1 What do you mean by Mangt Control Sustm?

Draw a flow chart to explain the Cntrl Systm & its impact on any business 2 MR R Khanna is a naïve person in traveling business. So u being a experiencd consultant, xplain him the concepts & importance of planning & having strategies & their formulation as to launch his busin. In the mkt. 3 Mr D Silvassa wnts to update his herbal mdcne shop frm traditional local busi. Domain to global platform . Exp him the importance or impact of internet on mgt. control for expansion of his business. 4 hw to analyse structure of an industru in terms of collective strength of competitive forces such asIntensity of rivalry among the competitors Bargainin power of customer Bargainin power of supplier Threats frm substitutes Threats frm New Entry 5 Wad challenges do managers & employees face in the work place of the 21st century? Enumurate ur ideas with a suitable studied example 6 Mr Karan Sharma is a new employee in ur S.B Sales Corp u being a experincd Sr. Sales Supvsr explain him the impotence of inhabitating wrk culture & suitable flexible behavior within himself fr managing his & corporate self-reputation during his induction trip. 7 Exp the types of business & types of Orgnistns in details

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