Andrei Petrescu


A Midsummer Night s Dream
-A ReviewHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live an ancient, enchanted Greece where there are no boundaries and reality mingles with magic ? In that case, A Midsummer Night s Dream is that timeless classic you are looking for. Shakespeare offers an outlook on fairies, royalty and poor acting, each of them being affected by love, potions and revenge. The Athenians (lovers), the fairies and the actors are the three groups of characters who evolve throughout the five acts of the play. They are brought together by Puck, Oberon s servant who orders him to complete two tasks: a noble and a shrewd one. Puck messes up, hence, typically for Shakespeare s literature, everything turns to chaos. The plot is tangled and quite hard to understand at first, but impressively witty as it unfolds. A Midsummer Night's Dream was written in a highly creative period in Shakespeare's career, when he was developing a more deep and mature style. The play-within-a-play is the main reason why you will burst into laughter when reading it whereas the ladies fight ( between Helena and Hermia) will keep you on the edge of your seat, being eager to find out who of the two of them will get her fairytale. If you engage in this story from the beginning till the very end, you are in for reading one of the most famous quotes ever on dreams, spoken by Puck. All in all, A Midsummer Night s Dream is a must if you want to read a timeless classic, with hilarious moments and sophisticated lines. It will remind you about the magical power, but at the same time about the excesses and foolishness of love. It is indeed quaint and brilliant and you couldn t possibly regret reading it !

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