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Hear thee well...

eautiful tzarina

Catherine II Looking for a distinguished male of high standing, must be able to bring some sort of power to the relationship. Good, stable financial and economic standing is preferred, however men still building their socioeconomic status are also acceptable.
Catherine, a very successful woman, requires a man successful and strong in his own right who can take care of and defend himself. Catherine has built up a roaring trade and successful economy, in addition to this she has been successfully keeping her own lands safe and has also expanded her territory all while wearing the crown. She has her eye on further expansion but has made no moves in that direction as of yet. Most recently Catherine has been focused on the separation of the church and the state. Catherine has her hopes pinned on eventually achieving an entirely secular government free of any influence from the church. Catherine is also a patroness of the arts and she has an ongoing project. She has poured funds into building grand monuments all over Russia which are even now a marvel and attraction in Russia. As well as funding the construction of monuments Catherine is an advocate of education and has as such begun to promote education to the elite of Russia hoping that it is a concept that will slowly catch on. *The ability to sleep with one eye open is advisable.