR can trace its lineage directly back to the famous Moulton bicycles of the 1960s, and benefits from over forty years of research and development since Dr. Alex Moulton invented the small- wheeled bicycle.

Small wheels, active suspension and an ultrastiff spaceframe construction give the TSR an unsurpassed ride quality. Complex alloy steels and precision frame fixtures ensure that every TSR rides like a dream.

TSR Frame Specification 18 frame size, suitable for riders inside leg 27-36 Wheel size 20 (406mm) 1 threadless headset BSC threaded BB shell Rear OLD = 130 or 135mm 31.8mm seatpost diameter Rear fork, seat tube: Dedacciai SAT 14.5 micro-alloyed heat treated CrMo Main frame tubes, head tube: Reynolds 525 CrMo Front fork: 4130 CrMo

The TSRs spaceframe construction is immensely stiff and strong. A fully engineered three dimensional structure, it is excellent at resisting lateral and torsional forces. The result is that all your energy goes into moving the bicycle forward. Conventional bicycles, by comparison, feel flexible and whip around under the rider. Manufactured from modern steel alloys for strength and durability. The universal size fits most riders, and a low step-over height is an added bonus.

Small wheels are at the heart of the Moulton concept. Strong and light, small wheels have a low moment of inertia so acceleration is quicker and handling is nimble, fast and fun. Cycling requires less effort thanks to the low aerodynamic drag of the small wheels. Despite the size of the wheels, the TSR is built around a standard bicycle wheelbase. This ensures good handling and ride characteristics.

Small wheels without suspension give an unacceptably rough ride. Moulton suspension irons out the bumps in the road and makes the TSR much more comfortable than a conventional bicycle. The suspension also reduces rolling resistance, helping the TSR go further with less effort. Outwardly simple yet sophisticated in operation, the monosphere rubber cone spring needs no adjustment or maintenance, and has an indefinite cyclic life.

The Moulton front suspension is adjustable for ride height and damping effect. All components are designed with durability in mind - no routine servicing is required. A separate floating front fork stirrup is used to keep unpsrung weight to a minimum. Stainless steel leading links pivot on composite bearings, damping is by rigid polyurethane coulomb discs.

The entire rear fork assembly is mounted to the main frame via a bronze-bushed pivot. This pivot is offset to allow for optimum chainline whilst still maintaining wide bearing placement. A grease nipple is fitted for (six-monthly) lubrication. This arrangement places the complete transmission system on the rear fork and hence removes chain load from the rear suspension, resulting in a smoother ride.

As an option, the TSR is available with a separable frame. This allows the TSR to be packed for transportation or stowage with relative ease. Separation is straightforward and takes no more than three minutes - with practice it can be much faster. Protective transport sleeves are available as an accessory. The separation feature in no way compromises the performance of the TSR, other than adding a little weight.

The TSR is hand built by Pashley in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Dedicated craftsmen undertake all manufacturing tasks from the fabrication of frame components, through welding, fillet brazing and painting to final assembly. Built with modern steel alloys and using the latest in brazing technology, each Pashley-Moulton TSR is built with the attention to detail that comes with eighty years experience in bicycle manufacture.

The Pashley-Moulton TSR was conceived as a universal fit, multi-purpose bicycle. It has received considerable acclaim for how well it fulfils this seemingly impossible task. This is in part due to the design of the frame being adaptable for different riders and intended use. TSR frames are manufactured in two variants: Road and Tour frames are designed for use with sidepull calliper brakes (see top left), and either dropped or straight handlebars. As the name suggests, these are suitable for on-road use such as cycle touring and day rides. They are, of course, equally happy on city streets and are fine on hard-packed trails. The use of dropped handlebars makes this variant the choice of the distance rider. Mudguards can be fitted with 28mm section tyres. Town and Trail frames are set up for use with V-type brakes (see left) and, by virtue of the increased clearances offered by this type of brake, allow the use of larger section treaded tyres. This creates a go-anywhere bicycle, but only straight handlebars may be fitted due to brake/lever compatibility. Mudguard clearance is sufficient for use with 40mm section tyres. In addition to this, to add further versatility, the TSR is available with a separable mainframe. This allows the rider to split the bicycle into two parts for easy transportation or storage. This feature adds a little weight to the frame (approximately 300g) but otherwise does not compromise the function of the bicycle at all. The frame design is very similar - the illustrations (see left) depict a separable frame (upper), and a non-separable frame (lower). The ability to transport the bicycle easily is quite liberating - a separated TSR will easily fit in the boot of even the smallest car, and rail travel is free from restrictions and reservations. For those who wish for a custom built TSR, framesets are available to selected TSR dealers. The TSR is designed to be compatible with most standard cycle parts , and dealers can provide advice as required. Some of the special TSR parts, such as the carbon fibre seatpost, are included in frameset packs. Other items, for example the custom drawn double butted spokes, are available as optional extras.






Pashley Cycles is the longest established bicycle manufacturer in Great Britain. Founded in Birmingham in 1926, Pashley have concentrated on the design and manufacture of specialist cycles throughout their history. Today, the company has two principle operating divisions, one producing Workbikes for industrial and commercial use, the other hand-crafting high quality bicycles and tricycles (including the Pashley-Moulton TSR) for discerning customers all over the world. All Pashley cycles are hand-built in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

>> How does it compare to a conventional bicycle? In most areas, the Pashley-Moulton TSR is superior to conventional cycles. The combination of spaceframe construction, innovative suspension and small wheels results in improved handling, ride and performance in most conditions. Its not just as good as a conventional bicycle - its better. >> Why are the wheels so small? Small wheels are stiff, strong and light. Their low inertia allows for quicker acceleration, and the small size results in less aerodynamic drag. A further advantage of small wheels is that luggage may be carried low down, reducing the centre of gravity to improve stability. >> Surely I will have to pedal faster due to the small wheels? No. The gearing on TSRs is set up so that pedalling speed is the same as on a conventional bicycle. >> Why the Spaceframe construction? The frame has immense stiffness and strength, far superior to a conventional frame. The spaceframe provides lateral stiffness and torsional rigidity, without increasing weight. The frame also has a low step-over height, and can be ridden equally easily by men and women. >> Why suspension? Moulton suspension allows the advantages of the very rigid wheels, the high pressure tyres and the spaceframe to be enjoyed whilst giving a much more comfortable ride than a conventional bicycle. The suspension also improves traction and reduces rolling resistance. >> Does it fold? No. The Pashley-Moulton TSR is designed for ride comfort and performance without compromise. It is available with a fixed frame or with the option of frame separability where ease of transportation and stowage is important. This in no way compromises the performance of the bicycle. >> Can I carry luggage? The Pashley-Moulton TSR, with its rigidity, excellent ride characteristics and low centre of gravity, makes a perfect load carrier. Custom racks are available for front and rear. >> How about maintenance? The Moulton suspension is designed to require little or no maintenance, unlike most other suspension bicycles. All TSR models feature a grease nipple on the rear suspension pivot. No other routine suspension servicing is required. >> Can I fit different tyres? Are they easily available? The Pashley-Moulton TSR uses standard 20 (406mm) tyres, available in a variety of tread patterns from most good dealers. >> How well does it perform? A Moulton bicycle holds the world speed record for (fully faired) bicycles of conventional riding position. Spaceframe Moultons have been used successfully in the ultra-endurance Race Across America, Paris-Brest-Paris, and on a great number of expedition tours across various regions of the world, including Mongolia and China. The only limitation is in your legs. >> Are custom specifications available? The Pashley-Moulton TSR is designed to be compatible with most modern cycle components. Please enquire of your nearest Pashley-Moulton dealer to ascertain whether they can meet your individual requirements.

Dr. Alex Moulton began to focus on designing an improved bicycle in the late 1950s. With no regard for convention, he set out basic principles that remain true today: small wheels with suspension, improving comfort and road-holding; and a stiff, open frame, for ease of use by both sexes. The original Moulton bicycle was launched in 1962, was hugely successful and is now rightly regarded as the most significant advancement in bicycle design in the twentieth century. Since then, Dr. Moulton has continued to redefine boundaries in both automotive and bicycle technology, and is acknowledged worldwide for his expertise in the field of vehicle suspension.

Handbuilt in England by Pashley Cycles

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