Start Switch on furnace power Switch on cooling water system Set A=0 Input of B Input of D Timer 1 Read molten metal

temperature(T) Read timer 1 If ≠0 , Read timer 2 A=AElse =0 T≤
Ye no

If Furnace is switched off, then turn on furnace switch


no no





A=A- , switch off timer 2, =0

T≤ 1500

If ≠0, then A=A-

If Furnace is switched on, then turn off Ye furnace switch Ye Switch off furnace Switch on motor for tilting power If timer 2 is switched mechanism off, then switch on Switch on solid state Set C=0 Timer 2, Read , relay A=ATimer 3 else read set the speed for tilting A=Amechanism C=C+t3 T≤ 1495 set motor speed

A >B

Input of rate of cooling R=0.input melting temperature(Tm) Switch on cooling water system for centrifugal mould C >D Ye Switch off motor for tilting mechanism Input of time intervals for timer 4 Timer 4 Cooling time after start of cooling t=0 temperature after start of cooling T=0 read t versus T at specified Slope for rate of cooling from curve fit T≤ Mf Ye no . Input of martensite finish temperature (Mf).

Switch on solid state relay Switch off cooling water system Stop .

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