QUIZ 2 : POLYGONS II NAME :______________________________________________ CLASS : 3 ___________________

1. In the diagram, KLM is a straight line. Find the value of p + q + r + s.

(3 marks)

2. In the diagram, UPTX, VQR and RSW are straight lines. Find the value of a + b + c.

( 2 marks)

3. The diagram shows a regular hexagon. State the value of x and of y.

(4 marks)

(2 marks) 6. find UVT. UTP and VTS are straight lines. How many sides does polygon P have? (4 marks) 5.QUIZ 2 : POLYGONS II 4. (2 marks) . In the diagram. Given that VT = UT. In the diagram. PQU. Find the value of x + y. The interior angle of polygon P is three times its exterior angle. PQRST is a regular pentagon. QRV and RSW are straight lines.

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