“Signs” From Above or Human Artifacts? –Jaques Vallee Balls of Light: The Questionable Science of Crop Circles –Fancesco Grassi WALK THE CUTTING EDGE with Collin Andrew CROP CIRCLES – THE INTERVIEW –Nancy Talbott Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, Crop Circles, Fractals and the NDE –Phillip Mitchell Crop circles / agro-glyphs / pictograms, video documentaries Univ_Maryland_Visualizing Web Ontologies with Crop Circles The Skeptics SA guide to Crop Circles The Crop Circle Making Competition –Rupert Sheldrake Crop Circle Theorems: Their Proofs and Relationship to Musical Notes -Dr. Gerald Hawkins Crop Circles - 100 Pics –Kornkreise Crops Circles –Fabien (FR) Crop Circles –Jerome Clark & Nancy Pear Scientific Studies Confirm: Crop Circles Made by "Balls of Light" -Eltjo Haselhoff, PhD. is there really any evidence that it has been created by a ball of light? –Paolo Russo Crop Circles: What are they? –Keith Powell, Oregon MUFON

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