1.Expresing Gratitude
-Thanks -Thanks you (very much)

Responding To Gratitude
-You are welcome -Not to are -My pleasure -No problem -Don t mention it -That s all right

2.Expresing Apologi
-Sorry (I am late) -I am realy sorry -I apologize (forbeing late) -Please forgive me -Will you forgive me -Please excuse me -Please accept my apologi

Responding To Apologi
-It s ok -That s all right -Never mind -It dose n t water

Asking For and Giving The Fact -Did you come here yesterday? -Do you need a stamp for that letter? -Made comes from Bali.doesn t the ? -The test is easy.he has liked here for a long time -It is.I want to post it soon -He does.But.most of the students get good marks 5.-Don t worry about it -Forget it 3.Asking For Opineons -What do you think of this soup? -What is your opineon about my dress? .Isn t it? Responses: -I did but.you were not at home -I do.So.Asking For and Giving Goods -Giv me a piece of peaper please -Could you by me a water melon? -Could you giv me a spoon? -Late me take you a glass of water Responses: -Sure /certainly -There you are -Of cour she -Thanks you 4.

it is a good idea 6.Expressing Like -I like tea -I enjoy eating meat balls -I love watching television -I am in on wearing jeans -I am fond of apples -I am crazy about candy .-What do you thinks about my English teacer? -What about you? Giving Opineons -Not bad -That s good -I thinks he is friendly and help ful -Yeah.

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