3D Design

Spring 2012

Instructor: Mark Creegan

Project: Architectural Structure For this project you will be designing and building a model of a building with interior and exterior elements. Main considerations: Context: This is specific. This will be a building or structure that will exist on the lawns in front of the Fine Art Center. Function: This is open. It can be a building for something university related or not. It could be fantasy related (like a building that houses dragons) or completely normal in a university context (like a new visual arts building). It could also be a memorial of some kind. Materials: Open. Your work on the planar project hopefully has well prepared you for work with cardboard or foam core, but the material/s are up to you. Form: Also open with one caveat- the given space or context will have some bearing on what the overall size and shape will be. Also the buildings around it may also have influence over its form. The base of the structure could indicate some of the existing structures (like the sidewalks) Some formal issues to consider, choose one or more of the following to work off of: 1) 2) 3) 4) Hierarchy (one part of structure dominates other subordinate ones) Rhythm (through a pattern of repetition a sense of visual rhythm is created) Transition ( forms change from one state to another) Contrast

Process: We will begin by watching and discussing the documentary on Frank Gerhey. Your planning process should consider using drawings as well as playing with form using paper, tape, etc. (3d sketches) Also go out to the site, walk around, do some sketches, start imagining what could exist on the site. Grade considerations: Technical: How well did you handle the material? Is it shoddy construction? Is there glue showing? Conceptual: Is the form a structure or building made specifically for the green in front of the FAB? Aesthetic: Did you use one or more of the 4 formal strategies listed above? How well did you use them? Is there a particular inventiveness about your solution? Process: Are there drawings or smaller material experiments that show some considered planning? This will be due in 3 weeks. We will be working mostly in class, some outside class time will be needed for planning, drawing the site, etc.

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