Patent Law

The patent laws and the entire patent system in India are governed and regulated by the superintendence of General Controller of designs patients, trademark patent and by geographical indications. This office of general controller runs under department of industrial policy and promotions. There are four patent office in India, Head office is located in kolkata and other offices are located in Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai. The examiners of each patent office have to discharge their work according to the direction of controllers. Patent law is complex and it is compulsory to obtain the services of an attorney who specializes in patent law. Patent law is the fastest growing fields of law that deals with patent issues surrounding the protection of ideas. Patent law of India has the most important features that decide whether a patent will be granted or not. The object of patent law is to encourage new technology, scientific research, and industrial progress. The primary principle of Patent law is granted only for an invention, which plays major role in granting a patent.

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